The Top 10 Best Sports For Girls To Play in 2023

When speaking of top best sports for girls, it’s interesting to know that, most women Participate in Athletics. there are a lot of females who are quite flexible but the truth is, though things has changed over the years that some girls of this time do not longer see most of the activities as regards to sports as the boys do.

However, there are more girls over the globe who are actively participating in sports activities. For some girls, they participate in sports because it helps them to meet new people, try new skills and acquire some knowledge.

However, in this article, we shall shall look into the Top 10 Best Sports For Girls (ladies, women) and some undeniable truths why girls should be engaged in sports and it’s Benefits.

Best Sports Girls Can Play


Table tennis is a great sport and also a great way girls socialise and make friends. It can be played for fun and competitively enjoyable. When speaking of tennis, Williams sisters can not be Left out. V Azarenka, C. Wozniaki and other famous Tennis players. These noble tennis players made tennis very popular among girls and a lot of girls seem interested in the sport.

Table Tennis helps to improve reflexes, flexibility and mental agility.

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Right from time, Golf has been among the most recognized sports. A lot of girls Choose Sports that are less tedious. This happens to be among the reasons why girls find it very easy to cope with a sport like golf. Apart from other activities like strolling, swinging which occupies one’s activity from one step to another. This is why golf is among the top sport for Girls. Even though that, Golf players ride mechanized truck in other to aid their movements around, it’s really a fun filled game.


A lot of girls are currently into gymnastics especially during the Olympic time, you see most of the young girls performing wonders with their body. Gymnastics is a sport that requires high level of skill, dedication and determination. It’s recommendable to start practicing early enough until it becomes a part of you.


Speaking of Hockey, this is the fastest and developed youth sports in the United States. Hockey game is the best way of strengthening the legs and muscles example, the hip flexor muscles. Due to it’s fast duration, it helps to burn unnecessary calories in a short time. As much as it’s a team sports, it helps girls build teamwork spirit therefore, making everyone work together in achieving success.


This is quite an exciting game. It’s really body and soul uplifting. It has a combination of some aspects of other sports. This game is very popular among girls. This game needs a lot of running so it really needs a flexible and energetic person. Lacrosse has it’s own rules which is intended to deliberately redistrict any form of physical body contact, and a face and mouth guard is needed in this sports.


Basketball game is among the recommended sports for girls more especially, in the United States. This sport helps to improve the coordination of the upper body and aids your running capacity. However, there lot’s of benefits attached to basketball which includes financial wise, and this helps to make the sport more attractive for the girls. All you need to do is, get your athletic shoes, a hoop, ball, and your team then you are ready.

In addition, if you must become effective at basketball, you need to think out possible ways to give your teammates the best support you Came during the basketball game. Although varieties of girls playing this game are being asked to take up The leadership position which will serve as a positive motivation for their team for an excellent performance.


Cheerleading may not necessarily be a sporting activity but is an activity whereby the participants cheers their team up as a form of encouragement or uplift their spirits to do more and not give up. This can as well range from chanting slogans, Hailing themselves, to intense physical activity. This act is usually performed to motivate sports teams, as well as to entertain the audience and everyone around.

However, for you to be in this position, you must be a cheerful person to be in a cheerful disposition in other to cheer your team to Victory. It’s also another means of helping girls develop self esteems, commitment, cooperation and readiness. Another word for the cheerleaders are the team promoters.


This is a very lucrative game which is usually played by two teams, it is usually six players on a side, and each of the players are expected to use their hands to bat a ball back and forth over a high net in order to make the ball touch the court within the opponents who is playing at the area before it can be returned. It’s actually one of the best Sports of today all over the world. It is atop team sports for girls in United States.

Volleyball is very beneficial and a pleasant exercise for young girls because it helps in reducing tension and unnecessary pressure. It does really need a high skills like some of the above mentioned games. It’s very simple and recreational.


Swimming can be done individually or as a team racing sport. Swimming requires the use of your entire body to move through water. This sport can be done in pools or open water such as, sea or lake. Of course Swimming, is one of the most popular Olympic sports which varies in distance. Examples of some swimming activities includes, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle etc.

Young girls who participate in this swimming game are coved with lots of benefits which assists them to navigate through their normal day- to- day existing obstacles.


This is the most popular game Known over the world. Soccer has been made simple for young girls to pick interest in it. Currently, a lot of soccer group has been created for young girls with the chance to interface with the boys. Soccer is a fair game generally and guardians do not have to stress or refuse the option of helping their young girls. Soccer is imbibed with lots of benefits too because, it’s more than an exercise which helps in strengthening the legs and muscles for a healthy living.

Important Reasons Why Girls Should Play Sports

Are you looking for reasons why your girl child should be encouraged to play sports?

Below are some helpful reasons why Girls Should Play Sports.

1. It is recreational.

2. It Builds to build proper Self- Confidence.

3. Girls who participate in sports tend have a flexible Body.

4. Sports helps to reduce tension and unnecessary pressure.

5. Sports helps Girls to build positive relationship among peers.

6. Sports helps to build social networks easier.

7. Sports makes girls become relevant in representing their society.

8. Sports helps to relieve painful menstrual periods.

We believe you’ve been enlightened by this article.

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