Top10 Best Sports for Kids & Healthy Benefits

There are numerous sports currently for the kids which even has the tendency of making the parents confused on the kind of sports they would prefer for their children to take full part in. Letting your child take part in sports activities is very important and it helps ensure that they are balanced in all round development.

Considering some of the risks in sports, most parents may be interested to know the best sports for their kids to play.

This article is here to help you reduce your worries by listing the best sports for kids with its benefits.

The Top Best Sports for Kids to Play


No doubt, almost every child loves running on wheels and it’s very exciting for them. It’s more fun for the kids when it’s a competitive challenge. Parents or guardian are being advised to keep a close watch on the young child especially if that’s their first time.

Despite how difficult it may look for a child who is just riding for the first time, it’s regarded as an incredible sports for kids. Kids between the age of two can begin with a plastic three-wheel tricycle with the close watch of the parents or guardian. It’s also very important for some health reasons, not to allow a child ride muti-speed or muti-gear bikes until they are at least 9 years old.


Speaking of Baseball, it’s one of the top Best Sports for Kids and which a lot of kids grow up with the desires to play. Kids under the age of 5 years can conveniently play this game without any risk involved. As they do this with the softball, with time they can move up to handball probably, when they get advanced in age. In the United States, there are so many baseball teams. Oftentimes, they register further and become part of the national Little league in Us. This league hosts about 4 million kids in US who are between the age of 5 and 18 years.


Soccer can’t be left out when speaking of sporting activity for kids, which is also more mainstream in other part of the world but however, it’s popularity has grown and it’s now regarded as one of the regular played games in America currently.

In USA recently, there are over 3 million American children who are committedly involved in soccer. As at the year 2015, a research was proven that soccer is really toping as the most popular sport watched in America.

However, children between the age of four years and above can take part in soccer with a little ball in a smaller field with a close watch by their parents or supervisors.

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As long as the issue of sports is concerned, this happens to be one of the most popular and best sports among kids in the United States. There is a vast history about this game, though it’s quite difficult to arrange depending on a few pieces of equipment provided. All your child needs is a ball and a recreational center to get started with basketball. It’s really an interesting game with a minimum risk involved. The only terrible thing that can happen is incidental eye jab and a pulled hamstrings.

Basketball helps children become genuinely, physically strong and healthy. It also helps the kids to have a team spirit at an early stage.


This is one of the Top Best Sports for Kids which helps to enhance their sight, strength, skills and patience. It helps a child to be focused and Target a quick-moving puck with a stick. This sport helps to teach the child how to go around an arena at 10 miles for about each hour while throwing themselves at each other during the game.

Previously, parents has tough times in letting their children participate in games like this but fortunately, things has changed and hockey game is safe for kids. Though this does not mean that your child may be 100% without any injury scratch but however, it is backed up with so many benefits.


Generally, swimming is one of the best sports for kids which aids in making them tackle their fear of heights and water. One good thing about this sport is, once it’s learned, it’s never forgotten. It has a good way of helping your child build more capacity on particular premise without any sort of fear. It’s a sport filled with fun and all round physical fitness.

Though it is highly advisable to be around your kids when they are starting to swim for the very first time. Essential measures should be taken properly to ensure that the pool is not deep for them.


This is one of the incredible sports for kids, they can start early enough. Though cricket could be a little bit difficult at the beginning, but with your encouragement and proper training needed for the game, he will adapt to it easily. Also, even if you have a cricket bat and ball, you can start practicing even without going for a full game. This game is very interesting, fun and requires lots of endurance.


This is one of the most mainstream exercises among the kids of today. However, before you let your child fall onto a hard solid, you must first realize that there are some safety measures which must be carried out so as to protect your child while he skates around.

At the age of 5, children with good skating ability can start an inline skating. Also, whereby your child appears to be curious and eager on inline skating, you are advised to take him to an expert for training exercise.

Always ensure that your child wears the full gears when he goes to practice especially on his first time. Things to go with includes; Head protector, wrist monitor, elbows cushions and knee cushions. There should be Brakes on his skates as well.

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Tennis players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have made table tennis among the top popular and best sports ever known. The sport is quite good for kids which will also help them to adopt a good model early in life.

This game is not too expensive to set up in your court for a quick access. It’s one sports to be considered setting up just in case you may not want your children going out most of the times for exercise.


This is one of the incredible and energetic sports for kids Which naturally grows with them. Once a child begins to walk and has gotten a full balance, the next thing he wants to do is to run. This sense of running especially in competition with others with speed helps to build their sense of confidence and fun. However, due to the relevancy in running games, so many marathon race are being organized by various schools every year in the United States. This probably one of the best sports for kids.

Reasons and Benefits Allowing your Kids Participate in Sports Activities

There are so many reasons why a child should be allowed to take parts in sports activities especially during their school years.

Below are some Healthy Benefits of sports for kids:

  • it helps in creating the spirit of sportsmanship
  • it helps them to learn about team spirit.
  • it help to make the kids cultivate their leadership skills.
  • it Helps the kids to build their Self-esteem and confidence.
  • it helps them improve their communicative Skills.

Sports Benefits for kids

  • Sports improves the physical strength of your child.
  • it helps them develop a clearer visual coordination.
  • it improves their Balance
  • it helps them to become better and relevant in the society.

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