15 Top Best Surfing Spots In United State of America 2023

List of Top Best Surfing Spots In United State of America.

Currently, in the USA, surfing is widely recognized as a way of life that a lot of individuals have adopted rapidly. From the year 2004 to the present day, there has been a massive increase of surfers in the United States which is from 1.4 million to 2.5 million. This massive increase can not only be traced to the fact that surfing has become a way of life in the USA, surfing has several fascinating destinations in the country.

However, speaking from the stunning shorelines of Hawaii to the Wonderful swells of the coast, there is so many other lovely surf spots deal for real surfers in America. Just as the passion for surfing continues to increase, we bring you the top 15 best surf spots in America and every other information you may need to know.

Current Best Surf Spots In United State of America in 2023

1. Encinitas, California

When speaking of surf spots in America, the southern town of Encinitas can not be left out because, it is one of most recognized place for surf spots. It’s a home for the best surf spots in the state of California.

All over the years, it’s certain to see surfers existing in local surf academics as well as various surfers from every other part of the world. Most of the top choice destinations for surfing in Encinitas are as follows, Cardiff state beach and the Cardiff Reef, Swami’s beach and D street.

2. Paia, Hawaii

You can never talk about a top choice surfing location in USA without mentioning without paia, Hawaii because, it’s often seen as a promised Land and paia is one of the profound destinations on the island. At the small town of paia, most of the top surfing spots that has always been visited over the years are not just surfers but also, windsurfers including the kite surfers which includes, the Ho’okipa Beach park and also the Pai Bay.

However, just in case you are planning on going down to the Hana Highway, do not hesitate because, you will be amazed as you will be welcomed by one the most lovely waterfalls at the Baldwin Beach.

3. Cocoa Beach, Florida

This is one of the best choice for surfing in USA, and at Florida’s Cocoa Beach, you will certainly meet various surfers there. this is the beach which housed the famous Ron Jon surf shop which holds various surfing competitions which is traced back to the 20th century as well as the Easter surf fest which starred in the year 1946. However, apart from surfing, just as a way to enhance your experience at the iconic beach to a memorable experience, you can also try visiting Cocoa Beach museum.

4. Narragansett, Rhodes Island

Though this happens to be a less Known spot for surfing but this is one the most amazing place for surfing. Narragansett is generally a home to four beaches with every perfect waves that surfing will require. If you want to experience the best surfing moment in Narragansett, just make sure that you try the Narragansett beach and also the Scarborough state beach, they are all lovely.

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5. Newport, Oregon

While at the Oregon’s Central coast, there is an existence of the most fantastic and amazing ocean wonders which your eyes will certain see. This is one the top best surfing destinations in America. There comes the landscape which becomes alive with it’s Cliffs and also an amazing Forest beckons on the suffers which many have given in to that call.

Often times, The site which has the perfect view and seen as the perfect for surfers gets crowded within a little time but when approaching further to the coast, you are certainly going to find a bit of solitude there. Just be ready to take advantage of the those wonderful topography of the Devils punchbowl State Natural Area.

6. Folly Beach, South Carolina

Palmetto State is really Blessed state with one of the best spot for surfing with lots of attractions in the world. It’s been located in folly Beach city in folly Island, this site alone attracts so many surfers which includes the local and also the surfing enthusiasts from all over the world. Just in case you are really an experienced surfer, you can try out the washout wave. Some lessons are also held at the top surf sites in the folly Beach precisely at the fishing pier.

7. Montauk, New York

This is located in one of America’s most popular city at the heart of USA. Montauk is a perfect Surf Spot incase you are considering surfing in America. At anytime you decide to surf either at the summer or winter, Montauk waves are always on set for surfing activities. There are some amazing sites where the locals enjoy their surfing in Montauk which includes, The Ditch plains, Turtle Coves and Shinnecock inlet.

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8. New Symrna, Florida

One of the profound and fascinating facts attracting most surfers to this location is the fact that the waves remains steady at every given time in the year. Just with the gentle and steady waves it gives, it makes it a perfect spot for surfers beginners. Apollo Beach is one of the recommended spot for surfers who wishes to soak the steady waves with an ease mind. However, if you have any other moves you wish to try while on the steady wave, New Smyrna is the best place to be.

9. Haleiwa, Hawaii

This is one of the perfect spot for surfing. One of the sites which established Hawaii as a perfect spot for surfing is in O’ahu city. In this spot, you will find a mixture of a perfect wave, soothing water and sand irrespective of your professional experience as a surfer. You can also surf in the natural ocean wonder. However, puaena point happens to be the perfect spot for beginners while the experienced surfers can try out waimea Bay and Sunset beach.

10. Santa Cruz, California

This is one of the most amazing spot for surfing in America to marvel at in California, Santa Cruz is not just a place for surfing but also, a home to surfing. California is highly blessed with waves for young surfers. The top best areas for surfing includes, the steamer lane, Cowell’s beach and pleasure points, the Harbour Beach and Santa Cruz are referred as the one of the best spot for surfing.

11. Ocean City, New Jersey

The thought of a good surfing spot can not be mentioned without New Jersey being included. New jersey has a magnificent ocean City for beginners and expert surfers. The waves can be bent to submit to the surfers will. This surfing spot has been able to produce lots of several great surfers and also, due to the fact it’s an iconic and ideal surfing location, some lessons are being held there.

12. South Padre Island, Texas

This is a place to experience a natural Wonder. Unlike some other area along the Gulf of Mexico, you will find it hard to find a perfect spot for surfing with a steady wave which is cable of lasting throughout the entire year, but in South Padre Island, you will find all you need to surf perfectly. it’s water are one of the best place for beginners to stay and try their skills and for one of the best waves on the Island, you can check out the Isla Blanca park and get an unforgettable experience.

13. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

This site in particular holds lots of history even though it’s more recognized due to it’s supper amazing surfing spots. It takes lots of hardworking skills to gain mastery with the waves of devil’s hills but any experience surfer who knows his or her way around the wave will gallantly ride over it. Apart from surfing, this hills has a lot to offer. Do well by checking out the soaking waves.

14. San Clemente, California

One of the best and preferred surfing spot is located in California. This very spot is among the top choice for surfing due to the fact that it has a perfect wave for seasoned surfers and learners. The strongest surfing culture can be said to be in America. Just at the famous surfing Heritage and culture center which is located in the top spot, you will be amazed to see how the famous surfboard has evolved over these years. However, at the San Onofre State park, you are certainly sure to learn more about the surfboard in a more practical way.

15. Virginia Beach, Virginia

If there is a possibility for the roots of surfing to be traced, then without any form of hesitation, it can be traced to the spring from the Virginia Beach. This very beach holds the records as one of the best surfing culture in the world. There is never a year that goes by without it holding it’s prestigious East coast surfing Championship and so many wonderful surfing sites in Virginia Beach includes the following, the Sand bridge beach, first Street and the croatan beach.

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