16 Affiliate Programs Ideal to Increase your Profits in 2024

Affiliate Programs Extra Money On the Side

Looking to make some extra cash by recommending products and services? Look no further than affiliate marketing strategies! You’ve probably come across affiliate programs before, where individuals earn a commission for each sale they generate. While it’s commonly associated with YouTubers and influencers, any business aiming to bolster its online presence can reap the benefits of affiliate marketing.

With a staggering valuation of over $17 billion, affiliate marketing is a rapidly expanding industry that offers substantial financial rewards for minimal effort. Despite its long-standing existence, affiliate programs remain an exceptional means of generating passive and consistent income through your online presence. Whether you have a blog, a strong social media following, or an email marketing platform, utilizing affiliate links effectively can pave the way for recurring earnings.

In this article we tell you which are the 16 most profitable affiliate programs currently, we analyze their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, and we give you our advice so that you can get a good volume of profits.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

What are affiliate programs?

An affiliate program is a marketing tool in which a company or person earns a commission for generating a sale in a third-party business.

Affiliate marketing is widely used by content creators, bloggers, and YouTubers (and you’ve probably seen it more than once), but it’s also ideal for all kinds of businesses and agencies that want to generate extra income.

And this system is successful because people trust a review more than an ad. It is estimated that 77% of consumers make purchase decisions based on reviews. If you are an agency or brand with authority in your niche, your audience will likely listen to what you have to recommend.

What are affiliate networks?

As you saw, a content creator can become affiliated with a specific brand by signing up for their program and committing to promoting their offers. But he also has the opportunity to scale his recommendation system by joining an affiliate network.

These are platforms that bring together various businesses (advertisers) and professionals (affiliates), offering a wide space to establish marketing alliances. By specializing in affiliate marketing, these networks provide the necessary infrastructure to manage launch campaigns, analyze the conversion results of each sponsored link, and find new promotional opportunities.

It is an interesting model for brands because they do not have to create a specific affiliate program from scratch and can speed up partner acquisition. For the affiliate, the advantage is being able to find several campaign options within their niche, instead of subscribing to a bunch of different programs.

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Some of the best-known affiliate networks in 2023

  1. CJ Affiliate: This network brings a powerful omnichannel tracking mechanism to monitor performance metrics on multiple devices.
  2. Awin: Sets a 30-day duration for cookies, standardized 5% commissions, and offers multi-language support. It boasts over 25 thousand advertisers from different niches.
  3. Rakuten: Offers artificial intelligence resources to optimize campaign performance and promises a fast process to complete launches. It focuses on niches such as financial services, travel, and retail.
  4. Impact: A complete platform for the management of marketing alliances. It provides advanced cross-device click monitoring and fraud protection tools.
  5. Partnerize: A complete and intuitive software to find affiliate programs in the same segment, with digital payments available in more than 200 countries. It also offers an excellent web analytics dashboard to monitor the results.
  6. Clickbank: Noted for its extensive library of affiliate training materials, including Spark. It is also worth mentioning its extensive support team and the availability of e-commerce tools to promote.

Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate programs

A marketing strategy that you can implement in blogs, social networks, and email marketing, and that adapts to different markets. Affiliate marketing uses a company’s digital presence to generate extra money in commissions.


  1. Low cost and low risk: Affiliate marketing is a highly cost-effective strategy with minimal risks involved. You don’t have to worry about the entire sales process, making it an attractive option for businesses.
  2. Simplified implementation: Implementing affiliate marketing is incredibly easy, making it accessible to all types of content creators. You can quickly integrate affiliate links into your content and start earning commissions.
  3. Passive income potential: By leveraging affiliate marketing, you have the opportunity to earn passive income. Once you’ve set up your affiliate links and generated valuable content, you can continue to earn money without constant effort.
  4. Wide variety of sectors: Affiliate marketing is available across a wide range of industries and sectors. Regardless of your niche or target audience, you can find affiliate programs that align with your business and increase your profits.


  1. Insufficient traffic impact: Without a significant amount of traffic, affiliate marketing may not yield great results. It is crucial to have organic traffic on your brand’s website, views on social networks, or a substantial opening ratio in your email marketing campaigns.
  2. Low commission rates: Some affiliate programs offer commissions that are disappointingly low. It’s important to carefully evaluate the commission structures of different programs to ensure they align with your profit goals.
  3. High withdrawal minimums: In certain cases, affiliate programs set high minimum thresholds for withdrawing funds. This can be an inconvenience, especially if you’re starting or have limited sales, as it may take longer to reach the minimum payout requirement.
  4. Short-lived cookies: The duration of cookies is a significant factor in affiliate marketing success. If the cookies expire too quickly, you run the risk of losing out on potential sales that you’ve helped generate.

The Best 16 Affiliate Programs to Earn Money in 2023

On social networks, a YouTube channel, a newsletter, etc. There are many sites that you can use to promote products and services , and earn a commission from sales.

Discover below the ideal affiliate programs to increase your earnings in different areas and take advantage of your online presence.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

1. GetResponse

We begin the list of the best and most profitable affiliate programs with GetResponse, a highly recognized software on the market, which has had an affiliate marketing program since the 2000s.

A platform that has everything to boost a business in the digital world:

  • complete email marketing software,
  • free website builder,
  • marketing automation,
  • conversion funnels and much more.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, SMEs, agencies, and companies of all kinds, our platform offers solutions to the marketing needs of each of them, which makes GetResponse’s free and paid plans extremely complete.

Pioneers in affiliate marketing, they offer great profits for those who recommend our product and we have 2 types of affiliate programs:

  • Commission in advance: you receive USD$100 for each sale.
  • Continuous commissions: you receive a 33% monthly commission for each sale, as long as the referred clients maintain their plan.

In the GetResponse affiliate program, commissions are unlimited, which allows you to expand your referral network.

Additionally, we use tracking cookies that last for 120 days (unlike other affiliate programs that only offer 30 days as standard) so you don’t miss out on any sales that come from your audience.

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2. ActiveCampaign

A CRM and marketing automation software that helps businesses manage their customers, schedule emails, generate sales, and much more.

It is a very popular tool, which has an affiliate program with recurring commissions so that you can receive some extra money every month. 

ActiveCampaign offers 20-30% recurring commissions on the price of each subscription paid through your affiliate links. And the commissions will continue to arrive in your account as long as the client maintains their active subscription, without limits.

3. E-goi

Created in Portugal, E-goi is a multi-channel marketing automation platform available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Aimed primarily at marketing consultants and digital agencies, E-goi’s affiliate programs offer up to 30% in recurring commissions.

If a user buys a base plan or pro plan with your links, you can get up to 30% of the value of the sale and you will continue to receive it month after month as long as the customer maintains their active subscription.

4. Click Funnels

One of the most important sales funnel platforms globally, ClickFunnels has one of the best affiliate programs on the market, according to many affiliate marketing experts. 

Aimed at beginners to the subject, ClickFunnels offers a free training program for those who are just launching their first campaigns.

They work with a tiered system, in which you start with a 20% commission and you can get up to 40% in recurring monthly commissions on the sale of any of their products.

Hosting Affiliate Programs

5. Hostinger affiliate program

It is one of the most used hosting sites in Latin America and the world. And this is due to its low prices, which can start from USD$2.

Despite their cheap prices, their affiliate programs are very generous and offer a 60% commission for each sale of their annual services, with no limits.

To receive the commission, the referred customers must maintain the service for more than 30 days and you need to reach USD$100 in commissions to be able to receive a payment.

6. HostGator

This is an excellent option for affiliates operating in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. HostGator is a well-known web hosting company in LatAm and has put in place a robust affiliate program to get customers in a scalable way.

The process is very simple. By sharing HostGator service subscription links on your blog, website, or social network, you can earn money for every sale your link generates.

HostGator commissions for affiliate sales

The company offers fixed monthly earnings, which increase based on the number of affiliate transactions. One disadvantage is the duration of the cookies, is only 10 days, so you will have to follow the performance of your link and renew the cookies frequently.

The good thing is that at HostGator you have a fairly complete affiliate dashboard, to access the banners, the HTML codes to customize your link, and the performance data of your campaigns.

7. GoDaddy

If you are an affiliate in the world of web development, the GoDaddy program may be of interest to you. It is striking that you can promote a wide variety of company services, such as these:

You register through the CJ Affiliate platform, which GoDaddy uses to manage affiliate data and links. From that network, you can get more than 100 text or image ad templates to copy and paste into your blog, newsletter, or website.

When a user becomes a customer from your link, you earn commission on your CJ account automatically. 

8. Canva 

The preferred design program for entrepreneurs, content creators, and all types of companies. From business cards to ebooks, this graphic design tool can do it all.

Without a doubt, Canva is one of the most used platforms today and can offer you commissions if you recommend it.

With their affiliate programs, you have the opportunity to earn up to $36 commission for each referred customer who signs up for their Canva Pro plan.

9. Fiverr 

Surely you have heard about Fiverr, one of the largest freelance work platforms in the world. This is the place many executives and entrepreneurs turn to for talent in areas where they need help.

And just as you can find your next contributor on Fiverr, you can also earn a commission for referring to this site. On Fiverr, you can earn a commission for recommending their products or generating a sale.

For the commissions of its products, Fiverr works with percentage rewards that are:

  • USD$100 + 10% for FiverrBusiness,
  • 10% for FiverrAffiliates,
  • and 30% to FiverrLearn.

In the event that your affiliate links generate a sale of one of the services offered on the platform, Fiverr grants fixed commissions from USD$15 to USD$150 depending on the category of the freelancer hired (for example, it is USD$25 for a job of marketing for social networks and USD$50 for application programming services).

E-commerce Affiliate Programs

10. Amazon Affiliates

The undisputed leader in online sales and also in affiliate marketing. The Amazon Affiliate program is very popular and can be a great source of income to promote products from all sectors and niches.

In fact, Amazon Associates has 43% of the affiliate market share globally.

In Amazon Affiliates, the commission depends on the product category, with 10% being the highest percentage. And while it may not seem like much, with the sheer number of products found on Amazon, you’re sure to find plenty of items to promote.

One of the advantages of Amazon Affiliates is that you not only receive commissions on the products you refer but on any purchase made through your link.

11. AliExpress 

Another of the giants in the world of online sales, AliExpress is a platform of Chinese origin where you can find a huge number of products at very low prices.

But unlike Amazon, AliExpress offers a much wider range of commissions.

Your payments can vary from 3% to 90%, depending on the type of commission and category of products.

To start participating in AliExpress affiliate programs, you must have a quality website and content, something that they will verify when making the request. 

12. Shopify 

One of the most used online store platforms currently, which allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to set up an e-commerce store in a simple way, and also offers affiliate programs. Oh, and Shopify also has full integration with GetResponse.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for Shopify Partners and wait 2 business days to be verified.

This program offers 2 types of commissions: $58 if you sell one of their standard plans and $2,000 for the sale of Shopify Plus, one of the largest commissions on this list!

13. Printful 

If your target market is focused on the entrepreneurial world, then Printful can be a great promotional tool. It is a service that is responsible for creating and sending different products with the designs of artists or brands.

With Printful affiliate programs, you can earn a 10% commission on every sale for 9 months and get paid directly to PayPal.

14. Line 

A marketplace part of the Falabella group, Linio is gaining more and more recognition in Latin America and is today the most important online store in this region.

It currently has a presence in:

  • Colombia
  • Chili
  • Mexico
  • Peru.

A great competitor to Amazon in LATAM, Linio has a huge number of products to promote in different markets. 

With Linio’s affiliate programs, you can get between 9% and 26% commission depending on the product category and whether it is a new buyer or an existing customer.

In addition, it has cookies that last up to 30 days and offer you a commission on any purchase made through your referral link.

15. Adidas

Being associated with a strong international brand is a great advantage for affiliates. In the case of Adidas affiliates, such an opportunity is unbeatable.

We are talking about a sports fashion giant, with a wide base of followers and clients in different countries. The German company has a special program to scale sales with affiliate links. You can share Adidas promotions and products on your website, blog, or email, to get commissions of up to 10% when users buy with your recommendation, with 30-day cookies.

Adidas seeks content creators who have an active audience and who are ambassadors of the high-performance athletic lifestyle that has characterized the brand since its inception.

In Summary

Affiliate programs offer an excellent opportunity to earn extra money by recommending products and services. Whether you’re a content creator, blogger, or business owner, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative strategy. While there are advantages such as low cost and simplified implementation, it’s important to consider potential disadvantages like the need for sufficient traffic and low commission rates. However, with the right affiliate networks and programs, such as GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and Amazon Affiliates, you can maximize your earnings and generate passive income. Explore the wide range of affiliate programs available in different sectors and leverage your online presence to boost your profits in 2024.

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