20 Cute & Hottest NBA: Basketball Players 2023

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has lot of fine and most attractive hottest stars who thrill their fans. These players have all it takes physically. Their cute and handsome looks, dressing style are incredible. While playing in the court, these players do their thing absolutely well. If You wouldn’t want to miss knowing these hottest NBA Players, continue scrolling below.

So we’ve come up with this article to reveal to you the 20 Cutest, hottest and best looking NBA players you don’t want to miss out knowing. Some of these light skin basketball players are single while some are already married.

Hottest NBA Players 2023

20. Jonas Valanciunas

Jonas Valanciunas
Photo: @jvalanciunas

Jonas is 30 years old and is 7 feet tall. He plays with Memphis Grizzlies as a centre.

Apart from his height and muscular physique, Valanciunas looks are also outstanding. His brown hair, his full beards and his eyes just matches his physique and his skin.

19. Devin Booker

Devin Booker

Booker’s height is the same as Sterling Brown and is just two years younger than he. Devin plays with Phoenix Suns as shooting guard and small forward.

His slender figure, cute hairstyle and beards, interracial skin color and his awesome fashion statement makes him stand out and be listed among the top 20 hottest NBA players.

18. Sterling Brown

Sterling Brown
image: bleacherreport

Brown is a 6’5′ man of 28 years. He plays for Houston Rocket as a shooting guard.

Sterling Brown is so handsome, with his body build, his low haircut and a tattoo tattoo on the arm.
His physique is so captivated as it has worn him so many fans and admirers.

17. Cedi Osman

Cedi Osman

Osman is 27 years and height is 6’7”. He plays with Cleveland Cavaliers as a power forward and small forward.

A Turkish basketball player, He’s amazing looks consists of his curly hair and his awesome fashion sense.

Although he’s skinny, his height and his looks complements his personality so well.

16. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin

Blake’s age is 33 years. His height is 6’9″. He plays with Brooklyn Nets as a centre and power forward.

What should you know about Griffin? He has amazing brown eyes, muscular physique, brown facial hair and an amazing skin.
He starred in the following shows “The Female Brain. 31 days of Holiday Survival.

He was also rumored to have dated Brynn Cameron and Kendall Jenner. He has also made a name for himself by being listed on the All-Star team for six times.

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15. Chris Paul

Chris Paul

With a very tall height of 7’1″, Paul (39 years old) is among the top 20 hottest NBA players. He plays with Phoenix Suns as point guard.

He is one of the tallest players and definitely one of the hottest. His eyes are so beautiful and his fashion sense is so stylish.

14. Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala
photo: warriorswire.usatoday.com

A husband to Christina Guitierrez, Andre is a 6’6″, 38 year old hot NBA player. He plays for Miami Heat as small forward and shooting guard.

He has great looks, muscular physique, wears a low cut and a circle beard.

13. Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

Rubio plays with Minnesota Timberwolves as a point guard. He’s 31 years with 6’4″ height.

What’s so unique about Rubio? His beards! His amazing fashion sense is another criteria that makes him stand out too.

12. Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier
credit: swarmandsting.com

Terry Rozier is 28. A 6’1″ Charlotte Hornets point guard and shooting guard.

Rozier is hot. With his LIE tattoo, his cute goatee and his fashion sense, Terry Rozier is hot.

11. Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert

Gobert is 29 years old. He’s 7’1″ tall and plays as a centre for Utah Jazz.

His towering height and his muscular body complements his beards and hairstyle. He is considered one of the hottest NBA players.

10. J.J. Redick

J.J. Redick

Age 37 and 6’4″ tall. He plays for New Orleans Pelicans as a Shooting guard.

Redick has swag, looks and tattoos that make him incredibly hot.
This NBA player is also married with two kids.

9. Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari

Aged 33 and 6′ 10″ tall with Italians roots, Gallinari is undoubtedly one of the most hottest NBA players.
He plays with Atlanta Hawks as a power forward and a small forward.

He has a tall and slender figure with a good looking face as well as a clean shave.

Danilo is so handsome that he once modelled for Armani
Isn’t that amazing?

8. Gordon Hayward

He is 32 and 6′ 8″ tall. Hayward plays for Charlotte Hornets as a shooting guard and small forward.

He’s tall with an athletic body. He has an amazing look with a triangular face and brown eyes and hair. His fashion sense is also superb.

7. Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons

Simmons is 26 and his height is 6’10”.
He plays for Philadelphia 76ers as a point guard and small forward.

He’s elegant, good looking and very fashionable. He’s currently dating Kendall Jenner.

6. Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma

Kuzma plays with Los Angeles Lakers as a Power forward and Small forward. He’s 26 and 6′ 8″ tall.

He has a cute hairstyle and so many hot tattoos. His fashion sense is out of this world. He’s one of the hottest NBA players.

5. Wayne Ellington

Wayne Ellington

Age 34 and 6’5″ tall. He plays for Detroit Pistons as a Shooting guard and a Small forward.

Wayne has great looks, dark tan and incredible swag to make him one of the most hottest NBA players.

4. Justin Winslow

Justin Winslow

Winslow is 26 and is 6′ 7″ tall.
He plays for Memphis Grizzles as a Point guard and Power forward.

His different hairstyle has made him look incredible good looking.
He’s muscular and very fashionable in his outfits aa well.

3. Kevin Love

Kevin Love

Love’s age is 33. His height is 6’8″.
He plays with Cleveland Cavaliers as a power forward and center.
Love is super handsome.

He has blue eyes, brown hair and a muscular build.
In addition, his fashion sense is excellent.

2. Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka

Ibaka is 32 years and 7′ 0″
He plays with Los Angeles Clippers as a Power forward and Center

Ibaka is the a Congolese- Spanish and is one of the hottest NBA players.

He has good looks, great physique and heights as well as his stylish and decent outfits .

1. Kelly Oubre Jr.

Kelly Oubre Jr

The number one on our list is Oubre
He’s 26 and 6’7″ tall
He plays with Golden State Warriors as a Shooting guard and small forward.

His height complements his curls, trimmed goatee, tattoos and his amazing fashion sense.
He is considered the most handsome and hottest NBA player.


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We’re done! We will keep updating the list with cute basketball guys, especially those hot college basketball players, who started from that educational level to where they are now.

Hope your favorite players made our list?
If they didn’t, you can add them at the comments section below.

However, make sure to check out these dark skin and cool lightskin NBA players on their Instagram page, at least to see their hot pictures and good looks. You can as well show them some love by following their social handles. Upcoming is “who’s the best player in the NBA”

For those interested in becoming a player in NBA Sports, we have highlighted basic tips on how to get prepared or ready to join. This information is actually a bonus to our loyal readers and followers.

How to join or get into the NBA

Although it is not an easy feat to make it on a professional basketball team, it is possible. You can improve your game by setting your sights on the NBA, regardless of whether you are in middle school, highschool, or college.

Playing your best (Section 1)

1. You can practice shooting from any position on the court. You will become a skilled and versatile shooter if you practice shooting from close range, long range, and then 3-point range. You can improve your shooting skills by practicing for three weeks in a row, with one week spent on each type. It is impossible to be precise enough.

  • Aim to shoot at least 60% from the 2-point goal line, 40% from the 3-point line, and 75% from the free throw line.

2. Take video of yourself participating in basketball games. You can improve your game by watching how your body moves when you make baskets. You can record video footage if you are in middle school or high school. Many colleges have media assistants that record games for them. Ask your coach if they can show you some of the game footage.

If you are a college student, it can be useful to compile the best footage from these games into an overview reel for potential NBA recruiters. Keep lagging times to a minimum, and keep the video under five minutes.

3. You can learn from people who are more skilled than you. When you’re challenged by someone with better skills than yours, you become a more strategic and stronger basketball player. You can improve your game by playing with other players who challenge you. You can join an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), if you’re already a top-level basketball player in your high school. This will help you find other players who push you to new heights.

Prominent college recruiters track the AAU top teams and make them one of the best ways to obtain athletic scholarships. Regional teams are a great way to find top talent from many high schools. Josh Smith, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard all grew-up playing AAU basketball. Find an AAU club near you at aausports.org.

4. Increase the difficulty of your drills. You can add intensity to your running or practice drills by making them more difficult. Try running on sand, or dribbling on gravel. This will sharpen your skills and increase your endurance. This is possible regardless of whether you are in middle school, highschool or college.

  • To help you be a better player, make a plan for what you will do each day.

5. To build muscle, you should start a strength-training program. You will be able to shoot farther and move around more easily if you have a greater physical strength. A coach with knowledge of basketball can help you start a strength-training program. They will be able to tailor your workouts to fit your body and sport’s needs.

  • Contact your high school athletic director to ask if you can be connected with a basketball coach.
  • Your college likely has strength-training specialists on staff. To book one-on-one sessions, contact your athletic administrator.

6. Healthy habits can help increase your endurance. You must be able to run up and down the court a lot to play basketball well. Your body will function at its best when you get 8 hours sleep each night and eat healthy foods.

Standing out from the crowd (Section 2)

1. Choose the right coach. Your school probably has a coach if you are in middle school or highschool. You might consider hiring a coach to help you improve your game. Private coaching can provide you with personalized feedback that will help you improve your game and give you more confidence.

  • Coachup.com will connect you to a local skilled basketball tutor.
  • One-on-one coaching allows you to develop a closer mentor-mentee relationship. Look for someone who you can build a good relationship with and admires the accomplishments of potential private coaches when interviewing them. It’s a plus if they have connections to influential recruiters.

2. You can use every skill that you have to your advantage. You can make a particular skill your own if you are a strong player. You will need to stand out from the crowd as a specialist in a certain area to make it in the NBA. There are many great basketball players.

  • For example, if you’re particularly fast, you can bring speed to any skill you use on the court. This is your unique strength as a player.

3. You can be a leader both on and off the court. Attitude matters. Because basketball is a team sport, a team cannot function without a group of prima donnas. Potential recruiters will find you a leader and an example of excellence on the court. Everybody wants a player who can get along with other players and inspires the team.

  • You can improve your leadership skills by learning from your mistakes and setting high standards.
  • Your work ethic, dedication, and determination will ultimately make you a successful basketball player.
  • Ask your high school or college coach if you can take on more responsibility.

4. Try to play in as many tournaments and leagues as you can. Your basketball career will only progress if you get in front of talent scouts at major universities (if your high school is in high school) or NBA teams (if your college is in college). As these are the places where important coaches and influencers will be able to select and see the next generation of basketball players, it is important that you attend as many tournaments and as many as you can. The more influential people you are, the better.

  • A lot of AAU leagues are able to participate in regional tournaments if you’re in highschool. Although you don’t have to sign up for anything, the schedule can make it difficult to keep up with other commitments. Try to get as many NBA games as possible if you really want to play in the NBA.
  • Your college basketball team is already participating in the appropriate tournaments. You can make the most of the recruiting opportunities available at regional conference tournaments or March Madness by playing your best.

How to position yourself for professional play (Section 3)

1. You can make your high school team to get on a college team. To play in the NBA, you must be at least 19 years old. Most players are drafted from college. You can excel in AAU and high school basketball to be able to play at competitive schools like Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kentucky. Top NBA recruiters will only consider players from Division 1 programs.

  • If you aren’t playing at your best, a private coach can help you improve.
  • Good grades in high school will make you more appealing as a student-athlete. Think of yourself as a recruiter. You want to be a persuasive candidate to anyone they may need. Contact your dean’s office if you are looking for an academic tutor who can improve your grades. They will connect you to a tutor that meets your needs.
  • High school and college coaches have an excellent sense of who recruiters will be attending which showcases or games. If you are interested in making a connection with someone, ask your coach.

2. If possible, play internationally. Most NBA players are recruited from college programs. This can lead to a pathway into the NBA if you have attended D2 or D3 universities. International play allows you to see a wider range of talented players and different styles. You might consider joining an international league with fewer eligibility and age requirements than the NBA if you’re a great player, but you don’t feel ready to go to college.

  • Hoopsagents.com offers a large international directory that will connect you to an agent in your country.

3. A recruiter (agent) is available to help you. You may not have been approached by recruiters if you’re at the top of your game but aren’t being offered a job. To help you get your professional career moving, contact an agent in the U.S.

  • Hoopshype.com provides a list with links to the sports agencies and top basketball agents so that you can reach them. If you are interested in a particular team, you can view the placements of each agent. Ref

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