10 Highest Paid Sport In the world 2023

A lot of people may be wondering what the top highest-paid sports are. This article is here to provide you with answers to your questions concerning the highest-paid sports in the world.

First of all, there is every need to understand that, there are different sports currently in existence, there must be winners and a losers too. It’s no longer a new experience for everyone getting attracted into the sport world either because of fun, passion or the huge payment involved.

There are also sports which are physically demanding and requires high intensity from professionals in athletics, however, there are also some rewards and bonuses which are attached to the athletes. If you want to know more about the list of highest paid athletes around the world, Forbes magazine has more information about that.

However, some of the actual paid wages may not be as high as expected but when the winnings and bonuses are added together, it becomes highly lucrative and quite rewarding.

Top lists of highest paid sports in the world

Below are the list of the highest paid sports in the world


  • An Average Table Tennis player earns salary worth of $38,800.

Table Tennis is one of the major Olympic games ever known and it comprises of two players competing against each other. Their aim is just to hit the tennis ball to the opposite direction of the court so the opponent finds it hard to return the ball successfully.

In some different cup tournaments, such as, series, grand slam, this alone attracts high prizes with millions of dollars in earnings. Having winners in such competitions secures millions of dollars and a star contracts and sponsorship. This makes tennis one of the lucrative and entertaining sport in the world.

Stars like Roger Federal, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams in the tennis world earns millions of dollars yearly salary or bonuses including sponsorship deals with Nike, Adidas and other Known big brands in the world. A total earning of $106.3 million, coupled with an endorsement alone accounts for about $100 Million.


  • An Average Football player earns salary worth of $1.6 million-$3.2 million.

When speaking of Football, it’s not just a game of passion, it’s a full time professional business for many and this game aids them to earn in billion of dollars on yearly basis. Football may look quite easy to make money but, this game needs physical fitness, excellent skills on how to handle the ball which requires lots of patience, tactical thinking and more skills.

The top football player in the person of Cristiano Ronaldo earns heavily from his salary, endorsements, transfer market etc. As at 2020, Ronaldo earned a huge amount which is about $105 million from salaries, winnings and endorsement deals, therefore, he became the second most paid athlete for the year. However, the records has it that, Ronaldo, became the first soccer player who earns massively at $1 billion mark in the world. As at 2020, an average footballer’s salary is around $1.6 million-3.2 Million yearly.


  • An average golf player salary is $43,983

When speaking of the most common games in the world, golf can’t be left out. It is played by millionaires and billionaires across the globe, which allows the flow of funds into the game. The players are expected to score the ball inside the hole with the help of various cubes depending, using the least amount of strokes.

The history of golf will not be complete without the mention of Tiger woods, He is a successful sportsperson known in the world and he is among the top earning athletes starting from 2002 to 2011 and also in 2013 with the Worth of $78.1 million. He was among the list of persons mentioned by Forbes as the 8th highest paid athletes in the world, with about $62.3 million earning.

The net worth of Tigger wood is estimated at $800 million, which also made him become the fourth richest athlete in the world as well as the wealthiest golf player ever known. Golfers like Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus who are also famous golf players are earning millions of dollars every time they play.


  • An Average Baseball player salary is $3.4 Million-$4.36 Million

Baseball is among the most popular sports in US, and about 11 million Americans Take part in Baseball speaking from US census Bureau. Though some professionals states that hitting the baseball is one major challenge in baseball games. It requires fill time concentration, a good training skills on how to hit the ball, it’s no surprise seeing most of the batters and baseball being paid massively. As at 2020, an average baseball player earns an estimated salary of $4.52 million yearly.


  • An Average wrestler salary is about $50, 000.

The team of professional wrestlers are paid massively to fight either for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), or regionals and local Wresting Sports. Wrestlers engage in full time rehearsals and trainings before coming to perform live.

However, The average salary of wrestler as at 2020, is about $50, 000 per year excluding some mega bonuses and endorsements deals, which makes wrestling one of the most lucrative sport in the globe.

Popular wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock and John Cena have earned lots of millions of dollars in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Most wrestlers registers in a wrestling school to properly learn the moves, physical strength and skills to become a superstar.


  • An Average ice hockey player salary is $1.54 Million-$3.54 Million

Ice Hockey game played on the ice Field with team players, who throws the puck into their opponent’s net for more than one time opposing team. It’s said that ice hockey game is the fastest game. The team that is able to throw the highest pucks into the opponent’s net.

National Hockey League (NHL) This has made ice hockey among the highest paid sports in the world today coupled with the fact that, it’s players are frequently taking the top positions on the Forbes list for highest paid athletes. One of the prominent ice hockey player, in the person of Sergei fedorov earns with an impressive net worth of $40 Million. Up till now, Hockey remains the highest paid sports in the world.


  • The Average Auto Racing driver salary is $44,848

When speaking of the highest paid sports in the world, Auto Racing can not be left out. It is indeed a game of competition, excitements, certificates and sports prizes. The auto racers are pushed by determination, courage and the focus to arrive at the finish line first without any harm. However, this is quite a dangerous game though it’s been compensated with high prizes, varieties of supercars.

Games like the Grand Prix of formula 1, NASCAR and Moto Gp is the most watched sporting events with an average views of 550 million persons, which made it a more profitable sports among others.

Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso are the popular and highest paid racers ever.

In 2020 Lewis Hamilton was ranked by Forbes as the 13th highest paid athlete in the world, who earns about $54 Million. Someone like Michael Schumacher remains the formula 1 star whose earnings is about $1 billion.


  • An Average Boxer salary is about $51,370

As for the records, Boxing has been among the most lucrative sport in the world. Apart from the fact that boxing sports are exciting, it has also ranked itself among the top most paid sports in the world. A Boxing star earns massively from their fights, endorsement deals, pursues and some pay per view commissions.

For someone like Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson, their likes topped Forbes list as the highest earning sport persons in the world. Tyson earnings is about $685 million through his boxing career. Floyd Mayweather who is a retired and undefeated boxer earns about $85 million in the year 2002 and in 2004, he earned $105 million. In 2018, He repeated the feat and due to his competent promotional earning policies which was about $285 million making him The highest paid boxer as at 2018. However, He also emerged as the highest paid sportsman of the year 2010.


  • An Average National Football League NHL player salary is $860, 000

No doubt that the American football is the biggest sport in the North America. According to the census carried out, it was confirmed that 40% of the viewers watching the ESPN channels in America loves football games so much. However, in various schools, event centers, Americans plays Football on a regular basis.

National Football League NHL got engaged in one of the most physical sporting activity, which made athletes collide with themselves in high speed. The lineups in Football contains 53 players for back ups which is considered as the massive team lineup unlike other sports. The American football players are always recognized at the top positions in Forbes list of Highest earning athletes in the world. Bright stars like Matt Ryan earns more in the league.


  • An Average Basketball player salary is $7.4 million.

Currently, Basketball is the highest paid sports in the world and tournaments like NBA, CBA, FIBA and ABL, Asia League is currently one of the most valuable sports league at a high rank. Every basketball players gets massive salaries from endorsement deals, team Managements and signatures on jerseys and shoes which helps to boost their income per year.

Of course it’s no surprise as the basketball players gets featured in the Forbes Magazine’s list of the Top paid Sportspersons.

However, Top players like LeBron James and Stephen Curry are one of the top earning basketball players with LeBron who is the top paid basketball player for six good years earning about 92 million dollars coupled with salary and endorsement deals which are inclusive. World leading basketball players in the other nations apart from USA , earns high salaries too which is over 1 million dollars.


Finally, The Thrill, excitement and undeniable suspense sports brings serves as a testament to the gratifying effects it has on humans over the globe. We couldn’t go any further without stating the facts about the substantial financial benefits enjoyed by the sportspeople. And just in case, you aspire to become an athlete, we do hope this article provides you with great insights.

Kindly share your thoughts with us based on our analysis of the Highest Paid Sport In the world.

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