20 Best Courses To Study Under Sports Science Degrees

What are the Best Sports Science Degrees to Study in 2022?

There are a lot of professions under sports management. These careers are perfect for anyone who wants to merge their passion for sports with a profession. What a great way to work in the field of your passion! This is the reason for this article.

Here, we came up with the current best sport science degrees that anyone who wants to venture into the field of sports management can select from. Let’s proceed. Hope you’re good to go? Okay.

1. Degree in Sport Management

For those who are passionate about sports leadership, sports management is a course you should consider. It’s a very profitable course where you can study to be an administrator, sponsor, promoter, sports ethics and facility manager and so on. Sport management is a four year course in college. Depending on the school, it is either an online course or you attend classes on campus. After graduation, you can work as an amateur or even as a professional in any sport-related field.

2. Degree in Athletic Training

Having a career in athletic training makes you qualified to rehabilitate athletes, provide physical therapy and keep them in shape as well as offering any emergency services. During your study in college, you’ll undergo tutorials on several physiotherapy techniques which will include helping athletes recover from injuries and rehabilitation.

You can work with college and high school teams, gyms or fitness centers as well as professional sport teams. By 2022, athletic trainers will need to earn their masters degree to be a pro athletic trainer. However, this course remains listed among the top degrees in sports management.

3. Degree in Coaching

There are many coaches who’ve made a name for themselves without having a bachelor’s degree in coaching. However, it is very necessary for upcoming coaches to earn a degree in coaching. During the four years in college a student spends studying to be a coach, human psychology and communication, leadership skills and strategies, logistics and ability to teach are inculcated into the student in order to be an efficient coach who can handle a team and make it successful.

4. Degree in Facility Management

A facility manager is in charge of sporting centers like stadiums, boxing rings, gyms, fields, tracks and pools. While studying this course for four years in college, students expand their knowledge in technical fields like engineering, architecture, building and construction, interior design and sports facility management. There’s a high demand for people in this field recently. And according to reports, a facility manager earns an average wage of $88,000 yearly.

5. Degree in Sports Marketing

We all hear of top sports brands like Nike, Adidas and the rest of them. It takes a sports marketer to make this brands hit the market. Sport marketing is all about making the world aware of a particular brand, coming up with events to promote the brand and making sure the brand influences the market. It takes four years to become a graduate in sports marketing. The services of a sports marketer can be used in firms that have a sport brand, firms that promote a sports brand, and professional sports teams and agencies.

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6. Degree in Sports Medicine

At every stage of human life, the assistance of a physician is needed. This is the same for athletes and non athletes in a team. Sports doctors are very essential to a team and beyond. This is why sports medicine is one of the best courses to study in sports management.

The course also takes four years to graduate. Within these years, students study how to treat, and help athletes manage injuries. A sport doctor might work as a freelancer or as a consultant from another medical firm or even professionally as the team’s doctor.

7. Degree in Sport Psychology

The mental health of athletes is as important as the physical health. Sports psychology is a 4-year course that takes care of this area. Graduate in this field can work as rehabilitation physicians, team coaches or therapists. This course finishes in four years and students learn how to help athletes have a positive performance mentally in sports.

8. Degree in Sports Nutrition

Athletes need to eat the right meal always, in appropriate intakes, as well as knowing when and how to go on good diet. This is the reason sports nutrition is essential to the sports industry. Just like all the courses listed above, sports nutrition is also a 4-year course. Students study the diets needed for both athletes and non-athletes. Graduates can work with professional teams, labs, rehabilitation centers as a nutritionist. Being a pro in this field can earn you about $60,000 yearly.

9. Degree in Personal Fitness Training

As of last year, there are more than 50,000 jobs available in this field. This is to show how vital this course is to sports industry. Experts in this field focus on coaching and training athletes, managing sports clubs and gyms. Then, they work as athletes’ personal fitness trainer and exercise tutors. It takes four years to study this course and graduate. It can be an online or a regular course. Taking other courses on business and leadership will help groom a student to also own and manage sports club and gyms.

10. Degree in Sports Media

Sports media personnel are earning more than $60,000. Either working as a freelancer or for any media firm, a graduate in sports media is essential. Sports media is so much like sports journalism except that there are so much technicalities in sports media.

11. Degree in Sports Analysis

In sports, figures determine who’s losing and who’s winning. A sports analyst manages the figures, scores, yards recorded and other records in sports using finance, maths and stat. By 2025, there should be a 33% increase in the rate of employment of sports analysts.

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12. Degree in Sports Broadcasting

A sports broadcaster shares sports info during and outside events. During a four year course in college, they learn to gather information and how to speak in and with the public. They can work in media firms, professional teams or work as a commentator on TV and radio. Sports broadcaster earn more than $41,000 yearly.

13. Degree in Sports Communication

Sports communication deals with public speaking, sports media writing and management. There’s work for graduates of this course in professional sports teams and agencies, and sports media firms. They make up to $57,000 yearly.

14. Degree in Sports Journalism

Sports journalism is all about gathering vital info about all current sports activities in form of the media. This is what all sport journalists do. They work with professional sports teams and media firms or work as freelance journalists.

There you have them. Top courses to study under sports science.
However, as a bonus, we will also show you some other courses that are also needed in the sports industry.

15. Degree in Business Administration

A degree in business administration is necessary because sports is a business for teams and other agencies and brands. As teams make profits by winning every season, someone has to manage and control the money coming in a team, now that’s the job of a business administrator. An administrator can earn more than $90,000 annually.

16. Degree in Photography

There’s a high demand of experienced photographers in the sports industry, hence a bachelor’s degree in photography is vital. Many photographers have only acquired the skill without a degree as they consider the degree unnecessary. This is wrong. A degree in photography will enable a student to a professional photographer as well as being skilled in extra duties like editing, video coverage and mastering digital art and designs. A sports photographer working full time can earn about $62,000 yearly.

17. Degree in Public Relations

Public relations graduates are necessary to sports industry because someone has got share business and economic issues of a sports team to the public. That’s really the job in public relations. They write and manage business, economic issues and other pivotal strategies. They can work with sports agencies, media firms and teams.

18. Degree in Leisure Studies

As sports teams travel round the world for sporting events and competitions, they’re surely going to get to relax and enjoy the new places they’ve just visited. This is the reason a degree in leisure studies is so important. Graduate in this field focus on how to provide recreation, entertainment, tourism and therapy for teams and audiences. They can work at nature parks , recreational and tourism centers. They earn more than $25,000 yearly.

19. Degree in Event Management

Who’s gonna organise the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, NBA championship and other top tournaments in the world? You guessed right. Event Managers. As the year passes, there’s a massive demand for innovative and skillful event managers and organizers.

20. Degree in Parks and Recreation Management

Like stated earlier, there’s a need for relaxation and recreational activities for both teams and audiences. A degree in the course is necessary to work in parks and recreational centres. Graduates can earn up to $25,000 yearly.


With every course listed above, you now know that you can work in the sports industry without being an athlete. Decide on the field that you’re interested in, apply for it in college and earn a bachelor’s degree. Cheers!

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