Top 10 Most Popular Sports In United Kingdom 2023

Over the world at large, the United Kingdom UK happens to be one of the major players in sports. Almost all of sports featured in this European nation have witnessed an unbelievable performance from it’s contingents.

Over the years, The UK has produced numerous best players in football, netball, tennis and others. This is our motivation for writing this article on the best Top 10 Most Popular Sports In United Kingdom in 2023.

The successful Sport events carried out in United Kingdom can be attributed to some cultural practices and the traditions people in UK has lived with for so many years.

However, these cultural sports traditions are been passed from one generation to another generation and this has really helped the United kingdom get it’s reputation improved in sports records as one of the best countries who can really boast of recommendable talents as well as intensive success in the world of competitive sports.

In the United Kingdom, a lot of persons gets engaged in one sporting activity or another. A few of these sports have also helped in attracting some incredible amounts of Followers.

The Most Popular Sports In United Kingdom Currently 

Below are some trending and most popular Sports in the United Kingdom right now.


When it comes to Netball in United Kingdom, it has attracted over 92,000 registered players. It’s popularity in sports has really impacted the more via it’s introduction into the physical health educational system in the United Kingdom.

This game has been played severally over centuries in United Kingdom and it has continued to gain even more Followers in the years currently. There was also a great contender in the sports on the global stage. In the year 2019, there was a vitality Netball world cup which was held in Liverpool, England featured most sell out crowd who was last the colorful grand opening.


Swimming is one of fastest developed sports in the UK currently and it has attracted about thousands of attentions. Swimming wasn’t really sort out for previously in the 19th century but currently, it’s now a full-time sport pursued in United Kingdom.

Every swimmer in UK always competes major swimming competitions especially in Olympics, they come out victoriously making the United kingdom a major contender as long as swimming is concerned all over the world.


There is always a certain name that tends to occupy the minds of many whenever the success story of the United kingdom is evaluated, the Man is called Mo Farah. This Very man is one of the many athletes in UK who has produced a tremendous results which has helped create more awareness of the game in the country. The very reputation enjoyed globally by the UK today is further emphasized during various Olympic Victories recorded.


Cricket is one of the most well recognized sports in UK, this game has been played for over a century in United Kingdom and a whole number of persons are interestingly following the sports.

This particular sport is popular in England and records has it that, it has about 65% of it’s population consistently following the sport currently. Even though that there have been a decrease in the number of persons who play cricket in United Kingdom, there is a rapid increase in the number of persons who watch cricket games. It’s about 4.5 millions persons who watched the cricket world cup.

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The United kingdom can be simply called the home of huge number of loyal fans of Football. Football League can not be Left out among the top popular sports in UK. Especially the domestic Football League is one of the most followed league worldwide. It also serves as an avenue for featuring some of the biggest stars in the game.

The United kingdom has however, further proved it’s point as a formable power in so  many competitive Football tournaments and as one of it’s domestic clubs has claimed, it’s one of the well reputed Football events in Europe and on planet, The UEFA Champions league.

During The 2019 Women world cup, The excellent deeds of the female team in England was so overwhelming and about 7.6 millions of persons in UK watched until the final tournament. No doubt, the Buzz around the English premier league helped tremendously to make Football among the most popular Sports in UK.


Table Tennis always receives a reasonable level of attention from a lot of persons. During the Grand Slam tournament such as the Wimbledon which took place in United Kingdom, attracted the big wins in the Table Tennis world and thereby bringing it into spotlight in UK.

The Wimbledon Open final lasted for about four hours, 57 minutes and it attracted over an average of six millions of persons in UK and it’s undeniable that there was a massive increase in the popularity of the sports.

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Due to the climatic condition in United Kingdom, field hockey is most preferred and it has gotten good grounds over the years in United Kingdom. The existence of domestic hockey league in UK adds to it’s popularity among the sports played in UK. As at September 2016, the total number of 162,000 adults plays hockey currently now in United Kingdom.


This sport was founded in 1893, it’s been steadily gaining more attentions in terms of popularity over the years in United Kingdom. Even Though a decrease has been observed by the participants, badminton still remains among the fastest growing sports in the United kingdom during the All England open Badminton Championship and this has brought it’s attention to many and thereby increasing it’s popularity.


Those times where the game of rugby was strictly kept for the elites in the United kingdom is far gone, and currently, over two millions of persons who are majorly in England engage in rugby in UK. The rugby premier league is always enjoyed over the various national rugby side and across the UK which helps in completing the rugby super league enjoying the supports of different persons in United Kingdom.


Speaking of this particular sport in the United Kingdom, it has attracted a lot of attentions to it’s self. It’s monetary value in the British economy is around £3.7 billion. This game has been made popular and it enjoys a good media follow ups including some newspapers reviews such as Racing post provide details about Horse racing in the United kingdom. This sport is often broadcasted on so many TV channels in UK. All efforts exerted in this sports has made it among the top popular sports in UK.

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