The Importance of Sports Massage to Professional Athletes

The Importance of Sports Massage to Professional Athletes. Ever wondered if sports massage is needed by athletes? The answer is YES. Today, in our new article, we are revealing everything you need to know about sports massage starting from the kinds of sports massages known to athletes and its benefits.

Sports massage is a unique kind of massage done on athletes to prepare their bodies before partaking in physical activity. Sports massage are also used in therapy or recovery procedures for athletes after an incident or injury.

You might still wonder if massages are really necessary to an athlete’s body. Athletes always follow a particular diet and exercises. This is because they have to prepare their bodies for the heavy and strenuous tasks involved in their career. And since their bodies can get overworked and tired, a good massage is necessary to recover from pains or weakness.

Now you know why a message is essential to athletes, let’s dive into the different kinds of massages that are given to athletes.

Kinds of sports massage

Before I go into the gist, there’s something you should take note of. Sports massage isn’t medical treatment. It doesn’t cure illnesses or fight diseases.

Let’s proceed:

1. Training massage

This massage is done before training. It helps tone your muscles and bones to get them to work. After this massage is done, during the training, the athlete notices that his/her muscles are stretched and able to function.

2. Preliminary massage

This kind of massage takes place before the sport the athlete plays. It is done before exercises and sometimes replaces it. The benefits are that it improves blood circulation and makes the tissues and muscles more effectively. It can be done with special creams and oils to improve its effects.

3. Recovery massage

Just as its name implies, it is carried out after an activity to help the athlete recover from pains. It soothes the body and heals it from numbness, pains and discomfort. In recovery massage, attention are given to a area of the body depending on the sports.

benefits of sports massages

What do you think are the benefits of sports massages?

1. Preps the body for physical activities

Sports massage reduces body fatigue and increases its stamina. Blood flows properly and the muscles become more elastic. All these are essential to athletes in order to enable to thrive during physical activities.

2. Relieves body pain

After so much exertion during sporting events, athletes can succumb to chronic body pain. This is where a massage comes in handy. Studies have shown that athletes who undergo sports massage are more relieved of body pain than those who don’t.

3. Relieves strain and inflammation on muscles and joints

Owing to the soothing therapy massages gives to the body, muscles that have been strained during physical go back to normal. It also helps reduce inflammation due to the increase in blood flow when the body is massaged.

4. Decreases the chances of having arthritis

Stats have proven that good sports massages reduces the symptoms of arthritis in athletes. This symptoms include chronic joint pain stiffness.

5. Enhances the performance of athletes

Generally, sports massage makes an athlete more efficient to his/her team.

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Difference between Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Physiotherapy

Deep tissues is quite similar to sports massage. However, it focuses on the connective tissues in the body and is applied with much pressure un order to reduce tension in the muscles and tissues. While sports massage focuses on relaxing superficial muscles and enable blood flow round the body.

Physiotherapy on the other hand is a medical treatment. It is for athletes who gone through serious injuries in order to restore their body to full functionality.

When Should An Athlete Get a Sports Massage?

It is essential to undergo a sports massage at the beginning(training), in the middle(preliminary), and at the end(recovery) of a sporting activity. Also, it is necessary to visit your massage therapist even when you don’t have a competition close by.

What Happens During A Sports Massage?

  • You are to undress and wear a short towel
  • The massage therapist applies massage oil to your skin
  • He/She begins the massage by kneading, stroking, and rubbing your muscles.
  • He/She moves certain parts of your body to mobilize the joint.
  • He/She chops your muscles with the side of his/her hands.
  • Begins the process from the beginning while focusing on the vital muscles needed during the sports activities.

It’s normal to experience pain for some days after going through a sports massage. After a while, your body gets used to it and you won’t feel so much pain.

Finally on Body Massage

You know the benefits of sports massages. It is also important to find a good and professional sports massage therapist. Both are essential in your career as a professional athlete.

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