Brittany Matthews: Patrick Mahomes Girl Friend Biography 2023

Hey fans, today we will look at Brittany Matthews: Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Daughter and Ring. Their lifestyle can inspire you greatly, so continue reading Below.

Speaking of Brittany Matthews, she is a fitness trainer, former soccer player and also a good business woman.

While Patrick Mahomes II is an American footballer who is known as a national football league quarterback for super defending champions Kansas City chiefs.

Though this star player is not married yet, he is engaged to Brittany Matthews.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have been together for a long time and they have been at each other’s side from the beginning, Brittany Matthews had been with Patrick even before he began his national football league (NFL) career.

Patrick Mahomes’ future wife who is Brittany Matthews, can also be addressed as sister-in-law and the best friend of Tik Tok star whose name is Jackson Mahomes.

In Brittany Matthews social media, her toned and fit body is showcased together with some training tips and tricks to help you keep fit. She happens to be a former soccer player, who played school-level soccer alongside with high school soccer.

However she chased the sports professionally and signed with an Iceland pro team after her college.

Her desire is to work for helpless and needy children with some special attention. She is endorsed by a healthy diet and an energetic lifestyle filled with passion and enthusiasm.

Moreover, she offers an online training for people who desire to achieve physical body fitness and weight. She also has a few sponsorship deals with some nutritional products.

So just before we get into more details about Patrick mahomes’ wife to be, let’s quickly take some cool facts about her first.

Brittany Matthews Biography
Brittany Matthews Biography

Brittany Matthews Biography

  • Full Name: Brittany Matthews
  • Date of Birth: September 1, 1995
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Place of Birth: Texas
  • Nick Name: Britt
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Education: University of Texas Horoscope virgo
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • weight: 119Ibs
  • Hair colour: Blonde
  • Eye colour : Bue
  • Build Athletic
  • Profession: Fitness Trainer
  • Fitness company: B fitness
  • Current residence : Kanas City
  • shoe size 😕
  • Marital status: Engaged
  • Fiance: Patrick mahomes
  • Kids: One
  • Net Worth: Not estimated yet.
  • Father’s Name: Martin Scott
  • Mother’s Name: Diana Massey
  • Siblings: Landon Massey and Devin Matthews
  • Social media: Twitter, Instagram

Brittany Matthews Early life, Education And Family

Brittany Matthews was born in the year 1995, 1 September in Texas to Martin Scott Mathews and Diana Massey which later got divorced when Brittany was still a child.

However the parents of Brittany maintained a cordial relationship for their children sake and they are happily married in separate relationships as at now.

Brittany has two brothers namely, Devin Matthews and her half-brother Landon Massey.

Brittany has a stepfather whose name is Paul Massey but sadly, he passed away in chiefs game and she was very dear to him.

Brittany Matthews the wife-to-be of Patrick mahomes has been an active sports athlete all her life. She also attended the same high School her future husband attended which is Whitehouse high School.

While in school she happened to be a member of her school cheerleading team and soccer team as well.

However, she continued in her passion for soccer in college, and attended the University of Texas while her fiancĂ©’s attended the Texas Tech University.

Brittany Matthews graduated from college with a Bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology.

What is Brittany Matthews Age, Height And Weight?

Brittany Matthews the former athlete turned 25 on September 1, 2020, so she will turn 27 by September, 2023.

Her weight is around 119Ibs, she is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

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Britt Matthews profession, Job & Soccer Career

Brittany Matthews attended Whitehouse High School where she played soccer in her school team. Previously, Britt was never certain about wanting to be a part of collegiate level soccer but afterwards, Having seen the university of Texas’s team, she was really inspired and energized.

Her team was also Assisted by UT Tyler Patriot into the ASC Academic. There was an All conference Team, where happened to be a two-time recipient of the American Southwest conference offensive athlete for the week.

Nevertheless Brittany is the second all-time in program history with about 78 points and has received all regional honors after her senior sections.

In addition, Brittany Matthews scored four hattricks in the win against McMurry and Sul Ross severally, and even over Belhaven and Louisiana College which now has a new record.

However, she also defeated Rhodes in an overtime game which led to the Patriots 2:1 win .

All of Brittany Matthew’s Career at UT, she was able to make 31 goals and was Assisted in 16. The forward player led the Patriot to an amazing record of 56-13-5

She was greatly inspired by her tremendous soccer career to pursue a professional career.

Brittany Matthews Playing Soccer
Brittany Matthews Playing Soccer

Professional Soccer career

Due to her amazing prowess and skills, she signed a contract to become a professional soccer athlete in her senior year before she graduated.

Icelandic multi-Sport club, UMF, Afturelding, signed her and she became part of the Iceland pro team.

The interest for UMFA’s arose for her after they saw her establish a new UT Tyler single second record with about 18 goals. Patrick Mahomes her future husband, family and coaches were present when she made the deal.

After her graduation, she went to Iceland for summer while her future husband was in chiefs. She assisted some team for a few seasons before deciding to become a trainer herself and she pursued a fitness and training career.

Fitness Business

Having followed a noble professional career, she went ahead to become an experienced fitness trainer.

Through her social media handles and websites, many have been inspired by her to achieve their fitness targets

She has an existing fitness Company where she trains to assist people achieve their desired body fitness. Her website sells most of fitness products.

Brittany Matthews Fitness Career
Brittany Matthews Fitness Career

Also, she signed an exclusive deal with apparel company which is known as Balance Athletica, Which the QB’s wife is also a co-owner of KC NWSL, which is a professional women’s soccer team.

Is Brittany Matthews the wife of Patrick Mahome?

Brittany Matthews have been in a loving relationship with Patrick Mahomes II who served as a quarterback for the Kansas City chiefs since the year 2017.

Patrick Mahomes was in his junior year when he was drafted by the NFL Team and ever since, he has led the chiefs to super wins in the 2019-20 seasons.

Furthermore, in the year 2020, the magazines of the times included him in their 100 most influential list. His father, Pat Mahomes sir. Happens to be the former MLB pitcher and he is also the brother of Tik Tok star whose name is Jackson Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes is much closer to his mum, Randi Mahomes and often mentions her at every part of his life.

The Matthews are very close to the Patrick’s family. Brittany and Patrick met at school and they started dating when they were in grade ten.

These two amazing lovers have been together since the year 2010 and they recently got engaged to be married soon.

The chief made a proposal to her with a costly emerald cut center Stone engagement ring which worth about $350,000-$800,000

However, these lovers resides in the city of Kansas, Missouri, in their lovely house with two dogs.

The Child of Patrick Mahome and Brittany Matthew

As at the year 2020, the couple didn’t have any child but the pregnancy was announced on Instagram.

The couple welcomed their child on February 20, 2021. And they named the baby girl “Sterling Skye Mahomes”. They love the baby with everything in them.

Sterling skye Mahomes
Brittany Matthews and wife Patrick Mahomes with their child named Sterling skye Mahomes

Before the baby girl arrived, Patrick Mahomes bought his fiancée a new car as gift for becoming a mum soon and the car is a 2021 Lamborghini Urus.

Brittany Matthews Net Worth and Salary

To be specific, the net Worth of Brittany Matthews is currently not available. However, as a fitness trainer and a business owner, she will have an impressive worth. She is also a professional player in a well reputed club.

Brittany Matthews fiancé Patrick Mahomes, the father of her child is a known star quarterback for the renowned national football league team, Kansas City chiefs.

During the last supper bowl, Patrick Mahomes helped lead Kansas City to their very first championship in 50 years. He was also recognized as the most competent player for the 2019 season.

Which made Chiefs offered him a contract which was worth $530 million, which is the largest in the professional athlete history.

This agreement they signed will eventually increase his salary to $40 million per year and in ten years, his net Worth will dramatically exceed $550 million but as for now, his net Worth is $30 million.

What is Patrick Mahomes’ wife social media Username?

Brittany is a very active and social person on social media and she has about 996 thousand followers on her Instagram account.

She has over thousands of posts and shares about her fitness and training programs. She also displays her gym routines along side with her work out tips.

Furthermore, she showcases most of her routines and exercises every now and then, she flaunts her fiancé and Pitbull and finally shared her trips to give us a few tips in her life.

Her fiancé Patrick, has over 4.5 million Followers on his Instagram account. Most of his posts are usually about football, promotions and his teammates.

However, he recently shared the pregnancy pictures of his wife to be, he loves showing his beautiful wife to be.

Brittany Matthews is also on Twitter with about thousands of Followers. She joined Twitter November 2011 and she has over 16 thousand tweets. Brittany follows less than 200 people including Pat Sr, Randi Jackson and her future husband.

Overtimes, she shares and retweets Pat II’s football career and milestones.

Patrick jr on the other hand, has over 1.8 million Followers on Twitter besides his family and fiancée, he follows celebrities and his fellow teammates.

Patrick Mahomes has over 16 thousand post since he joined August 2011.

FAQs About Brittany Matthews

How long have Patrick and Brittany been together?

They've been together for ten years now and as at this year, they are engaged, Sterling Skye Mahomes together.

Are Patrick and Brittany engaged?

Yes they are as of 1, 2020. They've been high school sweethearts and they are still in love.

Does Patrick Mahomes live with his girlfriend?

Yes they live together in Kansas City not just a a girlfriend but as his wife to be.

Has Brittany Matthews found her wedding dress?

Though they recently went on a dress shopping in some fancy stores in LA, Brittany hasn't revealed if she has found her wedding dress or not but the couple has already chosen a venue for their wedding in 2022.

Does Patrick have a child?

Yes Patrick Mahomes has a daughter with his wife to be Brittany and her name is Sterling Skye Mahomes. She was given birth to on February 20, 2021.

What is Brittany Matthew's Clothing line called?

Brittany recently signed a deal with Balance Athletica, which is a family owned clothing, she promotes the brand occasionally on her social media platforms.

Does Brittany Matthews has tattoos on her body?

Yes she does a tattoo of a dog paw which she got on her birthday. It was her love for her dog that made her get that tattoo.

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