Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria 2023

Most of us are aware of the fact that some degrees earned in tertiary institutions in Nigeria have a lower likelihood of being hired on the job market is not breaking news. This is as a result of the non-marketability of some of these courses.

The mistake of studying courses which in turn leads to a low-paying job has already been made by a lot of people, but there is still plenty of time to fix it. Therefore, regardless of what you studied in school, we’ll highlight some of the jobs that are in high demand in this post as well.

Despite Nigeria’s high unemployment rate, there are many in-demand positions that are financially successful, offer high salaries, and are excellent for career advancement.

Read on as we go into more details about the highest paying jobs in Nigeria

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How to Get the Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

  • Create a Credible Expert Personalities: People will spend a lot of money hiring a professional to complete a task. This is especially true when individuals are aware that they are unable to perform the same feats as you. The government and other labor employers are aware of this idea and will therefore agree to pay you roughly what you are worth. You should concentrate on developing and marketing your expertise in order to make yourself more appealing to employers offering higher salaries.
  • Build a Strong Network: You must develop a strong network and uphold positive relationships with the people in it. Even if you remain in a constricting setting, this strategy still works reasonably effectively. The internet, like books, acts as a window to the world, dissolving borders and bringing people together. LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking that enables you to connect with achievers from various backgrounds. Connect with people in that industry if you want to work there, but don’t limit yourself to doing so. When positioning oneself for possibilities, you need to be thoughtful.
  • Take calculated risks: You will need to take measured risks if you want to see a significant pay increase. You must stretch yourself outside your comfort zone in order to take smart risks. Even if it might seem like a stretch, apply for the top paying jobs in Nigeria. For appealing employment offers, you must ignore entry obstacles and submit an application even if you don’t seem to be qualified. Don’t wait to apply if you see a job you want. Keep your attention on what you have to offer and how you market and package yourself. You’ll get further if you can demonstrate to a potential employer how you’ve addressed challenges in the past. On every team, a problem-solver is desired.
  • Update your resume to get noticed: Naturally, during your job hunt, your CV needs to be active and available. Your resume needs to be updated and polished to the highest standard. You can ask for assistance from CV specialists as they are aware of the proper adjustments to make. Similar to other aspects, you must make an effort to stand out in order to get recognized. Make sure your credentials are seen by as many hiring managers as you can by aiming for maximum exposure. This increases your chances of getting your ideal career. You can send your resume to some of the biggest and most popular recruitment agencies in Nigeria, where you can be exposed to businesses and jobs that are of interest to you.

Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

1. Anesthetic Nurse

Anesthetic Nurse
Anesthetic Nurse
  •  Average Salary: 133,000 NGN to 411,000 NGN per month

One of the highest paying careers in Nigeria is anaesthetic nursing, which is justified given that anaesthetic nurses are responsible for the security of patients receiving local or general anesthesia.

In the operating room, a resuscitation anesthesiologist and an anaesthetic nurse collaborate closely. The anaesthetic nurse is responsible for reassuring patients and outlining how the intervention is going.

They warmly welcome the patient to the operating room, where they have already set up the anesthetic equipment before giving the anesthetic and keeping an eye on the patient’s condition during the process.

Anaesthesia nurses support their coworkers by giving nursing care and controlling equipment and medications. This occupation is one of the highest paying in Nigeria. They are in charge of overseeing the surgical recovery period and modifying the therapy to meet the needs of the patient.

2. Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer
Marine Engineer
  • Annual Average Salary: 310,000 NGN per month

Nigerians commonly refer to marine engineers as “boat mechanics” because they work largely on designing, building, testing, and repairing watercraft.

However, in more extensive contexts, part of their duties also involve directing the development of the coastline, including the establishment of beaches, marinas, ports, estuaries, and offshore oil installations.

One of the top paying occupations in Nigeria is marine construction because it is a labor-intensive and team-oriented industry. The marine engineer must have excellent interpersonal and team-management skills, as well as the capacity to instruct others successfully.

Then, he needs to be able to use the most advanced computer tools, be creative, cautious, and innovative, have the capacity for critical thought, be able to take on a lot of responsibility, and possess a solid understanding of logic, science, and technology.

3. Remote Workers

Remote Workers
Remote Workers
  • Average Salary: $53,658 per year

One of the highest paying professions in Nigeria is remote workers like software development, which also includes programming, journalism, and writing.

The capability to carry out duties outside of the corporate context is one of the key trends for employment in the twenty-first century.

In order for a business to succeed, it is no longer necessary for all of its employees to report for work at the same time and in the same place. Remote work has, therefore, become very common.

By using technology to carry out tasks and connect with coworkers, remote work, sometimes referred to as teleworking, is carrying out professional activities from a distance. For Nigerians who have limited time and mobility, like stay-at-home parent, this has proven to be one of the highest-paying vacation.

4.  Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum Engineer
  • Average Annual Salary:  ₦6104189

Petroleum engineering, which comprises identifying and producing oil deposits, is the best paying profession in Nigeria because oil and gas are the backbone of the country’s economy.

The highest earners in this industry might make up to 6 million NGN per month, given that Nigeria has the highest oil production in Africa in Q1 2022 (1.49 million barrels per day on average) (72 million p.a).

They are typically asked to work on offshore installations (at sea) or on land. The distinctive facets of oil extraction, such as drilling, deposits installation, production, research, and processing, are the focus of their work.

Petroleum engineers oversee the operational program, design and manage the equipment, research the most effective methods, and ensure adherence to safety laws, since their profession is the highest paying in Nigeria.

5. Musicians

  • Annual Average Salary: 100 to 200 million naira

The fourth-highest paying job in Nigeria is in the music industry, one of the fastest-growing non-governmental sectors in the world. On streaming services alone, this line of work earns an average of $2,200 per million views or plays, with the wealthiest musicians earning substantially more after add-ons, incentives, and sponsorship deals.

Opera, jazz, rock, variety, or afrobeat—a genre unique to the area—are among the genres in which musicians can specialize. A repertory is interpreted by the musician, who is able to pinpoint his aesthetic preferences and target audience in order to interpret the pieces.

Their timetable is divided between practice sessions, live performances, studio recordings, and promotional obligations, including radio and television appearances, even participation, etc.

6. Industrial Farmers

Industrial Farmers
Industrial Farmers
  • Annual Average Salary: 82,241 NGN to 206,055 NGN

Even while this line of work has been referred to as an older or more conventional form of employment, it goes beyond that. In actuality, farmers are among the wealthiest individuals in the world and have long been recognized as such.

Farmers who work with cocoa, livestock, rubber, or cashew nuts are typically quite wealthy. Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president, is a well-known example in this category. He owns a sizable and prosperous farm in the state of Ogun.

7. Bloggers

  •  Average Salary:  $1000 to $3000 every month.

Blogging is a hidden treasure trove. Blogging has replaced newspapers and television since most people now obtain their daily news from the internet. A blogger is exempt from paying for transportation to work and other costs.

Their net income barely differs from their gross revenue. Today, there are successful bloggers all throughout the nation. The size of their homes and vehicles will astound you. Today, you too can start a blog.

8. Freelancers and Marketing Professionals

Freelancers and Marketing Professionals
Freelancers and Marketing Professionals
  • Annual Average Salary:  ₦180,000 to ₦350,000

The way businesses look nowadays is steadily changing as online marketing becomes a powerful tool for expanding a company quickly. Because of this, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for market or advertising strategists recently.

If you believe you have this expertise but are not yet proficient enough, try your hardest to improve because you can earn millions of naira with it.

The appeal of this profession is that it is in high demand globally right now, and if you are fortunate enough to get employed by a wealthy corporation abroad, you can easily earn money in dollars to increase your profit rate.

9. Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Manager
  • Annual Average Salary: $1,235,066.00 year.

Any business must prioritize establishing connections and engaging in interpersonal interactions. This might be done through clients and customers, staff members, or other companies in the industry. A human relations degree gives you a foundational grasp of human relations, but if you want to advance to the director or c-suit level, a business degree may be essential.

10. Aeronautics Engineer

Aeronautics Engineer
Aeronautics Engineer
  • Annual Average Salary: $4,350,000

Since the dawn of time, flying has been one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments.

Aeronautical engineers are experts in the design, construction, and upkeep of aircraft.

To enhance air travel in Nigeria and around the world, they do research and create innovative technology.

One of the most sought-after professions in Nigeria is aeronautics engineering.

11. Banking Associate

Banking Associate
Banking Associate
  • Average Salary: 455,000 NGN per month

The banking and finance sector is very important to Nigeria’s economy. Banks are in charge of more than just safeguarding your funds; they also stimulate other economic activities. Assisting customers and the bank with its many services is the responsibility of banking colleagues. To evaluate their clients’ financial circumstances, they interact with retail clients. They also assist in contacting businesses and assisting them in obtaining a loan that meet their requirements.

12. Customer Service Expert

Customer Service Expert
Customer Service Expert
  • Annual Average Salary: ₦727,080

The needs of customers must always be met by businesses. They owe it to them to listen to complaints, help with problems, and develop relationships with them. Customer support specialists are essential in numerous businesses because of this. They represent a corporation in their expanding neighborhood and act as its advocate.

13. Sailor

  • Annual Average Salary: N263,000

In Nigeria right now, being a sailor is one of the best careers you can have. They are the experts in charge of large hauling ships, tankers, and passenger boats, and they support the operation and management of these boats.

Before becoming a sailor, one must be admitted to the Maritime Academy of Nigeria or one of the other approved maritime institutions located around the nation.

A sailor makes between N220,000 and N1,400,000 per month in pay.

14. Lawyer

  • Average Salary: N100,000 to N500,000.

A lawyer is one of the most well-liked professions in the world, including Nigeria, and their services are crucial in all civilized nations.

Currently, a successful and seasoned attorney can spare you from a death sentence or save you a lot of money, earning them a huge salary. A bachelor’s degree in law is required before you can practice law.

Despite the fact that you can’t make much money as a young lawyer, as you gain knowledge and expertise, you will be making millions.

15. Medical Doctor

Medical Doctor
Medical Doctor
  • Average Salary: N180, 000 – N600,000

One of the top ten best paying professions in Nigeria is that of a medical doctor. Medical professionals who opt to work at specialty hospitals, teaching hospitals, public health organizations, private offices, and other healthcare settings. They concentrate in areas of medicine such as ophthalmology, neurology, obstetrics, gastroenterology, pathology, pediatrics, and others.

A six-year study and the requisite medical certification must be completed at any approved institution in Nigeria before you may become a medical doctor.

Can One Get A Job Without Any Previous Employment?

Because they can complete the work without stress, employers frequently search for job seekers with work experience. Even if you lack work experience, you can still find employment.

Some employers frequently go beyond work experience when selecting candidates for entry-level jobs. When looking for a job, you might emphasize the following if you lack actual work experience:

  • Your skills: Due to your skills, a company may choose to hire you over a candidate with extensive experience.
  • Networking is another technique to find employment when you lack experience. You can meet people who can introduce you to opportunities by networking.
  • Apply for internships and volunteer positions: You don’t have to compete for positions with other experienced job applicants; you can just apply for internships and volunteer positions. These positions let you acquire work experience rather than requiring you to have it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so challenging to find work in Nigeria?

The large population of Nigeria contributes significantly to the lack of employment there. About 2 million Nigerians are accepted into universities each year, and more than 600,000 of them graduate, thus the number of employment created each year is insufficient. Additionally, attitudes, nepotism, and corruption all contribute to the lack of jobs in Nigeria. Nigeria’s economy is overly dependent on oil; but, by concentrating efforts to grow other industries, more jobs could be generated.

When is the ideal time to start a job search?

Our knowledge of hiring practices and expertise operating a job board allows us to advise you that the optimum time to look for a job is when few other people are.

Indeed, there are more open positions in January as a result of numerous businesses restructuring, growing, etc. During various seasons of the year, there is typically fierce rivalry towards open positions.

The holidays are the ideal time to hunt for work. The best time to look for a job is during holidays like Christmas because many people are at ease and planning to look when the new year starts.

Where can I get a job most effectively?

There are an infinite number of locations where you can look for job openings when looking for employment, but you must be selective about where you look. There are as many bogus jobs as there are real employment, unfortunately.

Due to the low cost of posting online, you should exercise caution when applying for online employment. Because of this, you should only look for employment possibilities on reputable job-publishing websites like MyJobMag and LinkedIn.

When you look for opportunities on MyJobMag, you can be confident that you’ll only find job postings from reputable employers.


Here are Nigeria’s highest-paying job positions. No matter what line of employment you choose, however, in order to succeed, you must be diligent and focused, as these are some of the traits that set you apart from your coworkers.



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