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Hello to all tennis fans and lovers. Today we are sharing all about tennis. We’re letting you know all the rules, facts and ways to play tennis. Let’s begin.

Tennis which originated from England in the 19th century is now loved and played around the world. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world with over 17.90million professional players worldwide.

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How’s the Game of Tennis played?

In the game, the main goal of the players are to win more points than the opponent by hitting the ball in a way that the opponent cannot play the ball back to the other half of the tennis court.

There are two kinds of matches, the singles match which includes two players on each sides of the court, playing against each other. While in doubles match, there are a total of four players, two playing against two on each side of the court.

Equipment used in tennis Sports Game

Equipment used in tennis Sports Game

1. A wooden or alloy racquet with a handle and weaved strings.
Its length should be 32″. The surface should be 16″ long, 12″wide and the width of the handle should be 12.5″.

2. Tennis ball with a diameter of 2.5 – 2.625 .

3.Tennis shirts and shorts or dresses. As well as headband and wristbands to absorb heat.

How does a player score and win in tennis?

Firstly, It is important to know that the tennis match for men has 5 sets and the one for women has 3 sets. Now, every sets contains 6 games. And for a player to win, he or she has to lead the opponent with two more points.

The games begins at zero points which is called love. The first point to be earned is 15 points. The second 30, third 40 and the final point which is known as game points brings victory.

Remember we said earlier that points are gotten when an opponent fails to receive or/ and fails to return the ball to the half side of court (his opponent’s side). Points are also gotten when an opponent plays over the baseline.

When both players reach a 40-40 points draw, such situation is is called a deuce. In order to emerge as the winner, one of the players must win two more points consecutively. Also during a tie-break (when the game ties at 6-6) a player must lead his opponent with two more points in order to win.

For a player to win in the men’s match, he has to win at least 3 sets to emerge as winner. For women, the winner has two win at least 2 sets to emerge as the winner.

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Basic Rules of Tennis

1. A match begins with a coin toss or spinning the racquet to figure out who would be the first to serve.

2. When a player serves, his foot must be on the baseline and must not move from there before he serves the ball.

3. When the server doesn’t play the ball within the service area of his opponent, it is called a fault. He’s given another chance to serve and if He plays a fault, it’s called a double fault and a double fault comes with reduction of points.

4. A “let” occurs when a server plays the ball into the net before it bounces into the service area of the opponent. When a let occurs, the server will retake the serving. However, in an “out”, the server plays the ball into the net, and the ball doesn’t go to the opponent’s service area. When this happens, the player loses the right to retake the serve. His opponent does so.

5.The receiver of the ball chooses to stand where he wants to stand and receive.

6. Once a server serves well, both players keeps playing until a win, an out or a let occurs from any of the players.

7. The first point to win a game is 15, the second is 30, and the third is 40.

8. It takes four points to win a game. Whenever a deuce occurs, players must score two points consecutively to win. If an opponent interrupts a player’s first point after the deuce (which is called advantage) both players are back to deuce and one must score two points consecutively to win the game.

9. 6 games are required to win a set. In a tie-break, a player must play two more points to win the set.

10. A player will lose a point if he touches the net or distracts his opponent.

11. The ball used in playing is changed after every 6 games.

12. A player will lose a point if he comes outside the baseline to hit the ball, if it touches the net without entering his opponent’s side of the court, and when the ball bounces twice in his court before he receives it.

13. Players must switch sides during an odd number game.

14. A player gets a penalty if he abuses his opponent verbally in the court or if his racquet falls from his hand.

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We’ve given it to you, tennis lovers! There are the basics you need to know about your beloved sports tennis. Please share article to educate others. Thank you.

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