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it is known around the world that males always outnumber women in engineering and other science field courses which is why we will be discussing the scholarships for female engineering students which can be also regarded as STEM.

But let’s discuss some of the reasons the females gender abandon or neglects engineering courses or field.

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Reason Why Many Females Don’t Do Engineering

Many ladies believe that they are the fragile gender and should never do the hard job that people see engineers do.

Some ladies have great potentials in them that will be useful in the tech world but they fail to explore such gifts because they believe that they are not created to do hard labor, such reason limits women in several sectors in life. let’s look at why women are low in engineering space and education.

  1. Culture: There is some culture that limits what a woman can do and not do. so such beliefs have placed women on a barrier to selecting what is available to them. a lady in such a society could want to be a mechanical engineer, but the culture has limited her not to practice such.
  2. Low self-esteem: low self-esteem in many ladies is the reason some choose not to study engineering because they already believe that they can not do it, they believe that engineering is all about carrying heavy items, and moving heavy Earth machines. but they fail to understand that several engineering jobs do not require going to the construction site or plants and such job is still known as engineering job for example software engineering.
  3. Societal influence: Society plays a major role in influencing the younger generation, in a society where the women are subjected to do specific jobs also affects the girl child to automatically stay away from some jobs, this society could be controlled by religion or beliefs. such society has made the girl child not to even think of becoming a pilot or an electrical engineer.

Due to some of those reasons that are why some scholarships are setup for only females in order to make them study more for free

How to search for scholarships online

List of Free Scholarships for Females

Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship—$2,000

The Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship was established by Aysen’s son Tunay and his wife, Catherine, to recognize female undergraduate students majoring in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field, excelling in their studies, and demonstrating significant potential.

The scholarship is made to honor Aysen Tunca who was born in 1938, during that period, women are prohibited to some level from acquiring education in Turkey but Aysen Tunca crossed several obstacles to achieve her education.

Aysen Tunca Scholarship Benefits

  1. $2,000 will be given each year usually around March
  2. The scholars are only meant for undergraduates who are studying the STEM-related course which is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math’s.
  3. Scholarship target are mostly first to go to higher institution in the family and are into STEM.

Aysen Tunca Scholarship Eligibility

  1. Must be a residing in the United States of America
  2. Must be a female who studies STEM courses which are science, technology, engineering, and maths.
  3. Applicant must be an undergraduates in a higher institution

Click to get full details and application of Aysen Tunca scholarship

Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship

Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to only female undergraduates who specialize in science, technology, engineering, biology, and maths.

The Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship award is worth $4,000, the purpose of the scholarship is to increase and support and encourage females in STEM.

Eligibity of Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship

  1. Applicants must be undergraduate students in a well-recognized institution
  2. Applicants must be female
  3. Applicants must be studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses.
  4. Open for females around the world.

To apply, when it is open annually, visit this link for more question about the scholarship, send an email to

Scholarship America’s Dream Award

The Scholarship America Dream Award is designed to help students to achieve their degree without hitches, by providing monetary scholarships for students especially female undergraduates who are into science, engineering, technology and maths. Students who have completed at least a year of college can earn Dream Award scholarships of $5,000 to $15,000 per year, renewable for up to three years.

Eligibility Scholarship America’s Dream Award

If you want to apply you must be at least 17 years, you must have a U.S. high school diploma or equivalent and you must have completed at least one year of college, trade, or technical school, you’re invited to apply when applications

The Dream Award is open to U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents (holders of a Permanent Resident card), or individuals granted deferred action status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA)

America’s Dream Award Scholarship is open to everyone who needs assistance in furthering their education. but females in STEM are muchly considered.

To apply America’s Dream Award click here

Drone Technology College Scholarship

Drone Technology College Scholarship has been awarding scholarships to students since 2017 and they are achieving great impact in the tech world such impacts from them have made the drone very cheap and accessible and it has expanded the drone technology in several accepts ranging from aerial videography, drone mapping, and modeling, real estate drone photography, home inspections with drones, or any of the other exciting things that drones offer.

Drone technology college scholarship offers 2 different kind of scholarships

High School STEM Scholarship for Aspiring Commercial Drone Pilots:

this scholarship is open to students who are interested in becoming FAA-certified drone pilots or who want to learn the concepts that enable safe and responsible drone flight.

 If you are a female who’s passionate about drone technology and want to pursue the goal of a small unmanned aerial system, you are free to apply for the scholarship. click here to apply

Drone Technology College Scholarship

Drone technology has been one of the most rising and improving tech systems in many fields both in the military and entertainment. Drone technology college is offering scholarships to applicants.

Applicants who wish to apply must be enrolled as an undergraduate in a U.S. college or university at the time of receiving the award but may apply before being enrolled.

Click here to apply for the drone scholarship.


These scholarships listed in our articles are mostly organized to assist females who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and maths. this initiative is aim to involve females in tech fields.

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