Kaduna State Scholarship And Loan Board Step By Step Guidelines On How To Apply

Kaduna state scholarship and loan board step by step guidelines on how to apply for scholarships and loan.

Kaduna state scholarship board bring out scholarships and loan for student who are indigenes of the state or schooling within the state, non indigene can also apply because Kaduna state does not discriminate.

See below the guidelines to apply


In line with her mandate of identifying, selecting, and empowering qualified citizens of Kaduna State to meet the current and future empowerment requirements of the state, while remaining globally competitive; the Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board has been restructured to provide various categories of scholarship and education loans, namely:

Merit-based for exceptionally brilliant students,

Needs-based for indigent students and loan facility for middle level families.

It is therefore, important to give an insight into the various opportunities which will serve as the step-by-step application guidelines.

First, let us begin with the merit-based for exceptionally brilliant students.

If you belong to this category of applicants,

Visit www.scholarship.kdsg.gov.ng

You will be presented with the various Scholarship types…

  • Click on Local Scholarships
  • Then Select Merit Based
  • Under Merit Based Local Scholarships,
  • Click ‘Apply Here’

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It will then direct you to the Scholarship description as well as Scholarship requirements.

You are to read carefully, so as to understand what it entails and ensure that you meet the requirements

Once you are sure that you have met the requirements, continue with the process by clicking ‘Apply Here’.

The platform will ask you to provide an email I.D or if you are a first-time applicant, click ‘Register Here’.

Provide all the required information and proceed to ‘Register’.

Having done that, a message will pop up on your screen, thanking you for registering and directing you to check your email inbox or spam for ‘Verification’.

Once you go to your email and the verification is done, you will be required to go back to the application site to login and continue with your application.

However, if you are an old applicant, or have already registered; all you need do is to provide the login details which are: your email and password.

Read the Application Terms and Conditions and if satisfied, mark the box below.

Then, proceed to make progress with the application on the other side of the dashboard.

Select the first option of ‘Apply for Scholarship’ and you will be directed to the next step where you will provide your Contact Information and Bio Data in the first instance. Afterwards, you will be required to upload all the necessary documents as well as preview the entire input made.

Proceed to write and submit an essay of which you must avoid plagiarism.

Thereafter, the application preview page will appear on the one hand and a provision to select the application type on the other hand. Select accordingly and finally, you can click ‘Submit Application’ and you will see ‘Application Submitted Successfully’. Please note that once you submit you cannot make changes.


Kaduna state scholarships and loan application are totally free. share the link of this website to other people to get more information about the Kaduna state scholarship board

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