Global Excellence Scholarship At The University Of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is offering its scholarship for the 2022/2023 session to both undergraduate and postgraduate students around the world who are willing to apply. The Global excellence scholarship at the University of Western Australia is one of the best scholarship offers that provides adequate ease scholarship for intending applicant.

The scholarship is always a yearly tuition fee discount for all applicants who are successfully admitted to study in University of Western Australia.

The University of Western Australia is a public research institution in Australia. the University’s main campus is located in a place called Perth which is the state capital and it has another annex campus in a place called Albany.

The University of Western Australia started in the year 1911 by the act of the parliament of Western Australia and they started teaching after 2 to 3 years after establishment.

The university of western Australia is regarded as the sixth oldest University in Australia, the University of Australia is also among the top 100 universities in the world.

Scholarship Sponsors

The University of Western Australia is the major sponsor of the Global excellence scholarship and they are open to giving scholarships to intending applicants around the world with a discount fee for an excellent studying environment.

The University of Western Australia will be fully responsible for student education in as much as undergraduate or postgraduates chooses to study with the University of Western Australia. They have all 21-century courses in their institutions and are willing to admit eligible candidate who meets their requirements.

Scholarship Type

The University of Western Australia has made it clear and open that the Global Excellence Scholarship will not be 100 percent free. it will be a fee discount scholarship for those who choose to apply for the scholarship and will be admitted to study at the University of Western Australia.

That means if your normal regular tuition fee is AUD$80,000, you may be asked to pay fifty percent which will be around AUD$40,000, at least AUD$40,000 has been shelve out leaving you with little expenses as tuition fee.

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship is worth up to AUD$40,000 in your first full academic year of study and a half of such in your subsequent year of study.

The scholarship value is one of the cheapest discount offers for scholarships around Australia and other big schools.

The scholarship is open for all genders but STEM applications will be much considered because females tend to be considered more than their male counterparts. Females are much advised to apply for more science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses in other to bridge the big gap in gender inequalities between male and female.

The undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship tuition fees may differ due to the academic terms and duration. for undergraduates, it is plain and regular. but for the Master’s Ph.D. and other programs discount fee might differ from the normal undergraduate discount fee.

The scholarship is open to all international students, The Global Excellence Scholarship is open to everyone but local and international students. but not all country’s citizens are open to apply. check to see if your country is allowed to apply.

Criteria for Global Excellence Scholarship 2022

The Global Excellence Scholarship 2022 at the University of Western Australia has several criteria to meet up before being considered for admission.

  • You must be a citizen of an eligible country that is allowed for their citizens to apply
  • You must have received an offer for a postgraduate or undergraduate course at the University of Western Australia, this part is one of the major aspects to be considered.
  • You must have the grade or equivalent of ATAR of 88.00 – 98.00+; or WAM of 70.00 – 85.00+. studying in an approved international academic pathway, applying candidates must have a grade range of more than 75.00
  • You must be good in proficient English language. meanwhile, we got to discover that the University of Western Australia considers IELTS for scholarship admission. which means applicants need to be proficient in the English language.
  • The University of Western Australia are outstanding when accepting a student into their school, they have strict rule and regulations governing the conduct of students in the University. which means they don’t condole misbehavior of bad characters and indiscipline.
  • Applicants must be financially capable to afford the discounted tuition fee.

How to Apply the Global Excellence Scholarship 2022

Interested applicants for the global excellence scholarship of the University of Western Australia are made to complete an online application as the scholarship will only be given to eligible candidates who possesses required qualification.

Interested candidates are to visit this link to apply.

Global Excellence Scholarship Deadline

The Global Excellence scholarship of the University of Western Australia has not yet specified when the application for the global excellence scholarship will close. but its been predicted that the scholarship deadline might be announce around September 2022.

Click here to Apply

Free Scholarship for Female Engineering Students – STEM

Getting a fully paid scholarship is rare to see but the Global Excellence Scholarship has made it easy for people who wish to study with a scholarship, they are willing to make a fee discount for applicants who will be allowed to study with the University of Western Australia.

Benefits of Studying in Australia

  • Australia accepts all ethnics and culture
  • Australia’s economy is good and friendly
  • Australia is peaceful
  • Australia doesn’t discriminate
  • Living in Australia has good advantages in transport system over other big cities in the world
  • Australia is a Global tourist center
  • Australia is eco-friendly
  • A fresh start in life
  • Australia Less expensive country, which means goods and other commodities are very affordable compare to other big cities around the world
  • Australia has a future for the future generation in term of technology, sports, and another life opportunity chances which can only be witnessed physically.


The Global Excellence Scholarship is nice and regarded as one of the world best scholarship forum which they are in collaboration with the University of Western Australia.

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