Rules & Differences Between Snooker And Billiards Game

Everyone loves the game of Snooker and Billiards. However, not all knows the differences between the two games as well as their specific rules.

Both are non physical games which are quite similar in some criteria. So we are going to talk about the unique qualities and rules of each game. Let’s begin with snooker.

Snooker Game

Only two players can play snooker at a time. The game of snooker is played when a player uses a cue to strike the object ball with a white ball. This continues until one player fails to put an object ball. When a player pots more ball, he acquires more points. However there are other certain rules a player must never neglect.

Rules of Snooker Game

Rules of Snooker Game

1. Only two players can play Snooker at a time.

2. All snooker balls are the same size and the diameter of a ball is 2.07. The white ball is called the cue ball. There are 15 red balls and other object balls of different colors. These object balls are 6.

3. Below are the points specifically given to every ball in snooker

  • Red balls have 1 point.
  • Yellow balls have 2 points
  • Green balls have 3 points
  • Brown balls have 4 points
  • Blue balls have 5 points
  • Pink balls have 6 points
  • Black balls have 7 points

Remember that the white ball is the cue ball that is used to pot the object balls.

4. There are two ways to score a point in snooker. The first is by using your cue ball to pot the red or object ball. Also remember that each ball has its allocated points. The second way happens whenever your opponent commits a foul.

5. To pot an object ball, the cue ball should come in contact with one of the balls. If it doesn’t, then it’s a foul from the player.

6. When a ball rightfully enters a pot, a player continues to play until he fails to pot a ball.

7. When all object balls and red balls are potted, game ends.

8. First stroke or play should use the cue ball to strike the red ball, provided the red ball is available on the table. If he doesn’t do so, it’s foul from the player.

9. After a player scores with a red ball, he’s to take on other balls as well as the red balls in playing.

10. If a player knowingly or unknowingly hits the cue ball in a way that it jumps from the bed of the table, it is a foul.

11. It is a also a foul for any ball in snooker to fall off the table.

12. When a balls falls off the table and is counted as foul for the player, the incoming player must place the cue ball within the arc line. He’s to play from any position within the arc line and can strike any ball he wants to.

13. Any player that tries to change a ball’s original position when the game’s on has committed foul.

14. A cue ball can end up touching another ball after it has potted a ball. Such situation is called “a touching ball”. Incoming player is to play the cue ball in another direction away from the ball it is touching. If the player doesn’t do so, it’s foul.

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Billiards Game

Billiards originated from England and has spread all over the world. Just like in snooker, it is played by two players at a time. That said, it requires more mental prowess than physical ability to win the game.

The goal of this game is for a player to win his opponent by being the first to reach the number of points necessary to win the game.

Rules of Billiards Game

Rules of Billiards Game

1. Two players at a time

2. There are only three balls to play with in billiards. A yellow ball, a white ball and a red ball. Each player must choose between a white or red ball to be his cue ball.

3. To decide which player to begin the game, both players will strike the cue ball to the end of the table. The player to begin (break) the game is the one whose cue ball is closest to the balk cushion.

4. There are three ways a player can score points.

  • The first is called the Cannon. This happens when a cue ball hits two balls at one strike. Such strike awards the player with 2 points.
  • The second is In-off. It occurs when a player’s cue ball strike the balls on the table before it (the cue ball) goes in the pocket. The player gains 2 or 3 points.
  • The last is the Pot. It happens when any ball aside the cue ball is struck and hits the pocket. The player earns 2 or 3 points as well.

5. Every player continues to play until he fails to score a point when he strikes.

6. If one player commits a foul, the opponent can rearrange the cue ball or play it the way it was.

7. Players strike their ball one after the other, the first to reach the stated number of points wins.

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Differences Between Snooker & Billiards Game

The main difference between the two games is in the number of balls. Snooker uses one cue ball (white), 15 red balls and 6 coloured object balls. While billiards uses only 3 balls: white, red, and yellow.

Other differences includes the methods to earn points and way to win the games.


A lot of people all over the world have mistaken one sport for another. We hope that with the vital information on our article, you’ll know the difference between the two games and their specific rules.

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