Rules In Fantasy Football And Ways To Win

Fantasy football rules and strategies anyone interested in the sports game should take note of.

NFL season is here! That means there’s so much thrills and fun to anticipate from all games in this season. Although not everyone will be allowed access to stadiums to watch the games, watching via TV or streaming online will certainly be available to fans. Now, while some fans are watching games, some other fans who know the game too well are drafting teams for their fantasy football league.

In fantasy football, it’s like you’re in control of an NFL team. You create a team, and the performance of the players of your team in the real matches will determine your points. Fantasy football makes fans so excited while anticipating the real weekly games.

Fantasy Football Rules

This is why we’ve come up with this article. There are so many confusing rules in fantasy football. However, we’ve made them simple for your use in competing. Now stick with us and let’s flow.

1. Select the kind of League you want

The first thing you do in fantasy football is to choose a league. When choosing, select a league that you admire and can commit to. There in your chosen league, you create friendship and closeness with them. Also, you’ll be allowed to select your players from the league.

2. Select players and rank them

The second step is to select your players. Just like in real football, select your players from the beginning and rank them. You can select your players with one of the two types of selection. The serpentine selection or The auction.

Serpentine selection

In the serpentine selection, coaches select one player each in turn. The coach who’s the first to select in the odd round will speak last in the even round and vice versa.

The Auction

While in the auction, managers have a budget of imaginary money stated already which they use in buying players which are on auction and sold to the team who pays the highest money.

3. Avoid Rookies

I don’t mean to sound unfair but rookies disappoint all the time. Now do yourself a favour and avoid them. Secondly, If a player is not RBs chosen from the top 5 of the draft, don’t choose them. When the NFL selects players in its first round, 9% of the quarterback, the tight end and the WR perform well. but 35% of the RBs do well in the first year. You see the difference?

4. Fill the Most important positions with important players first

Here’s one thing you must never do. Don’t pick a favourite quarterback before choosing players for other positions. If you do so, by the time you have to select the reserve, you’ll be left with the third quarterback of a team with low ranking.

See what you should do. Write a list of your team’s top players including your reserves, best and your picks. Don’t forget to update your list whenever you buy a player.

5. Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses

Know your top players, know their strategies, their strengths and their weaknesses. This helps in preparation for weekly games. Know your team’s performances and setbacks too. Remember that your players’ performance will determine the scores of your team.

6. When things go wrong with your team

What will happen when your team performance goes downhill? When your players are no longer active?

Organize a roster for your players in order to make use of your reserves who are still available for games.

7. Exchange Players when you should

Just like real football, fantasy football managers can swap players. Some leagues grant their coaches rights on all exchanges and some set a deadline for exchange of players. When you need to exchange a player, study the market thoroughly to find the best player to add to your team.

You can buy the best players whose managers let them go due to the high number of players resting in their team.

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Strategies and Ways to Win Fantasy Football

In the first five laps, select 5 RBs and WRs because good performance wanes easily and a lot of NFL teams have just one RB and this means 32 RBs in total.

Study the games for the past two or three years and choose from your survey, a good QB in the sixth round. If you notice a hoof QB in the fourth round, go for it.

Let choosing a kicker be the last thing you do in the fifteenth round. Focus on choosing quality players for RB & WR.

Focus on those positions that give you so many points, and get the best players to fill there.

Avoid old players as well. They are likely to get injured easily. Go for younger players but not rookies.

Focus on players that bring points weekly. Keep fielding them, you’re close to winning.


Study the games thoroughly and apply these strategies. You’ll surely win.

We hope our article will help you know the basic rules and strategies to win fantasy football Premier League. Hope the article was helpful, you can share it using the social buttons. 

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