Best SIDE HUSTLE For Women in 2023

Best SIDE HUSTLE For Women in 2023 :I know people who make seven figures doing this so I don’t know why we don’t talk about this as women, I know some of you just want to start something on the side. You have a full-time job, you like your job you want.

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To make more money, you want a quicker path to financial freedom right? because one income stream, is too close to no income stream and so I think it’s my duty to tell you. you don’t pay me but I must put out side hustle information now and then and also to make sure that they’re high-quality side hustles things that I would do, things that my friends do, things that bring a lot of money and so that’s what this writeup is about.

8 Best SIDE HUSTLE For Women

  • UGC
  • Career Coach
  • Tour Guide
  • Airbnb
  • YouTube
  • Home Staging
  • Sell Travel Guides
  • Drop Shipping

#1. UGC

UGC, there we go again. a new term, a new thing but this is exploding like it’s everywhere it’s super popular. if I wasn’t already doing 50/11 things I would do UGC as well it is the second-best thing on this list. number five is the absolute best and I tapped into it really quickly and I’m getting to the bag.

but number one is also really great. UGC is User Generated Content and you’re like what does that even mean?

i will break it down to you don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it okay.

so for example if you like some kind of buddy butter it’s your favorite you go to target and that’s the one thing that will keep you focused because you love it so much, you will walk in there pick it up and walk back out even though that’s not possible.

if it’s by a big brand that has a big social media presence so they’re on Instagram they’re on YouTube, what you can do with the product is record yourself using the product give a review. however, instead of just posting it to your own Instagram page, you sell this video to the brand. yes girl, the girls are doing this because brands have realized that videos like that tend to make people purchase things more than ads do.

because when you watch an ad, you know it’s an ad you Just want to click off the ad. I’m pretty sure an ad will pop up in three two one and you clicked out of the ad to get back to the video. exactly brands know that you would do that, so what they do instead is they get regular people like you and I to make videos of us using the brands and then they pay us for selling those videos to them. so if you’re already an aspiring content creator but you just don’t have followers yet and you’re not sure how to monetize your content, honey UGC is the way.

but number five is still the juiciest so let’s keep going. number two, if you’re reading this right now because you have a job That frustrates you, but it’s an attractive job it pays a lot of money, a lot of people want the job you have, even though you are sick and tired of it. honey read number 2.

#2. Career Coach

Career Coach, it’s an attractive job it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, there are people who want it they’re college students who want to know how to get that job there are people who are trying to make career switches, who want to know how to get that job. you can position yourself as the person who teaches people how to get in.

#3. Tour Guide

tour guide. number three talk about not knowing that you’re sitting on a gold mine if you live in a city that attracts a lot of tourists but you don’t really care because you know you grew up there you’re local you think there’s nothing special about your city. honey, you are leaving money on the table if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been traveling a lot. I just don’t vlog so I don’t show my life at all but I’ve been traveling a lot and recently i traveled to Istanbul, a city in turkey which is in Europe. my husband and I and a couple of friends had a tour guide who was an independent tour guide, like we found this person on the internet they have an Instagram page and honey, she said she makes five thousand dollars every single month doing that and I believed her because there are a group of us who were on that tour and we all paid a hundred euros, she was making money Just by talking about a city that she lives in.

#4. Airbnb

To manage Airbnb apartments, i only know about this because I recently purchased a property. but here’s the gag, it’s in a city that I don’t live in and so I’m not able to manage the property, I’m not able to manage guests but there are companies out there that helps people manage their Airbnb’s. you could be the one doing this and getting to the bag.

#5. YouTube

number five is to build an audience Around some kind of knowledge that you have. this is the top of the food chain when it comes to making money online because you can literally monetize this in so many ways and if you want to get paid just for making content, don’t build this platform on Instagram, not on tiktok. make sure it’s YouTube. today I was doing a business review and i came across the perfect visualization for why YouTube is best for girl and not tiktok.

According to Natasha, her new tiktok crossed a hundred thousand views and i decided to check my creator fund earnings and after 15 months and 1.3 million views I’ve only earned 45 dollars and three cents. and that brings us to YouTube, after about 31 days and over 1.3 million views i earned over $8300.

so the choice is clear, people who make videos on YouTube are getting to the bag, this is literally one of the highest paying careers of our generation and my sisters are sleeping on it.

#6. Home Staging

Home staging. if you’re good with home styling and just making a place Look pretty, then this could be for you. all you have to do is connect with real estate agents who try to sell people’s homes and pitch yourself as a home stager. before you do this, you might want to have pictures of homes you staged but that’s not hard girl, go to your friend’s house stage it take pictures go to your cousin’s house stage it take pictures. build yourself a portfolio and reach out to real estate agents on Instagram or wherever.

#7. Sell Travel Guides

sell travel guides online if you have a job that already makes you travel for work for example if you’re a consultant or you just travel for whatever reason you want to start taking pictures of the places that you travel and maybe build an Instagram page around that, so that you can sell travel guides and will be paid good money for them.

#8. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping. I know people who make seven figures doing this so i don’t know why we don’t talk about this. as women, what drop shipping is basically is that you become a middleman for a really popular product, it’s not easy but it is pretty simple.

go on to tiktok and see products that are trending then go to a website like to find those products and then set up a shopify store and link it to your tiktok account and when people place orders for those products, instead of storing inventory in your house or in a warehouse, you can send the product directly from the manufacturer to the customer and make money. so for example, you can find a product that goes for like one dollar on and you can sell it on tiktok for like 20 bucks, that’s a no brainer drop shipping. is amazing i have a friend whose husband recently crossed one million dollars drop shipping, like this is a game changer.

I hope you found this article helpful remember that no matter where you are, no matter what position you’re in right now, there’s something that you can do to get yourself from where you are to where you want to be. keeping your nine to five is great but don’t you ever think that that’s the only option that you have.

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