How to Make Money as a Woman on Instagram 2023

How to Make Money as a Woman on Instagram: When I found out about this one, I was like, if people are doing this, the girls have to know. You can make two thousand dollars ($2000) on Instagram without even creating the content, without putting yourself out there.

we’re gonna be talking about how to make money on Instagram. even if you’re not an Instagram person, you don’t want to take pictures of yourself and you’re not traveling and you feel like you don’t have Instagram-worthy content, then this video is for you because I have five ways that you can get to the Instagram bag, so I recommend that you read to the end to get the most value out of it. with number four you can make up to ($2000) two thousand dollars a day and with number five you can make up to ($10000) ten thousand dollars a day.

This is a really packed write-up, so if this is the kind of content that you want to see more of them, go ahead and read till the end.

How to Make Money as a Woman on Instagram

  • Earn Badges
  • Monetize your IGTV
  • set up an online shop
  • Theme page
  • Promote a service-based business

Easiest and best way on how to make money as a Woman on Instagram

#1. Earn Badges

Earn Badges through Instagram live, what you might not know is that when you go live, your audience can actually buy badges and you get paid in real dollars for the badges that they buy. so one person can buy a batch of up to ($49) forty-nine dollars, if you get 100 people to buy that’s about five hundred dollars in your pocket from going live on Instagram.

but one I know, not all of us have Instagram pages where we need to go live for anything, which will make your audience ask, why is she live? even if you do need to go live for example, if you run a business, you might be shy and this might not be the main way that you want to make a lot of money. so that’s why I have four more great options for you.

but for the girls who don’t mind going live, girl you can get paid for it.

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#2. Monetize your IGTV

monetize your igtv videos with ads. Instagram is trying to be everybody if you don’t know that by now. Instagram’s trying to be TikTok, it’s trying to be YouTube and one of the ways that Instagram is trying to be YouTube is by allowing creators to put ads on their videos but the video has to be more than two minutes long so it has to be like an IG TV and you also have to make sure that if you use music in your videos they have to be copyright free and royalty-free.

#3. Set up an online shop

set up an online shop if you haven’t already.. audience on Instagram and you already post yourself in clothes and shoes, you can have an Instagram storefront, so when people say oh I like your top, where is it from? you can just be like here it the linked on my Instagram storefront.

Number four which is the juicy one and I need you to get out a pen for this one because we’re talking about how you can make 5 thousand dollars, two thousand dollars on Instagram and you don’t even have to be an IG type of person at all.

actually you don’t even have to show your face we don’t even need to know who you are and this is the one I’m most excited. this is the reason why I made the article. let’s talk about it.

#4. Theme page

You can start an Instagram Theme page and monetize it through sponsorships now. What on Earth is an Instagram theme page?

I’ve got you a very popular example is the shade room, the shade room just looks for content on the internet and posted content about celebrities, it’s like a Blog right owner of the shade room, she doesn’t really put her face out there but it’s just for people who like shade. but yours could be about fashion or it could be about career advice.

if you already spend a lot of your time scrolling on Instagram, anyway scroll and look for videos about people talking about fashion or showing their outfits of the day and repurpose this content on this page. but just credit the people you took it from and build a page around a theme amazing examples of pages like this are girl boss Inc which is for businesswomen. every stylish girl travel now likes you, just look for people who post travel photos and make a travel page like you don’t even have to be a travel girl, and then when you make a theme page about a topic people who care about that topic would follow that page.

so it’s easier and faster to grow because it’s very niched down. it’s very concentrated, so it’s only for people who care about that topic and then Brands who also want to target that exact audience will pay good money because they don’t have to like throwing spaghetti at the wall, they know if they’re coming to your page, everyone who follows cares about travel so they definitely will get good marketing results.

if you promote their business on your page and so they’re willing to cut the cheque and help you get to the bag without even creating the content without putting yourself out there, it’s a no-brainer. if you’ve been thinking of what to do, girl you should start an Instagram theme page.

#5. Promote a service-based business

Promote a service-based business on Instagram. but hold on I’m gonna be specific about the type of service now. Instagram is all about branding, it’s all about packaging, it’s all about looking aesthetically. pleasing even if the thing that you do is not that hard, okay hold on just hang with me I’m going somewhere with this,

so I’m in the market for website designers or creators blah blah and so I went on to Instagram now this is where it gets technical and you have to do this.

I went on to Instagram search and typed Rand and web design and a certain page popped up. okay I saw that a lot of my followers followed her, so I was like okay cool, I saw that a lot of my followers engaged with her post, I was like okay cool let me slide in her DM quickly, but the Designs on the page look pretty, they’re the aesthetic that I like let’s talk.

she sent me a link to her website and tell me where her price starts which may be ($10,000) ten thousand dollars. now this is good.

if you really promoted the business and closed a lot of clients, you will be getting to the bag. so girl, once you get off this page, hop onto Instagram don’t just scroll aimlessly start figuring out which of these ones you would do to get to the bag.

I am so excited to bring more Creator economy tips and tricks for making money online so I hope you found this one helpful because I would keep showing more until you realize that you have options I’m rooting for you.

so please do not stop rooting for yourself and until next time please take care.

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