6 Businesses Women Can Start With Less Than $1000

There are profitable businesses women can invest in that don’t require heavy or big capital to start. with the current global economical crisis, everyone should have a special side income irrespective of whether one is employed or not. in this article, we will share with you some 6 businesses women can start with less than $1000. you can also check Vanessa Ideh Adekoya’s video in Launch to Wealth where we got some of our references.

Today, having a good-paying job has no guarantee that your pay will continue flowing. anything can happen, we all witnessed it during the 2019 Pandemic which shuts down many businesses, but self-employed people were able to continue running their businesses, especially those with an online presence, they were able to keep earning despite the global health crisis which resulted to total lockdown.

Let’s look at some of these businesses people can start with less than $1000 and most of these businesses are businesses you can start from home and you can earn big from them and with such businesses. you will get yourself out of any situation you are stuck in. make sure you read till the end to get the most value out of them.

Business You Can Start With Less Than $1000

#1. Start A Mom Care Box Business:

What is a mom care box are gift boxes given to women after their Postpartum period which means after a child’s birth. many people don’t know what exactly to gift to a woman during her postpartum period. to those thinking of a simple business idea, you can make research on the mom care box and turn it into a business. you can meet friends or the husband of pregnant women and tell them you are a specialist in organizing a Mom Care Box for the latest mothers.

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With less than a thousand dollars, you can make flyers and complimentary cards, which will explain to your intending clients what you do exactly.

the mom care box is a lucrative business only if you are ready to penetrate the gift presenter markets.

#2. Bonnet Caps Business:

If only you can strategically get into the bonnet market, it is highly profitable. Bonnet caps business is a multi-million dollar business, many ladies who need shower caps or swimming caps to cover their braids always get to a point of them needing a bonnet very urgent either on a beach or swimming pool. you can set up a bonnet cap shop close to the hotel, swimming pool, or beach.

Bonnet Caps Business; Google License images

make sure you set up an online shop for it too, with the help of Google Business, you might be needed at any point to make the supply of bonnet caps.

#3. Cooperate Gift Business:

Cooperate gifting is a medium whereby the top board of organizations tends to appreciate their staff or guests with packaged gifts either in a bag or box. this cooperative gift is mainly organized by the organization’s leadership.

Cooperate gift business; Google free image

You can submit your request to organizations asking them to give you contracts to always organize and package gifts for their staff or visitors.

#4. Remote Customer Service Business:

Modern Jobs today require interacting directly with the public when there are many demands among customers. a customer service agent needs to be patient, have problem-solving skills, and can listen empathetically. Being a remote customer service agent, versus dealing with customers in person, adds another layer to the mix when you’re interacting through the computer or over the phone.

A remote customer agent job is very simple. all you need to do is to apply to a company and get full knowledge on what the produce or do, then apply for a remote customer agent. which means you can be at home and stand as a customer agent representative for your organization. one big advantage of remote customer service agent business is you can still run another job while attending to customers.

Remote customer service business; Google free image

You must not have a college degree to be able to run the job. a high school diploma, language proficiency, and a strong knowledge of computers are all you need. you can click here for more help about the job.

#5. Content Base Business:

Digital content-making business can be explained into various forms in which digital content is being developed for entertainment or marketing purposes. This content making can be online blogging or video entertainment.

In the case of blogging or website content, this involves writing articles and news to spread genuine information and you can monetize your pages by allowing companies to place adverts for their products on your pages and example of such is Google Adsense or Ezoic.

Content base business; Google free image

See cheap and good computers for students

Video entertainment monetization is almost similar to that of blogging monetization. in this aspect, companies places advert for their products on your videos. example of such is YouTube or TikTok.

#6. Selling Digital Products:

Selling digital products is one of the easiest and most profitable businesses anyone can do and earn a lot from it. The selling of digital products does not only limit to the writing of books. but you can write or make a video of any knowledge you have and decide to sell them to spread knowledge and help those who need them. click here for in-depth knowledge about online courses.

Online course business; Google free image

Instead of running a youtube channel where you can earn little revenue from ads or running a blog where you earn little from ads, you can create courses and selling them on

  • Udemy
  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing


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