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Are you looking for scholarships for international students in 2022 which is fully funded?

if yes, make sure you read through this page to get what you desire.

You want to travel. You want to learn. You want to get your degree. You want to have opportunities after university at your disposal. You want to experience new cultures. You want to shift your worldview. You want a new start, an elevation, a stepping stone in your career…but, you don’t have the money for all that.

If you think that’s a wrap and all your dreams should remain in the dream world, think again. Scholarships exist, and so you can make all those things happen. Read on to see your what I

The idea of travelling out of your motherland to another country you’re partially, totally or unfamiliar with is scary, exciting and rather thrilling. I have met a huge amount of students who have voiced their wishes to study abroad, as I myself wished (and shamelessly still wish) to travel around the world, by the merit of my grades accumulated from academic upheaval.

Of course you guessed right. My unfulfilled wishes reshaped into an eagerness to help and assist as mush travel-education learners I meet, a chance to make their own wishes reality. 

A huge number of educational and non-educational institutions, organizations and non-governmental bodies and persons have been opportune to grant these chances and shine a ray of hope to students who are financially handicapped to live their dreams and capitalize on their education in the process.

Don’t be taken aback when I tell you more than 1000 fully funded scholarships, yes, you heard me right, FULLY FUNDED, scholarship opportunities are available at even the world top universities for international students like you and I. These scholarships mostly cover tuition fees, accommodation charges, health insurance, travel allowance and some come with monthly stipends of up to $1000!

In this post, we will look at major scholarship opportunities for international students seeking greener gardens of learning in world top universities as the likes of Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Monash, CGS China, and many more.


Scholarships, like any other body of study, can be grouped into categories, to aid search, research, data collection and very importantly, progress. Results.

Once you get the hang of grouping scholarship searches, when next you’re quivering at the sight of your search engine for the right query, you’ll know the right terms(words) to type so the right results show.

This is a rough example of a categorization of scholarships, for your next research: (For editor: Add an image each of a search query under each category e.g search in Google: scholarships in Shanghai, China. Screenshot and put under category 1 and label it as Scholarship by region)

CATEGORY 1: Geographical area

Scholarships by continent

Scholarships by country

Scholarships by region

Scholarships by nationality

CATEGORY 2: Level of Study

Undergraduate Scholarships

Masters Scholarships

Doctoral Scholarships

Postdoctoral Scholarships

Non-degree / Training Scholarships

CATEGORY 3: Deadlines

January-March Deadlines

April-June Deadlines

July-September Deadlines

October-December Deadlines

CATEGORY 4: Skill-wise

Scholarships by merit

Scholarships for poetry

Scholarships for creative writing

Scholarships for visual arts

Scholarships for sports

Scholarships for female empowerment

Scholarships for sporting activities

Scholarships for tech enthusiasts

CATEGORY 5: Scholarship-Like

Fellowship programs

Training programs

Internship programs

Student grants Support funds

Search like you mean to find something, in this case, a scholarship designed just for you that you must certainly attain. When you know how to search well, you can then worry about picking the right scholarship.


Not all scholarships are for you. And that’s not bad in anyway.

Speaking of scholarships, it’s about time I actually showed you a glimpse of all the doors waiting to be opened by you for your ideal future to turn to reality.

The List

15 universities. In this post, most fall into category one, purposefully. After hours of rigorous research, I’ve come to know that most scholars and wannabe-scholars who poured their eyes and tears into the web for answers and opportunities through last year searched mainly on that category, and so the reason for my concentration on examples from it.

Who says you can’t go to Cambridge University because you’re living in a scrummy little town with improper infrastructure and air in your wallet alone? I am not giving you unrealistic hope, neither am I urging you to manifest this into reality, I am showing how you can actually make due use of information to your benefit and start your career, your journey.

If it may help, I believe in you, sincerely. And if you didn’t know, that characteristic, self-resilience and boldness, is exactly what will make you stand out amongst the thousands of other applicants for your chosen scholarship. This talk would be for another day.

Before I exhaust your attention, let’s quickly run over the scholarships available for you, free of charge and fully-funded

1. Netherlands Government Scholarships

The Orange Knowledge program under Netherlands Government Scholarships offer fully funded scholarships for international students. These scholarships cover tuition fees, visa, roundtrip, visa, travel tickets, living expenses and health insurance. Hard to believe, right? They are only offered for masters and short courses by the way, so if you’ve been waiting to get that masters of yours, you know what to do.

    Institution: Various Institutes in Netherlands

    Study in: Netherlands     Level of Study: Masters

Click here to apply NGS

2. Yale University Scholarships, USA

The tiger Yale University is offering a scholarship, a fully funded one for international students to get a chance to study in the cosmopolitan institution. This scholarship is fortunately offered for undergraduate, masters and PhD. The scholarship can vary from a $100 to over $70,000 per year; In fact, the average Yale need-based scholarship is over $50,000.

    Institution: Yale University

    Study in: USA

    Level of Study: Undergraduate / Masters / PhD

Click here to apply Yale University Scholarship

3. DAAD Scholarships Germany

DAAD Scholarship is a well-known organization for providing need-based and financially incapable students, internationally with scholarship opportunities. This scholarship is only available for masters or PhD studies at the top Universities in Germany. DAAD scholarship covers monthly payments of €850 for graduates or €1,200 for doctoral candidates.

    Institution: German Universities

    Study in: Germany

    Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Click here to apply DAAD scholarship

4. MEXT Scholarship Japan

MEXT Scholarship is also a notable scholarship organization for meeting the needs of international students in their quest to study in japan. This scholarship is fully funded. it is available for undergraduate, masters, PhD and training studies. MEXT scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, monthly living allowance and round airfare travel expenses from your country of residence to Japan.

    Institution:  Various Japanese Universities

    Study in: Japan

    Level of Study: Undergraduate / Masters / PhD

Click here to apply MEXT Scholarship Japan

5. Fulbright Scholarships USA

The top scholarship organization, Fulbright Scholarships, are offering fully funded scholarships to international students who wish to study and live the “American life” while doing so. These scholarships are only offered for masters and PhD studies. Fulbright Foreign Student Program, as it is referred to, covers full tuition fees, a living stipend, accommodation fee, airfare and health insurance.

    Institution: Various USA Universities

    Study in: USA

    Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Click here to apply Fulbright Scholarships

6. Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese Government Scholarship(CGS) is one of the most reputable scholarship organizations in Asia and the world, more outstanding by the fact that it is run by the government. It is a fully funded scholarship program for international students offered only for masters and PhD programs which are available under this scholarship at more than 280 Chinese Universities. The Chinese Government Scholarship covers accommodation, basic health insurance and monthly allowance up to 3500 Yuan.

    Institution: Various Chinese Universities

    Study in: China

    Level of Study: Undergraduate / Masters / PhD

Click here to apply the Chinese Government Scholarships

7. Monash University Scholarship

Monash University Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students to come study in Australia. This scholarship is offered for doctoral research studies (PhDs). This scholarship covers annual living allowance of $35,600, relocation allowance of $550 and research allowance per annum of $1,500.

    Institution: Monash University

    Study in: Australia

    Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Click here to apply Monash University Scholarships

8. ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarships Switzerland

If you love Switzerland and want to study there, raise your hand up (I know I am). The ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship is offers scholarships to international students who wish to complete their masters’ studies in the country. As it is fully funded, this scholarship provides a grant covering living and study expenses (CHF 11,000 per semester) as well as a tuition fee waiver.

    Institution: ETH Zurich

    Study in: Switzerland

    Level of Study: Masters

Click here to apply EZE Scholarships

9. Chevening Scholarships UK (Fully Funded)

If you’ve not heard of Chevening scholarships, then you’ve not searched for scholarships at all. It usually is the first thing you see when you search for fully funded scholarships on the internet. Chevening Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students.  It is only available for masters’ studies in any subject. The scholarship covers university tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, an economy class return airfare to the UK, and even additional grants and allowances to cover essential expenditure.

    Institution: UK Universities

    Study in: UK

    Level of Study: Masters

Click here to apply Chevening Scholarships

10. Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarships

The Vietnam Univeristy, Ton Duc Thang are offering a Graduate Scholarship which is fully funded for international students. These scholarships are only offered for masters and doctoral studies. This Scholarship covers full tuition fee and full accommodation fee.

    Institution: Ton Duc Thang University

    Study in: Vietnam

    Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Click here to apply TDTUGS

11. Stanford University Scholarships

Yes, your dreams can come true. Stanford University Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students who want to do their Masters and Ph.D. studies in the university (Like who doesn’t?). The scholarship is offering full tuition fees, traveling allowance, living allowance and academic expenses throughout the applicant’s stay in the institution.

    Institution: Stanford University

    Study in: USA

    Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Click here to apply Stanford University Scholarships

12. Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships

Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships is a fully funded scholarship for international students. The scholarship is available only for undergraduate studies. Simmons University Scholarships covers full tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board.

    Institution: Simmons University

    Study in: UK

    Level of Study: Undergraduate

Click here to apply simmons university kotzen scholarships

13. Muhammad Bin Zaid University Scholarships

Muhammad Bin Zaid University Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students that is offered for masters and doctoral studies. The MBZUAI scholarship offers full tuition fees waiver, monthly stipend, accommodation and many more benefits of the program.

    Institution(s): Muhammad Bin Zaid University

    Study in: Dubai, UAE

    Level of Study: Masters / Doctoral

Click here to apply 13. Muhammad Bin Zaid University Scholarships

14. KAIST Undergraduate Scholarships

KAIST University Undergraduate Scholarship is for international students who wish to study in Korea. This scholarship is only offered for masters’ studies but is fully funded. The scholarship will cover full tuition fee covered, a monthly allowance up to 800,000 KRW, Korean language training fee, one economy round trip, and medical insurance.

    Institution:  KAIST University

    Study in: South Korea

    Level of Study: Undergraduate

Click here to apply KAIST undergraduate Scholarships

15. Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Finally, Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international student offered for masters and PhD studies. This scholarship provides academic development funding up to £2,000, £17,500 stipend per annum, health insurance, and family allowance up to £10,120.

    Institution: University of Cambridge

    Study in: UK

    Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Click here to apply Gates Cambridge Scholarships

And there you have it. 15 scholarship programs for you to choose from and give a go. They’re all fully funded and available for you to apply for.

What are you waiting for?


Just another tip of advice; when applying to scholarships, be organized and intentional, attentive while filling out forms and reading information given to you, bold while writing your essay and organized while preparing all your documents to apply for the scholarships.



This short article was written for you, the impossible dreamer. You fear you dream is out of your reach and fear you can never make that dream come true, when the internet has all you have to actualize it. Multiple scholarship programs are out there for you to choose from, as you see fit the one you prefer, so just go on and give it a try.

International students presently present in top universities worldwide have significantly increased, same with the percentage of them, who came through scholarship programs. What makes you think you cannot be one of them?

If you wish to study in UK, USA, Hungary, Thailand, Ethiopia, or anywhere else, you should take the first step by reading through this article (if you just skipped to the conclusion) and beginning your research until you find the right one for you, then waste no time in applying. I wish you the very best of luck in your academic journey.

I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to convince, compel and not confuse you that you can actually travel to that dream country of yours to get your dream degree, in your dream institution from just a click on your phone.

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