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Best engineering schools in Canada in 2022. when you hear of Canada what do you think of? Snow raking Saturdays, Nice people, Maple leaves…. well, that’s what I think of. Anyways, I guess you didn’t know the educational system in Canada is one making moves globally, same for their admittance of international students in their institutions.

Have you ever dreamt of studying in the cosmopolitan and snowy grounds of Canada? If you have a knack for engineering and don’t know whether going to Canada to get your degree is a good idea, reading this post will make you think again.

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As far as I know and I have heard, the best university engineering programs are the ones offered in the top and exclusive universities in the US, Southern Asia and UK.

This is an often misconception and a result of being misinformed. If you have hopes of studying engineering in Canada, you may hold on to them and broaden your perspective of what the state’s educational system has to offer as you read through this post I spent time coupling facts in, research information and more hope to you, the aspirant.

This post will enlighten you on Canada’s best engineering schools and rankings from world-renowned platforms like QS world ranking and will also answer your questions about which schools in that country have the best engineering programs.

It can be said as an undeniable fact that engineers play a very significant role in building the society. Canada is a living proof of that; it’s world-class infrastructure, consisting of new cities, roads, schools and more.

These are all engineering and engineering education doings highly recognized in the city of a maple leaf (Canada). These societal impacts are part of why we want to discuss the best engineering schools in Canada. Let’s get into it.


1. University of Toronto

2. University of Waterloo

3. University of British Columbia

4. University of Alberta

5. McGill University

6. University of Montreal

7. University of Calgary

8. McMaster University

9. Queens’ University


Based on US News & World Report’s Global Universities Rankings.

The following are the 9 best international universities for engineering in Canada. This ranking is based on US News & World Report’s ranking of universities reputation and research in the field.

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is located in the heart of the state, Toronto, Canada. There are over 74,502 candidates enrolled in this university as of December, 2021. It is ranked as number 54 in Best Universities for Engineering. It’s rank number is 17 in Best Global Universities.

For a consecutive year, U of T, as the school is fondly referred to, takes the lead. It is undoubtedly the most reputable and acclaimed University in Canada. It is one of the universities in Canada that has a high ranking in global lists in terms of its research results.

It was founded in 1827 and was and is still acknowledged as one of the leading institutions for learning, research, and innovation, nationally and globally. It has about 73,000 students on record.

The Applied Sciences and Engineering Faculty is large, holding about 8,200 students enrolled in both the graduate and undergraduate programs in its 16 campuses across the Ontario city. The study program of the faculty offers 8 core study areas for the undergraduates to choose to go after including; Electrical engineering, Industrial engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Mineral engineering, Materials engineering, and Computer engineering.

The faculty also offers other unique specializations courses with concentrations in research and professional degrees at the graduate level and a joint program in Engineering Education, to name a few.

Engineering students work alongside their professors to address a wide range of social, economic, industrial, and environmental challenges. The engineering department at U of T has $101.5 million in research funding awards to tackle issues in advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, human health, robotics, and sustainability.

It has educated four prime ministers and a handful of international leaders and 10 Nobel Laureates, 4 Governor Generals, and 3 Turing Award winners. 

In its engineering faculty as well, talent and money have always been invested. In wanting to be Canada’s leader in innovation and education, the University of Toronto has all the nitty gritties in ensuring that goal actualized. If that is the kind of competitive and resilient spirit that appeals to you, taking an engineering course at U of T will be your best choice. 

2. University of Waterloo

The second spot goes to the University of Waterloo. There are over 32,804 candidates enrolled there presently. It ranks as number 57 in the Best Universities for Engineering and ranks number 210 in Best Global Universities.

The University of Waterloo brags of the largest engineering school with over 9,500 students enrolled as of 2016. The university is known for its very high research output and comes first in terms of innovations and technological innovations in Canada.

Graduate student are provided with many opportunities to partner with local businesses in developing projects and access to the largest student design center in North America. Because of the school’s vast resources and engineering expertise, multiple of their teaching programs top world rankings. Major publications have stated the university comes #1 in Canada for mechanical, civil and chemical engineering.

Waterloo Engineering school collaborates with over 500 companies across Canada and internationally to advance knowledge in all areas. Students have the opportunity to work on exciting projects in manufacturing, cybersecurity, energy storage, artificial intelligence (AI) and other areas.

The school have ranked well in global rankings, at #79 in world best engineering universities and 2nd in Canada.

3. University of British Columbia

You must have heard of this institution, the University of British Columbia. It is one of much appraisal and acclaims. It is located in Vancouver, BC in Canada, obviously. Its enrollment counts at about 55,359 candidates. It ranked as number 63 in Best Universities for Engineering. It also ranks number 31 in Best Global Universities.

Harboring 52,970 students in its faculties, the school is known as a worldwide center for teaching and research.  It has an increased research output exercising a diverse and engaging educational approach in producing engineering graduates ready to take on the world.

 Engineering students at the university have a wide access to multiple resources to develop new businesses and technology. They also have entrepreneurial programs and creative spaces, tools and mentorship programs for students interested in having startups and creating brands. This center further offers a Concept Fund grant to support the ideas and passions of the interested student.

UBC has a significant percentage of its students coming from other countries, more than 162 different countries. As a top research university, UBC is appraised for its research strengths, efforts and impacts with its leading researchers claiming recognition for feats in different specialized areas.

The school’s alumni base is impressive, boasting of 65 Olympians, 8 Nobel laureates, and 71 Rhodes scholars,

If you want to join this community, you should start drafting a conceiving and compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP) since their programs are very competitive, no surprise.

4. University of Alberta

This University of Alberta is located in Emonton, Alberta, Canada. It ranked as number 73 in Best Universities for Engineering and ranks number 138 in Best Global Universities.

The University has 31, 928 students and has a high research output, like other high ranking universities. It offers more than 400 programs in 18 faculties, the engineering faculty alone having 4,000 undergraduates and more than 1,380 students. The University is known to be one of the Canadian schools to have contributed immensely to Alberta’s economic growth.

Canada’s National Institute of Nanotechnology is a school in the university, available for any student hoping to have a significant knowledge and presence in tech and engineering. Ranking 115th in engineering worldwide, this institution should be on your list.

UA has multiple facilities such including the Elko Engineering garage, a makerspace for hands-on training, prototyping and troubleshooting, free of access to its students. Resources are also available for fabrication including 3D printing, electronic and woodwork capabilities.

An added advantage this university offers is its profitable connections to the province’s energy sector. The school has taught engineers to succeed and strive in the job market and development scene from its founding days. Today the university offers multiple accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The University of Alberta has an alumni network of over 30,000 engineers applying their skills and expertise in Canada and worldwide. Alumni members who do exceptionally well in making a positive difference in the world are awarded with the William Muir Edwards Citizenship Award.

Wouldn’t you want to be awarded with that prestigious award?

5. McGill University

McGill University is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It ranked as number 93 in Best Universities for Engineering and ranks number 51 in Best Global Universities. There are about 31,578 candidates in this institution.

Having approximately 29,102 students on record, the University is very high in research output and ranks comfortably high in global lists. The school focuses on stimulating students to take part in technologically based innovation and entrepreneurship. It has acquired its position among the top 3 universities in Canada in 2020.

In McGill’s Engineering faculty, nine undergraduate programs are offered in addition to diplomas and graduate degrees in various study areas. The students are encouraged to get hands-on experience with different summer programs, co-op placements and research activities.

The university also has a variety of student design teams that compete in the global circle. Multiple skills like innovative designing, collaborative problem-solving and robotics are carried out to ensure students are prepared for the engineering life out of school. They also hold experiential learning opportunities like internships and co-ops to provide students the skillsets and mindset that aren’t taught in the classrooms.

Their research facilities are amazing, and ranks number 71 for engineering. You would need to learn French since Montreal would be your home through your academic years there, but the classes will be given in English. It remains till date of the most popular Universities in Canada with the highest percentage of students that have completed their Ph.D., so what do you think?

6. University of Montreal

University of Montreal is located in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It ranked as number 172 in Best Universities for Engineering as a ranking number of 140 in Best Global Universities. It has an enrollment of about 36,774 candidates.

Ranking #127 globally, and #6 in Canada for best engineering schools, the Universite de Montreal or UdeM for short, is one of Canada’s most affordable universities with less than $2,000.00 for average school fees. The school offers more than 600 undergraduate and graduate programs in French.

Though it’s a francophone university, they have addressed the increase of international students’ appeal to learn in the institution by providing French language assistance for the students that need to improve their French language skills.

The school also has a high research output. The 36,386 student-populated university has been named the “World’s Best Student City 2017”.

UdeM offers education in electrical, mechanical, computer and other fields in engineering, internship opportunities and research programs. The city, Montreal is a flourishing cosmopolitan gem with relatively affordable rents, study cafes, workspaces and serene environments to enjoy yourself and take in the beauty of the city after a stressful school week.

If you know you can brush up on your French language, this school might be just for you.

7. University of Calgary

The university of Calgary is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It ranked as number 222 in Best Universities for Engineering and ranks number 174 in Best Global Universities. It has an enrolment of about 31,863 students.

University of Calgary School of Engineering is commonly referred to as Alberta’s “engineering capital of Canada”.

The Engineering faculty offers 8 undergraduate programs and 24 graduate programs. Students can also decide to specialize in subjects then minor in the allocated fields of study that is offered.

Through research activities, the University of Calgary aims to make a difference in people’s lives. Engineering students investigate a variety of new age technologies such as autonomous digital systems, bio systems, nanotechnology and much more. Research is often highly collaborative, bringing together experts from a variety of fields for students to learn from and add their own quota.

The university aims to have a faculty that passes the national coverage by bringing in more female students and international students. The school flaunts the largest internship program in Western Canada.

Leadership is emphasized for engineering students at the University of Calgary. This is why Outdoor Leadership Experiences provide unforgettable activities that teach undergraduates teamwork. collaboration and problem-solving skills along with learning highly valued engineering abilities. Students are given the opportunity to bond with their peers while building snow shelters in Kananaskis or skiing in Columbia Icefields.

8. McMaster University

McMaster University sis based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It has 25,404 students attending it. The University is ranked #8 among other global rankings in the QS subject rankings as a study destination for engineering and technology, 201. McMaster’s Faculty of Engineering is wide.

 Mcmaster University is home to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which is made up of seven world-class departments. Its faculty is so vast it’s divided into two schools namely: The School of Engineering Practice and Technology (W Booth) and the School of Biomedical Engineering. The two schools aim to provide students with student-centered learning to aid in their different careers. The university itself has offered exemplary engineering education and expertise to its student since its creation.

The university has dedicated its research purposes to excelling in all engineering enquiries, technological advancement and scientific improvements amongst other fields. They have 20 major research centers solely for this task with top tier equipment with which engineering students can train, collaborate, learn and sole world problems by facing societal queries sufficient for their preparation for real world and workforce problems.

In addition, alumna Donna Strickland is one of only three women to have won the Nobel Prize in Physics and she is a testament of this institution.

9. Queen’s University

Queen’s University known to be one of the oldest public research universities in Canada, the Queen’s University is located in the city of Kingston in Ontario and was found in 1841. Queen’s University is known for its all-encompassing and vibrant student life, outstanding learning programs and research, and its old-world architecture complimenting the city’s natural aesthetics.

The University’s strenuous and compact curriculum gears engineering students for leadership in each of their chosen fields. The school ensures high-quality education is given to their students in their diverse community, which will definitely help them throughout their careers. Only this university brags of 91% of their undergraduates completing their degrees, the highest engineering program in Canada

Over 100 countries globally harbor one of their own within the institution, international students making up 25% of the graduate community.

Its engineering students have the opportunity to experience campus life at other universities through the school’s exchange programs, facilitating broader worldviews and experiential teaching for them.

The university recognizes that engineering is a global career where students must learn intercultural communication skills to thrive. Engineering undergraduates can visit the following cities; France, England, Germany and many other countries.

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Engineering Colleges in Canada and their Specializations

Engineering is a vast course and is provided under various specifications in Canada. The degree of Engineering is provided in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral forms in addition to other short form courses. If you are in anyway interested in pursuing Engineering in Canada, you are in for a treat.

The table below shows various specializations of Engineering that Canada offers to study along with the universities offering the program:

Aerospace EngineeringUBC, McGill, UToronto
Mechanical EngineeringUToronto, McGill, UOttawa, McMaster
Chemical EngineeringUBC, U of T, McGill, UAlberta, University of Waterloo
Software EngineeringUToronto, UBC, McGill University
Civil EngineeringUBC, U of T, McGill, UAlberta, University of Waterloo
Biomedical EngineeringWestern University, University of Waterloo, McGill, UBC
Industrial EngineeringMcMaster, UBC, McGill
Computer EngineeringMcGill, McMaster, UBC, UToronto
Environmental EngineeringUToronto, UBC

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With over 75,000 registered engineers in Ontario alone and over 300,000 licensed engineers in the country, Canada has accomplished world-class technologies and made meaningful impacts both in research and economics.

The demand of engineers emerging from Canada is high globally whilst the local workforce is depleting due to insufficient skills. The sectors of engineering in Canada are projected to grow by 2025.

There are also more than 115,000 registered engineering companies in Canada. The universities in Canada are considerable study destinations for international students who wish to immerse in the culture of the country and grow in their expertise, knowledge and skill force. With their top universities topping global rankings, there is no doubt settling for one would be a great choice on your side. Take your dreams to the next level. Make them real. Want a degree in engineering and all the requisites for a successful career? Maple City is for you!

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