Health Benefits of Running: What can Running Possibly do to your Body?

We hear it from the doctor, on the news or from a gym instructor that running is beneficial for a healthy body. The question is how is it beneficial?

That’s the very essence of this article. To show you the health benefits of running. We’ll reveal 20 reasons why you should start running, keep running and don’t stop running.
On your marks.

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1. Running gets your day started

Ask anyone who runs first thing in the morning. They’ll tell you that running helps them take on anything. Just anything.

It makes your body feel lighter and charged. It feels your mind with positivity and prepares you for the day so you take on anything.

2. Running lifts your Spirit

Yeah. It gets rid of those depressing and negative vibe. Gross! Nobody needs such vibes.
Now if you’re feel down or bad, go for a run. It is a natural anti- depressant.

3. Running helps the stress

The truth is, we all feel and are going to feel stressed out once in a while (or more). Even a healthy person can be stressed especially because of external factors.

Now here’s what running can do to your body when you’re stressed; it reduces the activity of your frontal cortex.
In plain English, it means that when you run, you less likely to overthink and deal with the stress properly.

4. Anxious? Panic attacks? Run

Panic attacks and anxiety can be brutal if not managed well. The panic, difficult breathing and anxiety are not what anyone should experience.

Studies have proven that the more you run, the less likely you are to have panic attacks. So what’d you say we do tomorrow morning? Run!

5. Hypertensive? Run as well

As you age, one of your major concern is your blood pressure level. If you’re hypertensive, keeping your blood pressure down becomes another major concern.

Due to stress, certain foods and internal factors, regulating blood pressure can be a hassle.

That’s why you need to start running daily if you’re hypertensive.

This is because science has proven that regular aerobic exercises like running are very effective in regulating blood pressure. Are we still running tomorrow? I know you’ll say yes.

6. Diabetic? Run!

You probably knew this one was coming.

It’s no news what high blood sugar does to the body. Diabetics need to do what’s necessary to regulate their blood sugar.

Running as well as other aerobics does the job.

7. Insulin sensitivity

When you run, your body burns up excess sugar doesn’t it?

Whenever this happens in your body, you’re actually being more sensitive to insulin.

8. Goodbye Calories!

Say that again. Goodbye Calories!

We all hate the word “calories” and definitely want to get rid of the excess ones.

Your body is in constant motion when you exercise. This means that as you run, skip or jog, you burn calories.
So you see. The more you run, the more calories you get rid of.

And I’d suggest you run for 15-25 miles per week.

9. Metabolism Boost

Body metabolism is the rate of reactions in all major systems in the body.

Running can be quite strenuous. Okay not quite but very strenuous. However it boosts your body’s metabolism by enabling it to provide more energy for you as you run. So just run and don’t worry about getting exhausted.
Running brings in energy.

Running improves blood flow

10. After running, work still goes on

Earlier, we talked about how running as well as other aerobics burns calories in the body.

Here’s another thing you should know: For the next 14 hours after you ran, your body continues to burn 190 calories. This also happens as you sleep. Isn’t that superb?

Running is very effective to lose weight and stay fit.

11. Losing sleep? Run

A lot of persons don’t know that aerobic exercises like running improves sleeping habits.

All You have to do is have a consistent running schedule on when to run and how far to run through each week and watch yourself sleep better.

By improving your running goals, say goodbye to sleeping pills as your sleeping habits improves positively.

12. Running makes you do good

Speaking on being productive, running does that for you.  Researchers say that people who are in shape and fit are more productive than those who aren’t.

13. Running makes you feel good

What gives you more confidence in yourself and your body aside the fact that you’re in shape and healthy?

I’m waiting for you answer. Yes ,you got it. Nothing. Nada.

When you exercise and you begin to see the results in your body; your confidence escalates as you know that you’re talking great care of your body and will have a long and healthy life span.

14. Wanna be smarter? Yes! Run

I know what you’re thinking now. You’re probably smirking and thinking that we’re assuming running solves anything and everything.

Well we didn’t say that, so don’t be mistaken. However we know for sure than running improves intelligence.
The brain experiences an high level of cortisol when you run or do any other aerobics. This increment helps with retentive memory.

15. Running makes you coordinated

We stated earlier that running makes you haves retentive memory. This is turn makes you organised and coordinated.

16. Your Sex Life needs a run

Yes. You heard right.

In men, running helps to boosts testosterone levels. That can help with their libido and sexual stamina.
In women, running helps in making you feel more aroused and exercises takes care of your sexual organs in general.

17. Running improves blood flow

Poor diet, and several other factors can cause fatty cells to stay on the walls of blood vessels and block the normal flow of blood.

Running helps to free up these blood vessels by burning up fatty cells. Hence, improving blood circulation around the body.

18. Running helps your heart

When calories are burned up, cholesterol levels are reduced and you’re in great shape. Your heart works better.
People who stay fit are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than those who aren’t.

19. Because you could age any moment, run!

No one’s gonna stay young forever. Your lifestyle today determines how your body will be as you age.

When you built a healthy lifestyle of regular aerobic exercise, you free yourself of illnesses that senile.

Illnesses like arthritis, joint aches, breathing problems and hypertension are prevented in the future when you start running today.

20. Running increases your life span

Because it improves your overall health, keeps you in shape and healthy, you look younger, become stronger and of course, live longer.


We’ve given them all to you. Now understand that you don’t have to run the Olympics in order to benefit all of the above. It’s okay to start small, as long as you’re consistent.

We wish you success on your healthy lifestyle journey. Hope you join us as we run tomorrow.
On your marks.
Go. Go! Go!!

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