Best Universities In Canada For International Students

Do you want to know the best universities in canada for international students? if so, you should know that one of the world’s nations with the highest levels of education is Canada. Only South Korea ranks higher among OECD nations, with 63% of adults aged 24-34 having completed their post-secondary education.

In light of this, it should come as no surprise that Canada is also home to some of the world’s top colleges. Canada’s universities are world leaders in research and innovation from coast to coast, and they make a special effort to assist foreign students who have made the decision to live here.

What should institution should you be applying to? In this article, you’ll get to know more about the best universities in canada for  international students  and the top best universities to do these, so read on!!

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Is Canada A Good Place For International Students To Study?

The Canadian Ministry of Education is actively working to expedite the application procedure, so international students are more than welcome to study there. You have a choice of top-tier colleges that provide extensive Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Business, social sciences, environmental sciences, medical, and engineering are the fields that international students most frequently choose to study in. Universities place a strong emphasis on contemporary and pertinent research, and students’ academic experiences will be built on forward-thinking and creative methods.

Canada is a cosmopolitan nation and among the most linguistically diverse in the world when it comes to languages. Although English is widely spoken, French and French are the main languages in the country.

Comparatively speaking, studying abroad in the United States or the United Kingdom is more expensive than in Canada.

The cost will vary on the program you choose, but it typically runs about USD $15,000 a year. Additionally, to cover food, lodging, and other costs, you just need a monthly salary of USD $470 to $630.

Why Should International Students Study In Canada?

  • They reside in a bilingual setting: Because Canada is a multilingual nation, studying here is a fantastic way to improve your language abilities and increase your chances of finding a rewarding employment. The educational system in Canada includes coursework in both French and English, which enhances the country’s cultural and community life.
  • They gain from a top-notch education: Diplomas from Canadian colleges and universities are accepted worldwide. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and digital media, the Canadian educational system promotes interdisciplinary study and the growth of transferable skills (such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking).
  • After graduating, you acquire employment experience in Canada: Students who have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution and are seeking employment are eligible for the work program offered by the Canadian government. This is a great option to continue living in Canada while expanding your professional network and advancing your career.
  • You Catch Canada’s tech wave: Canada has strong sectors in the telecommunications, digital media, video game, biotech, and aeronautical engineering fields. Canada was also the first nation to connect its libraries and schools to the Internet with its ground-breaking Schoolnet program. As a result, it is not unexpected that about 90% of Canadian households have access to the Internet.
  • Enjoy a high standard of living: Three Canadian cities, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, were listed among the top 50 student cities by QS World University Rankings. The rating was determined by a number of factors, including affordability, student population diversity, and employers’ perceptions of graduates’ prospects for employment.
  • Engage in culturally enriching activities: A byproduct of the country’s extremely diversified population is a thriving and rich cultural landscape. Go to the tourism websites of each province to get a feel for what Canada has to offer.
  • You explore the nation’s natural beauty: Canada is a very large nation; in fact, its surface area is 14 times greater than France’s. It offers an abundance of breathtaking scenery that may be explored during each of the four unique seasons of the nation. Although many people in Canada bemoan the country’s severe winters, the chilly months offer devoted skiers and ice skaters the chance to train in beautiful settings.

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Best Universities In Canada For International Students

The best universities in Canada for international stydents are:

1. University Of Toronto (U of T)

University Of Toronto (U of T)
study University Of Toronto (U of T)
  • Tuition fee: 45,690 CAD

Canada’s top institution for foreign students is the University of Toronto. Although it offers more than 980 programs, its literary criticism and communication theory courses are its most well known.

With more than 18 faculties and departments, libraries, and athletic facilities spread across three campuses, U of T is large. The university’s Hart House, the center of recreational activity, is where separate departments later come together.

At the University of Toronto, important scientific discoveries were made, with the first electron microscope, the first successful lung transplant, and studies on insulin and stem cells being a few examples.

The institution receives the most money from the corporate and public sectors as a result of its exceptional research output. University of Toronto is one of the best universities in canada for international students.

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2. University of British Columbia (UBC)

University of British Columbia (UBC)
study at University of British Columbia (UBC)
  • Tuition fee: 38,946CAD

The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908 and is one of Canada’s most prestigious educational institutions. It is renowned for its long history of multidisciplinary research.

On its Vancouver campus, you may find one of Canada’s biggest libraries, the largest cyclotron in the world, and the national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.

More than 63 graduate and undergraduate programs are offered at the Kelowna campus, which UBC recently bought to support its expanding teaching mission.

In addition to the several research facilities on site, this top institution in Canada also oversees a 59-acre farm for food research, a center for the study of democratic principles, and an indigenous education program. It is one of the best universities in Canada for international students

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3. McGill University

McGill University
stuy at McGill University
  • Tuition fee: 29,200 CAD

James McGill, a prosperous merchant from Quebec, is the name-bearer of McGill University, which was founded in 1813 thanks to his bequest. Currently divided into 11 primary faculties and schools, it established the first medical school in the country.

The majority of the enrolled candidates are studying in the management, engineering, medicine, and arts, science, and arts departments, which each have over 30% international students as part of their student population.

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 4. University of McMaster

University of McMaster
study at University of McMaster
  • Tuition fee: 22,471.2 CAD

When renowned banker William McMaster left money for the university’s foundation in his will, it was created in 1881. Currently, it oversees six academic faculties, including those for business, social science, health science, engineering, humanities, and natural sciences.

For an integrated and student-centered approach to learning, the university adheres to the McMaster Model throughout several fields.

McMaster University is praised for its research efforts, notably in the field of health science.

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5. The University of Ottawa (U of O or uOttawa)

The University of Ottawa (U of O or uOttawa)
study at the University of Ottawa (U of O or uOttawa)
  • Tuition fee: 25,554 CAD

The world’s largest multilingual research university is called the University of Ottawa, or Université d’Ottawa. Over 450 programs are available at the university in both English and French through its 10 faculties, which also house Canada’s largest law school and degrees in engineering, social science, and medicine.

40 research centers are overseen by the institution, which receives approximately $300 million in sponsored research funding. The university’s Heart Institute and the Ottawa Health Institute both offer top-notch training, which results in a well regarded medical-doctoral program.

Graduates from uOttawa have a 97 percent employment rate, which helps a variety of businesses by contributing the brightest minds. Since this is Canada’s top institution, students have the best possibilities to gain knowledge of relevant industry skills.

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6. University of Alberta (U.A./UAlberta)

University of Alberta (U.A./UAlberta)
study at University of Alberta (U.A./UAlberta)
  • Tuition fee: 20,395.2 CAD

A comprehensive institution with a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate academic programs, the University of Alberta in Edmonton is located in Edmonton. On five campuses—four in Edmonton and one in Camrose—there are 18 faculties spread out over them.

With regard to Aboriginal experiences, culture, and language, UAlberta has created a faculty of native studies.

The University of Alberta has a significant emphasis on research, providing answers to important issues, including societal change, human health, and universal knowledge advancement.

The University of Alberta has the most cutting-edge facilities and is one of the best universities in Canada for international students. With over 7,000 international students among its 40,000 students, it has the potential to make a significant impact on the world.

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7. University of Montreal (UdeM)

University of Montreal (UdeM)
study at University of Montreal (UdeM)
  • Tuition fee: 20,400 CAD

One of the largest university complexes in North America is the University of Montreal, also known as Université de Montréal, which is a renowned research institution.

It is associated with the Polytechnique Montréal engineering school and the HEC Montréal business school.

UdeM is made up of 14 faculties and departments, such as arts & sciences, kinesiology, and environmental design. The world’s top deep learning research center (MILA) and an institute for immunology and cancer both got their start in UdeM. It is also one of the best universities in canada for international students.

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8.University of  Waterloo

University of  Waterloo
study at University of  Waterloo
  • Tuition fee: 43,000-63,000 CAD

One of Canada’s best universities is the University of Waterloo. The regulatory organizations have approved the course content. While attending the University of Waterloo, you will gain from lab work, field studies, hackathons, co-op programs, and certificate programs in addition to the classroom lectures.

It is one of the best universities in Canada for international students since the co-op program allows you to obtain employment while you are a student.

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9. University of Calgary

University of Calgary
study at University of Calgary
  • Tuition fee: 27,742 CAD

One of the top Canadian universities for international students is the University of Calgary. It is ranked among the top universities in Canada, coming in at positions #151–200 in the ARWU University Ranking, #169 in the US News & World Report University Ranking, and #201–250 in the Times Higher Education University Ranking.

You may be confident that your education will be of the highest caliber when you attend the University of Calgary because several prize-winning laureates serve as instructors here.

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10. The University of Dalhousie

The University of Dalhousie
study at The University of Dalhousie

Tuition fee:18,187 CAD

The Times Higher Education magazine has also classified Dalhousie University, which is situated in Halifax in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, as one of the top 250 universities worldwide.

More than 18,000 students call it home, and it offers over 180 undergraduate programs in a variety of fields, such as the arts and humanities, social sciences, law, engineering and technology, life sciences, computer science, business and economics, psychology, clinical and pre-clinical health, among others.

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11.University of Manitoba

Univers ity of Manitoba
study at Univers ity of Manitoba
  • Tuition fee: 22,600 CAD

International students can choose from more than 90 courses at the University of Manitoba, which is based in Winnipeg. It is the biggest university in the area and is situated in the center of Canada.

Additionally, it is the only institution with a focus on research and offers more than 100 degrees, diplomas, and certifications. The institution has about 30000 students enrolled, with about 104 different nations represented by the university’s 13% foreign student body.

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12. Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University
study at Simon Fraser University
  • Tuition fee:12,125 CAD

With three campuses in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver, Simon Fraser University is a public research university with its headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia. International students make up over 17% of the total enrollment at Simon Fraser University, the first Canadian university to receive US recognition.

For visiting family members, the institution offers accommodations on campus at a hotel facility. It has frequently been named the best comprehensive university in Canada by Maclean’s magazine.

More than 100 undergraduate and more than 45 graduate degree-granting programs are available via the university. It is also one of the best universities i Canada for international students.

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13. Concordia University

Concordia University
study at Concordia University
  • Tuition fee: 7,227.6 CAD

In 1974, Concordia University was founded as the result of the union of two major institutions, Sir George Williams University and Loyola College. The Institution is a Canadian public research university that is situated in the center of Montreal, a renowned global metropolis.

Concordia University is renowned for its adaptable teaching style and dedication to using its teaching and research to examine societal challenges from a broad viewpoint.

For both domestic and foreign students, the university is ranked among the best universities in Canada for international students

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14. University Of Victoria (UVic)

University Of Victoria (UVic)
study at University Of Victoria (UVic)
  • Tuition fee: 18,816 CID

Leading Canadian public research university, UVic, is located in Victoria. In 1903, when it was known as Victoria College, the institution first opened its doors.

The institution, commonly abbreviated as UVic, is located in Victoria, the province of British Columbia’s capital.

The institution has concentrated on eight study areas, including indigenous research, global studies and social justice, health and life sciences, data science and cyber-physical systems, ocean science, and culture and creativity.

The university has additionally collaborated on research and development projects with the government, businesses, and other institutions. With the help of technology and societal advancement, the University of Victoria is working to solve global issues. This made it one of the best universities in Canada for international students

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15. University Of Windsor

University Of Windsor
study at University Of Windsor
  • Tuition fee: 10,600 CAD

Canada’s Windsor is home to the University of Windsor, a public research university. It was founded in 1857, making it the furthest-southern university in Canada.

The institution provides 190 undergraduate degrees, 65 graduate and doctoral degrees, and is divided into nine colleges, including:

  • Faculty of Education
  • Arts
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Engineering
  • Graduate Studies
  • Law
  • Nursing Science
  • Human Kinetics, and
  • Odette School of Business.

The university’s research faculty has broadened its areas of interest to include research in the natural sciences, entrepreneurship, and health.  These criterias qualify windsor university as one of the best universities in Canada for international students

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What Are The Standard Prerequisites For Admission To A Canadian University Or College?

Whether it is an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, there are prerequisites that students must achieve in order to be admitted to a Canadian institution of higher learning. The level of competitiveness can change depending on the study area, programs, and other important aspects. However, high school grades and performance as well as language proficiency, whether it be English (in the majority of provinces) or French in francophone ones, are the two key requirements. To study in the best universities in Canada for international students, you have to meet up with these standards

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Frequently Asked Questions

What issues do foreign students in Canada encounter?

Many overseas students struggle to find accommodation, health care, and career support that is acceptable. International students spend up to five times as much on tuition and other expenses as Canadian students do each year, contributing almost $21 billion to the country’s economy.

What level of language proficiency is required to enroll in a post-secondary institution in Canada?

The most typical criterion for American universities is TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores. The most typical language requirement for Canadian institutions is IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam results.

However, any test will be accepted by most universities as evidence of your English language proficiency. The TOEFL and IELTS tests are offered at testing facilities all around the world.

Are there any additional requirements for foreign students who want to apply to a post-secondary institution in Canada?

In addition to documentation confirming their employment experience (if any) to date, international students are expected to submit an essay and a personal statement outlining why they believe they are qualified to enroll in the chosen program.

It’s always a plus and very appreciated having supporting documentation, such as letters of recommendation, certificates of extracurricular involvement, and other forms of talent evidence.

Where can I find scholarships so that I can attend school in Canada?

It’s challenging to compile all the scholarships available to overseas students who want to study in Canada in one location because there are countless chances provided by various organizations worldwide.

What other options are there for financing my study in Canada?

Regardless of your nationality, there are a number of options available to help students finance their education. On the other hand, Canada also provides bank loans, credit lines, and student loans, in addition to scholarships and bursaries.


Hopefully, by now you are aware of some of best universities in Canada for international students. Do you wish to study in Canada? Then get started by choosing any of the top institutions listed in this article!



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