Dina Asher-Smith Biography, Net worth in 2023

Dina Asher-Smith is known worldwide as one of the world’s fastest sprinters.

Born December 4, 1995. She is an athletic icon in the UK as she is currently the fastest woman in Britain. She’s also among the most influential African/ African Caribbean descent in the UK Black Power list.

Quick Facts About Dina Asher-Smith

  • Full Name: Geraldina Rachel Asher-Smith
  • Date of Birth: December 4, 1995
  • Current Age: 27 years
  • Height: 5 ft, 5 in
  • Place of Birth: Orpington, Greater London, England
  • Nationality: British, English
  • Education: King’s College London, Newstead Wood School
  • Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
  • Parents: Winston Asher-Smith (Father)
  • Julie Asher-Smith (Mother)
  • Sport: Women’s Athletics
  • Events: Sprint
  • Coach: John Blackie

Childhood & Early Life of Geraldina Rachel Asher-Smith

Geraldina Rachel Asher-Smith was born in Orpington, Greater London on December 4, 1995, to Winston Asher-Smith and Julie Asher-Smith in Orpington, Greater London.

She attended Perry Hall Primary School, then Newstead Wood School Orpington (2008-2014).

She earned a BA in history at King’s College London(she entered KCL in 2014)

Gary Crooks; a former footballer who is also her cousin has a foundation called the Gary Crooks Team of Week for Gifted Children Foundation. This was where Dina’s potential was exposed.

About sports athlete Dina Asher-Smith
image credit: athleticsweekly.com

Dina Sports Career


At an early age, Asher-Smith had already made a name for herself in athletics. She was the world age 13 best in 300 meters, which she ran in 39.16 seconds.

She also won the English School Championship 200m title as an Under 15,17 and 20. During the 200m finals in 2012 World Junior Championship, she broke 7th with a run time of 23.50 seconds.

The following year, She won two gold medals at the European Junior Championship after winning the 200m and 4×100 relay race. That same year, she represented Britain at the World Championship in Moscow. To top it all, She was placed on a shortlist for that year’s BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year.

In 2014, at a run time of 11.23 seconds, she won 100m at the World Junior Championship at Eugene. However, these were just the beginning of Asher-Smith’s athletic career.

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Her Professional Career

In 2013, Dina Asher-Smith was part the Great Britain team that won at the London Grand Prix for the 4 x 100 metre relay. During the World Championships in Moscow, she won bronze medals.

During 2015 European Athletics Indoor Championships, She was the first British female to win a medal in 30 years, winning a silver medal for 60 metre race. This accomplishment made her become the fastest teenager at the 60m at 19years old.

May 24, 2015:
Dina Asher-Smith became the first British athlete to win the 100-meter race under 11.02 seconds.

July 25, 2015,
She wowed the entire UK when she became the first British athlete to finish a race under 11 seconds. She finished the race at a run time of 10.99 seconds.

She didn’t accomplish much in 2016, nonetheless, during the Summer Olympics in Rio , she won bronze medals with her teammates in the 4×100m relay race.

In 2017, she bounced back!

IAAF World Athletics Championship London

Despite breaking her foot in training, this icon and her teammates won a silver medal in the Great Britain 4×100metre relay race.

Commonwealth Games

Dina made it through to the finals and emerged third with a run time of 22.29 secs. She and her team won the gold medal for the 4×100 metre relay under a run time of 42.46 secs.

European Championships.

She won the 100m and 200m, under a run time of 10.85 seconds!
How amazing!
Again Dina became the first British female to finish the 200m under 22 secs.

To crown it all for 2018, She won the women’s European Athlete of the Year award.

As if speed was getting better, under 10.83 seconds, She won a silver medal for the 100m race during 2019 World Championship. In 200m race, she topped and became World Champion under 21.88 secs.

World Finals Wins

  • 2013: 4×100 m – 3rd (Bronze)
  • 2015: 200 m – 5th; 4×100 m – 4th
  • 2017: 200 m – 4th; 4×100 m, Silver
  • 2019: 100 m – 2nd (Silver); 200 m – 1st (Gold); 4×100 m – 2nd (Silver)

Olympic Finals Wins

  • 2016: 200 m – 5th; 4×100 m – 3rd (Bronze)

Personal Bests

  • Indoor 60 m: 7.08 (Prague 2015)
  • 100 m: 10.83 (Doha 2019) – National Record
  • 200 m: 21.88 (Doha 2019) – National Record

Dina Asher-Smith Personal Life

Asher-Smith’s family are originally from Jamaica, but migrated to the UK. She was raised in the UK

Winston, her dad was a runner in school, while Julie, played pro hockey till she turned 30. Winston and Julie have supported their daughter’s career and pushed her to become the best.

Who is Dina Partner / Boyfriend?

  • It is unknown if Asher-Smith has a boyfriend currently. It seems she’s very focused on her career for now.

Fun fact about Athlete Dina

  • Dina loves football and she is a proud Manchester United fan.

Now you have all of it. Is there anything we failed to mention about Dina Asher-Smith, please feel free to mention it on the comment section.

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