Top 15 Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Promotions in the World 2023

MMA has been played for centuries in the world and is very popular up to this very day. Currently, MMA has more than 1.3 million viewers round the world, who watch via TV channels or stream the fights online.

MMA promoters have done a great job in sponsoring and preserving the sport. They look for and train potentials, and organize and sponsor shows monthly, bimonthly or quarterly depending on their budget.

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Best MMA Promotions and Organizations in 2023

So this article will reveal to you the top 15 MMA promotions in the world. We ranked them according to the kinds of events they organize and their top fighters.

1. Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC is the top on our list. The MMA promotion firm is the biggest, best , most popular and highest in the world.

Established in 1993, the American-based MMA promotion firm has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

UFC is the foundation of the renowned fighters: Tito Ortiz, Chris Leben, Miguel Torres, and Ken Shamrock, and several others. They’ve hosted more than a thousand matches in more than 500 events. Their website is

UFC Top Fighters includes:

  • Jon Jones
  • Petr Yan
  • Israel Adesanya
  • Amanda Nunes
  • Alexander Volkanovsk
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Kamaru Usman

UFC Fights are broadcasted on UFC Pass and ESPN.

2. Bellator MMA

Established by Viacom in 2008 with the headquarters in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California USA, Bellator is an American-based MMA promotion firm that is esteemed highly as UFC.

Their Top Fighters include:

  • Ryan Bader
  • Patricio Pitbull
  • Leu Macfarlane
  • Cris Cyborg
  • Douglas Lima

The website is
Their fights are broadcasted in USA Paramount Network and also other selected local channels.

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3. Absolute Championship Akhmat

ACA was formerly known as ACB; Absolute Championship Berkut. The MMA promotion firm was founded in 2014 and its headquarters is at Grozny, Russia. Their website is

ACA MMA logo

ACA Top Fighters includes:

  • Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov
  • Tony Johnson
  • Salamu Abdurahmanov
  • Deivi Daniel Oliveira de Almeida
  • Azamat Kerefov
  • Abubakar Vagaev

The fight are broadcasted on Match TV and are streamed on both YouTube and Facebook.

4. AMC Fight Nights

Formerly known as Fight Nights Global. AMC Fight Nights is a Russian-based MMA promotion firm established by Kamil Gadzhiev in 2010 where its headquarters is Moscow, Russia.

AMC has hosted many martial arts events including K-1

5. ONE Championship

This Singaporean-based promotion is the most prominent promotion in Asia. It was founded in 2011 and its headquarters is Downtown Core, Singapore.

ONE Championship Top Fighters include:

  • Aung La N Sang
  • Brandon Vera
  • Roman Kryklia
  • Kiamrian Abbasov
  • Christian Lee
  • Reinier De Ridder


Fights from the promotion are broadcasted on Fox Sports Asia and are streamed on YouTube.

6. RIZIN Fighting Federation (Rizin FF)

RIZIN FF is a Japanese MMA private promotion firm established in 2015. Its headquarters is Tokyo, Japan. The promotion firm has about 60 fighters and is popular in Japan and Asia.

Top Fighters:

  • Seo Hee Ham
  • Ayaka Hamasaki
  • Hiromasa Ogikubo
  • Shintaro Ishiwatari
  • Bob Sapp
  • Osunaarashi

Their fights are broadcasted internationally on FITE TV or is watched on SKY Perfect TV or streamed on YouTube.

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7. Invicta Fight Championships (IFC)

IFC is the most popular all female MMA promotion worldwide. It was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Enka Village, North Carolina, USA.

This promotion firm has hosted more than 40 events and their fights are broadcasted on UFC Fight Pass and watched on YouTube.

IFC Top Fighters:

  • Alesha Zappitella
  • Kanako Murata
  • Vanessa Porto
  • Julija Stoliarenki
  • Pam Sorenson

8. Pancrase

Pancrase was established by Minoru Suzuki and Masakatsu Funaki in 1993. Its headquarters is in Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan.

They are the top and most populous MMA promotion in Japan. With so many years of experience in this field, they have made a name for themselves by using unique tactics and fighting techniques.

Their fights are broadcasted on Tokyo MX and UFC Fight Pass for foreigners.

9. M-1 Global

M-1 is a Russian-based MMA promotion firm that was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There are well known in the whole of Russia. Their website is . Their fights can be streamed on their website.

Here are their top fighters:

  • Sergey Morozov
  • Nate Landwehr
  • Roman Bogatov
  • Shavkat Rakhomonov
  • Bruna Silva
  • Khadis Ibragimov
  • Alexandar Volkov

10. Legacy Fighting Alliance

LFA was founded by Ed Soares in 2017 where its headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.

This American-based MMA promotion has organized over 85 events. Their fights are broadcasted on AXS TV Fights and you can stream them online via UFC Fight Pass and on YouTube. Follow them on their website at

Top Fighters include:

  • Vannessa Demopoulos
  • Zvaid Lazishvili

11. World Fighting Championship Akhmat

WFCA is located in Russia. This great MMA promotion claim that their 900 fighters have competed in 754 fights under 70 events.

Their Top Fighters include :

  • Rakhman Dudaev aka The warrior
  • Abubakar Vagaev
  • Beslan Ushukov
  • Ahmed Shervaniev

12. Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki

KSW was founded in 2004. Its headquarters is in Warsaw, Poland.
They are well known around Europe and they hosted their KSW 59 championship earlier March this year.

Their Top Fighters include:

  • Mamed Khalidov
  • Phil De Fries
  • Michal Materla
  • Lukasz Jurkowsk
  • Antoni Chmielewski

Their fights are being watched on Polstar Sports. However, foreigners can stream their fights via KSWTV and YouTube

13. Deep International

Deep International was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. Like Road FC, it is among the best and populous MMA Promotions in Asia.

Notable fighters who started with Deep International include :

  • Ryo Chonan
  • Chan Sung Jung

Their Top Fighters include

  • Sumimura Ryuchirou
  • Koji Takeda
  • Yamitsu Dominator Satoshi
  • Mizuno Tatsuya

You can watch ther fights on Abema TV

14. Road Fighting Championship

Road FC was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Wonju-si South Korea. They are among the best and populous MMA Promotions in Asia.

Road FC has produced some renowned players who excelled in MMA. Some of which includes; Siala-Mou Siliga, Aorigele

Siala-Mou Siliga is popularly known for winning six fights out of his last seven. Aorigele did same and was called A Heavyweight Supernova.

Road Fighting Championship (Road FC) Top Players include:

  • Yang Hae-Jun
  • Mansour Barnaoui
  • Lee Jeong-Yeong
  • Kim Min-Woo
  • Mighty Mo
  • Ham SEO-HEE

They have broadcast deals with MBC Sports, some Korean media agencies and their fights can be streamed via YouTube.

15. Cage Warriors Fight Championship

Cage Warriors Fight Championship CWFC

CWFC was founded by Dougie Truman in 2002 and had its headquarters in London, UK. Their debut event Armageddon happened in the same 2002.

Their top fighters include :

  • Jack Cartwright
  • Jake Hadley
  • Agy Sardari
  • Morgan Charriere
  • Nathias Fredrick.

CWFC has organized so many events since its inception, more than 140 counted so far and many more subsequently. Their fights have been broadcasted by BT Sportsband by UFC FightPass, alongside more than 15 media firms worldwide who will televise and broadcast their events.

Flagship fighters include:

  • Bigfoot Silva.
  • Michael Bisping
  • Conor McGregor

Now that’s it! 15 incredible promotions. Hope your favorite promotions were mentioned? If not, you can mention them in the comment section. Also, stay tuned because we will regularly update you fans with: mma fights tonight results, current MMA fighters net worth, Newly joined or Recent women’s mma fights stars and more highlights on ufc results based on winners. Also history of mixed martial art matches, especially about those who won rounds back in the day, all would be updated subsequently. Ref: sportytell

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