Best Universities In North Cyprus in 2023

A school is a place of learning and a place where people come together to study. It is also an institution that offers its students with various facilities.

A good school should enable its students to learn and grow through the years. A school should have proper infrastructure and good resources for education. In addition, it should be able to provide facilities like classrooms, laboratories, and other facilities to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best universities in North Cyprus, their tuition, the link to visit each University, and the requirement to study in North Cyprus, so read on!

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Why Study In North Cyprus?

  • Internationally acclaimed and widely respected are North Cyprus universities.
  • Compared to many universities in other regions of Europe, those in North Cyprus are superior.
  • The English-medium education offered by North Cyprus universities is of the highest caliber.
  • The chance to learn from internationally recognized faculty members is available to overseas students.
  • The credit system used in American education is what is used in North Cyprus. United States natives make up a large portion of the lecturers.
  • The majority of the courses are taught in English and are accessible at the undergraduate (first degree) and graduate (MSc) levels.
  • The cost of tuition is reasonable (all of our students receive 50% scholarships). The cost becomes very reasonable as a result.
  • reasonable costs of living. Compared to most of Europe, the tuition is low and affordable.
  • The American Credit System is used in education in North Cyprus. American nationals make up a large portion of the lecturers.
  • Both undergraduate (first degree) and graduate (MSc) levels provide access to hundreds of courses, all of which are taught in English.
  • Low tuition costs (all of our students receive 50% scholarships). The price is fairly reasonable as a result.
  • Reasonable living costs. The cost of tuition is reasonable and less than in most of Europe.
  • Excellent facilities for social, cultural, and athletic activity along with world-class educational quality.
  • On campus and across the city, there are accommodations of the highest caliber.

Requirements For Universities In North Cyprus

Before being accepted into a university in North Cyprus, each applicant must meet a set of minimal prerequisites. You can still apply if you’re in the process of getting those documents, just let us know when you’ll be able to do so in your application.

When you are accepted, bring the originals of your application materials to the university and upload copies of them on the RocApply platform.

Higher Secondary School Diploma or a for undergraduate programs

  • Birth certificate and passport scan TOEFL (513 PBT/65 IBT) or IELTS (5.5).
  • When they arrive at the university campus in North Cyprus, students without proof of their English competence can take an English exam.
  • Digital birth certificate and international passport

For master’s programs:

  • For each term or year of study that has been completed, a valid transcript for a bachelor’s degree.
  • IELTS or the TOEFL (513/65 on the IBT) (5.5). When they arrive at the university campus in North Cyprus, students without proof of their English competence can take an English exam.
  • birth certificate and international passport scans

For PhD applications:

  • A current Master’s degree and the transcripts for each year/term of graduate school.
  • IELTS or the TOEFL (513/65 on the IBT) (5.5). When they arrive at the university campus in North Cyprus, students without proof of their English competence can take an English exam.
  • birth certificate and international passport scans

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Best Universities In North Cyprus

1. Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University
study at Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Tuition fee: £15,700

Considered one of the earliest universities in North Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean University was founded in Famagusta, North Cyprus, in 1979. The engineering faculty, which offered three-year studies in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering in North Cyprus, is where the institution first gained a reputation.

Later, 4-year programs were added to the Eastern Mediterranean University’s engineering curriculum in 1984. EMU was initially introduced as a university in 1986 after beginning as an institute at its inception.

More buildings were added as the university grew to accommodate the needs of the student’s education. The campus of the institution was the site of a wide variety of ceremonies, conferences, and congresses.

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2. Near East University

Near East University
study at Near East University, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £57,592

The Near East University was founded in 1988 in Nicosia, North Cyprus. With the development of education that followed, the NEU’s reputation began to grow.

Near East College joined the family five years after the university’s founding. The administrative team welcomed the launch of Near East Elementary School in 1996 as well, giving all generations access to education.

More buildings were constructed as the university grew to accommodate the needs of student life and education. On the university campus, a variety of graduation events, seminars, and congresses were held. The 2010 ceremony to inaugurate NEU Hospital was one of the most significant events.

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3. Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University
study at Cyprus International University, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £12,500

In North Cyprus, Cyprus International University was founded in 1997. CIU’s global standing has been rising steadily and swiftly over the past few years. Cyprus International University is getting a lot of unexpected students from all over the world on a magnificent campus as a result of the quick expansions it has made.

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4. American University of Girne

American University of Girne
study at American University of Girne, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £5,500

The American University, commonly referred to as Girne American University, was founded in 1985 in Girne or Kyrenia, in the northern portion of Cyprus. To become more global, the institution began to increase its relationships, programs, and campuses abroad.

Following years of academic excellence and establishment, GAU campuses are now located in the UK, the US, Japan, Moldova, and Istanbul. To compete with other North Cyprus universities, the university in North Cyprus grew and more facilities were added to support the needs of student life and study.

Today, Girne American University has more than 15,000 students from 103 different countries, making it an international institution that offers its students a top-notch education with an American focus.

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5. Lefke University Of Europe

Lefke University Of Europe
study at Lefke University Of Europe, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £15,000

Lefke Avrupa Üniversitesi, usually referred to as EUL, the European University of Lefke, was established as a governmental university in 1990.

It is setting in the hills of Northern Cyprus, with views of the Mediterranean Sea and a comfortable environment for its pupils, which is very important.

Internationally recognized standards are upheld by EUL, which also provides its community with continual research and advancements.

With more than 4000 students from 35 different nations, the European University of Lefke is surprisingly rising in the ranks today in preparation for more extensive development.

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6. Kyrenia University

Kyrenia University
study at Kyrenia University, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £5600

In 2013 Girne, in the northern portion of Cyprus, saw the establishment of the University of Kyrenia. Even though the university’s main campus opened in 2013, it continued to operate with the help of its sister institution, Near East University, which allowed students to continue their education until the opening of the main campus.

The University of Kyrenia is currently undergoing constant expansions so that it can accommodate 4000 students for academic purposes.

 The maritime and aviation faculties, which have played a significant role in North Cyprus education for both local and international students, are where the university first began to establish its reputation.

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7. Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University
study at Middle East Technical University, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £9,450

Turkey has several subsidiaries, one of which is the Middle East Technical University in Güzelyurt, North Cyprus. METU was established in compliance with a 2000 invitation from the governments of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and a 2003 foundation law.

The Middle East Technical University, one of North Cyprus’ newest colleges, offers a cutting-edge campus and cutting-edge tools so that students can enjoy competition.

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8. The Technical University Of Istanbul

The Technical University Of Istanbul
study at The Technical University Of Istanbul, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £16,000

When the Famagusta Campus was first constructed in the 2011–2012 academic year, Istanbul Technical University was one of the North Cyprus universities that started providing English preparatory instruction there. Since being established as a new branch of the old Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul, ITU has widened its horizons in the marine fields.

The Istanbul Technical University provides undergraduate degrees in maritime transportation management engineering, naval architecture, and marine engineering.

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9. University of Mediterranean Karpasia

University of Mediterranean Karpasia
study at University of Mediterranean Karpasia, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £6820

Nicosia in North Cyprus is the birthplace of the University of Mediterranean Karpasia. The UMK aims to improve the calibre of its instruction and to produce tolerant, self-assured, and enterprising people with top-notch professional knowledge, skills, and competencies with the establishment of its second campus in 2014.

To meet worldwide university requirements, agreements have been reached with various foreign universities, such as B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School – Switzerland, Superior University, and College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM).

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10. Cyprus University of Science

Cyprus University of Science
study at Cyprus University of Science, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £5000

In 2013 Girne, in North Cyprus, saw the founding of the Cyprus Science University. Worldwide university collaborations have been established and maintained by CSU. Undergraduate students who want to study abroad in North Cyprus might take advantage of these connections.

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11. University of Technology of Cyprus

University of Technology of Cyprus
study at University of Technology of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £5,200

On the island’s southern coast, in Limassol, the second largest city is the public institution known as the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). It is a brand-new institution that was only founded in 2004 and welcomed its first students in the 2007–2008 school year.

The Institution of Cyprus, Cyprus’ other sizable public university, does not offer certain topics, hence the university was founded to fill this gap. The university’s primary academic divisions are located in remodelled government buildings in the historic city centre.

CUT places a lot of emphasis on establishing relationships with foreign colleges, and one of its declared goals is “the development of international cooperation with intellectual and scientific organizations.”

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12. University of Cyprus

University of Cyprus
study ar University of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £3,417

In 1989, Nicosia, the island’s capital, saw the establishment of the public university known as the University of Cyprus.

The university now has 21 departments spread across eight faculties: the faculty of humanities, the faculty of pure and applied sciences, the faculty of social sciences and education, the faculty of economics and management, the faculty of engineering, the faculty of letters, the medical school, and the faculty of graduate studies.

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Cost Of Studying In The Best Universities In North Cyprus

Cyprus’s tuition costs vary by institution and area, however, they are often less expensive than those in other nations. The length and type of the study program affect the tuition cost. Therefore, you must get reliable information about tuition costs directly from the higher education school you are interested in.

Universities decide on tuition costs. Undergraduate degree programs at Cyprus’s universities might cost anywhere between 3,000 and 13,000 euros per year to complete.

The price will range from 5,000 to 10,000 euros if you choose to pursue postgraduate study. Expect tuition costs to be slightly higher, ranging from 10,000 EUR to 22,000 EUR, if you wish to study medicine or dentistry. Last but not least, the cost of PhD studies in Cyprus is estimated to be at least 7,000 EUR.

Scholarships In North Cyprus

You should be aware that Cyprus offers various scholarships each year to international students if you want to apply for one. In Cyprus, scholarships are typically offered by the institution or the government.

These bursaries are available for a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. A constrained number of students are given scholarships each year. The qualifications and conditions specified by the institution or the government, which change depending on the topic of study, must be met by applicants for them to be awarded a scholarship in Cyprus.

You can apply for a scholarship in Cyprus by visiting the websites of the many universities there, or you can find a supervisor here who will accept your application and send you a letter of approval.

North Cyprus University Student Visa

Northern Cyprus does not require a visa for entry because it welcomes visitors and international students. Depending on the reason for arrival, there are different lengths of stay on the island. Turkish airports are used for all flights to North Cyprus.

If you need a visa to enter Turkey, a transit visa is necessary for arrival in C. Cyprus. Transit visas through Turkey for flights to Northern Cyprus are not permitted for nationals of nations with visa-free entry privileges.

Additionally, you must a passport from outside the country as well as an invitation from the university if you want a transit visa.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enrol at Northern Cyprus universities?

Compliance with the requirements for admission is necessary for enrollment in international universities. Each university has policies that must be followed before admission, based on the applicant’s place of residency.

You must be aware of the whole list of required documents, the prerequisites for enrollment in the preferred faculty, the filing date, etc. Cyprus’s higher education institutions are not an exception to this rule. Two times a year, applications from foreign students are accepted.

The fall semester is when most students enrol. Future nonresident applicants may speak with the institution directly or via “FD Education,” the recognized partner of Cyprus universities in the recruitment of international students.

Are degrees earned in North Cyprus recognized internationally?

Nevertheless, due to their certification by the Turkish higher education board, which validates Northern Cypriot documentation, Northern Cyprus universities’ degrees are recognized by the majority of universities worldwide.

Can one study well in North Cyprus?

English-taught education at North Cyprus universities is of the highest calibre and meets international norms. International students get access to highly qualified faculty who meet global standards. The United States is sending out a lot of guest lecturers.


In conclusion, we have compiled a list of the best universities in south Cyprus. The list includes only the most prestigious universities in the region. This is because we believe that it is important for you to know what you are getting yourself into before choosing a university. A good education does not come cheap, but it will be worth it in the long run.

We hope that our list helped you decide which university would be best for your goals and needs!


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