Best Universities In The UK For Master In Information Technology 2023

A course called management information Systems (MIS) was created to examine how people, technology, companies, and those interactions

interact. MIS offers the management carefully chosen, decision-oriented data to plan and assess the organization’s operations. One of the most promising industries today is information systems.

It is possible to earn a graduate degree in MIS. Due to its cutting-edge educational infrastructure and high standard of instruction, the UK is a popular destination for students seeking a degree in MIS. To learn more about the best universities in the UK for master in information technology, keep reading!

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Why You Should Study Master In Information Technology In The UK

The greatest universities and institutions in the UK consistently rank at the top of credible university rankings, and several of them are regarded as among the best in the world for educating overseas students in computer science and information technology. In addition to the assurance that you will receive a high caliber of academic training, you will have access to a wide range of scholarship opportunities, be immersed in a highly multicultural environment, and have the opportunity to participate in networking events and intern at some of the regional IT firms.

An MIS degree combines information systems and computer science with a business-focused emphasis. Management information systems are becoming more and more significant. One of the most common options examined by overseas students is studying MIS in the UK. To help students comprehend the technical and managerial jobs in the sector, the UK offers them the best methodologies, tactics, and approaches.

Benefits Of Studying Masters In Information Technology In The UK.

  • The UK supports students who want to attend one of the top universities in the world to earn an information systems degree.
  • It prepares students for careers in management and consulting, as well as research positions.
  • It prepares students for careers in management and consulting, as well as research positions.
  • Students benefit from networking opportunities and cultural education because of the UK’s diverse student population.
  • Some of the world’s top research centers are located in the United Kingdom.
  • International students, in particular, are captivated by the fact that UK institutions are well-equipped with some of the most cutting-edge technology facilities and that they may constantly use this equipment to supplement their coursework, research, and assignments. For instance, several institutions, including the City University of London, will offer all students free 24-hour access to Apple Macs and Linux PCs in various locations across the campus.
  • Both students and instructors utilize laptops or PCs during class, and the lecturers project their instructions and presentations on large TV displays. You will always have the option to test game software at studios and labs designed specifically for gaming if you enrolled in a Computer Science Master’s degree with an emphasis on game development.

What Are The Scope Of IT In The UK?

Considering the significant influence that information technology (IT) has accrued over the years, the scope of IT in the UK is enormous. Graduates in the discipline have many career options, including those in information systems, data administration, software development, programming, or any computer-related fields like social media, gaming, web technology, networking, database management, etc.

The benefit of having an IT degree is that it provides students with many platforms as opposed to the few job options one can obtain by studying IT specifically. It is obvious in the academic rigor of UK universities, which have a strong track record of reorganizing and updating the field of study to keep up with global IT upgrades and help students become competitive and relevant in a global context. Students from all over the world have the chance to enter a field of study whose quality and scope are unconstrained by national borders by enrolling in the MSc in Information Technology (IT) in the UK for International Students.

Masters In Information And Technology Eligibility In The UK

The following is a list of requirements to be eligible for the MIS in UK course:

The requirements for MIS eligibility in UK degree programs vary by institution. Every university has specified standards for eligibility that every applicant must meet. These are the standard requirements for MIS eligibility in the UK:

A candidate must hold a first-division, three to four-year bachelor’s degree in the relevant field from an accredited university. (60-80%) IELTS and TOEFL test results for English proficiency are required of all applicants. IELTS overall score requirements are 6.5 or higher, while TOEFL requirements are 90 or higher. Every applicant must present accurate GMAT/GRE results.

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Best Universities In The UK For Master In Information Technology

1. Cranfield University

Cranfield University
study Information Technology at Cranfield University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £20,100

One of the best universities in the UK to study MIS is Cranfield University. The class offers students the perfect setting for learning to acquire a suitable career in their sector of choice. The institution encourages them to work with a strong research team, eminent professors, and industrial practitioners to develop their research talents.

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2. University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow
study masters in information technology at University of Glasgow, UK
  • Tuition fee: £18,370

The University of Glasgow’s MIS in the UK curriculum aids students in developing a thorough awareness of both technical vocabulary and current business and management concerns. Through exercises, they promote creative thinking and aid in the development of analytical and interpretative


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3. University of Aston

University of Aston
study masters in information technology at University of Aston, UK
  • Tuition fee: £16,990

The MIS in UK program was created in partnership with business partners, ensuring that the students would graduate with specialised skills that are in demand in the job market. A practical skill set is developed by the students as a result of the vast majority of their modules being very practical and involving applied learning activities.

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4. Manchester University

Manchester University
study masters in information technology at Manchester University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £21,250

The management and information system is known as the University of Manchester MIS, developed by The University of Manchester in UK is distinctive. It aids in preparing students for managerial and IT positions. Information systems are the focus of the course, including their creation, management, and implementation. When it comes to development studies, the university is ranked 11th globally and 7th in the UK (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021).

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5. The University of Business at Warwick

The University of Business at Warwick
study masters in information teechnology at the University of Business at Warwick, UK
  • Tuition fee: £10,500

Among the esteemed universities in the UK that offer MIS is Warwick Business School. Instead of emphasizing academic theory, the course emphasizes practical and professional application. In this course, students will learn how to apply digital technology in diverse enterprises and strengthen their managerial and strategic planning skills.

Additionally, the university accepts applicants from many undergraduate programs and has tight ties with leading MNCs, including EY, Barclays, PA Consulting,, Google, and Deloitte.

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6. Roehampton University in London

Roehampton University in London
study masters in information technology at Roehampton University in London, UJK
  • Tuition fee: £17,276

People with numerous computing specialities have a wealth of opportunities across all businesses and sectors because of the rapid advancements in technology. Our MSc Computer Degree is a conversion program that requires no prior academic computing expertise, making it the perfect course for those looking to change careers or gain new skills to complement their current experience and advance into a wider range of fascinating professions in computing and IT.

To help you become a proficient and fluent computer expert, the course focuses on fundamental computing abilities such as software development, databases, and cyber security. You will gain knowledge of the fundamentals of programming across platforms and languages, as well as how to build safe systems and offer data solutions.

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7. University Of Derby

University Of Derby
study masters in technology at University Of Derby. UK
  • Tuition fee: £ 14,700

With the rise of smartphones, personal navigation devices, and widespread access to broadband Internet, the world of information technology is growing at an amazing rate. It implies that people who can use IT in novel ways to produce real, competitive advantage will have fascinating employment opportunities in the future.

With the help of our comprehensive MSc in Information Technology will equip you to use IT wisely and professionally to address workplace difficulties. You will be able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate both the human and technological variables needed to deploy IT successfully the industry by the end of this program.

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8. KTH University

KTH University
study masters in information technology at KTH University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £23,000

Through the curriculum, you get expertise in electronics, software, computer science, and communications technologies. The program’s integration of technology with economics, leadership, and sustainable development provides a wide perspective on technological growth. The curriculum offers a lot of elective courses, giving you a chance to customize your education.

All instruction is given in English and consists of lectures, lab work, and practice. The significant group work you can do will be useful at potential workplaces and research settings. Your instructors are renowned professors from around the world, and the program is based on the most recent research that KTH performs in partnership with businesses.

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9. University Of West Scotland

University Of West Scotland
study masters in information at University Of West Scotland, UK
  • Tuition fee: £8,670

Most modern businesses depend heavily on technology since it provides the resources required for the better, more intelligent, and more effective operations of their organizations. Graduates with a degree in information technology have a staggering array of job opportunities available to them, allowing them to enter the field at a higher level and assume more duty and responsibility with a higher wage.

A master’s degree in science is the ideal next step for graduates from other fields seeking to enter the business IT field or for professionals in the field who are seeking to advance their career opportunities. With the assistance of this curriculum, you will be given the fundamental technical know-how, real-world business talents, and personal qualities you need to integrate easily into the corporate IT working world.

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Masters In Information Technology Job Prospectus

Around the world, workers with master’s degrees in computer science and information technology earn quite well. According to statistics, computer science and information technology graduates in the UK make more money than those in many other departments.

An IT graduate’s yearly income in the UK is approximately 40,000 GBP. Your resume will always benefit from studying information technology in the UK. Institutes in your nation will be delighted to hire you and institutes worldwide. You can participate in internships and workshops in the UK. Giants through the greatest computer science universities in the UK, which will help you build relationships with the top universities worldwide.

Information Technology (IT) Entrance Requirements in the UK

The initial UK entry requirement for information technology (IT) is a 2:2 (second class, second division) in any bachelor’s honors degree. Although the number mentioned above may satisfy practically all UK universities, it is subject to alter amongst universities, notably top academic institutions that may establish a higher need for 2:1 (second class, first division) to satisfy UK Masters in Information Technology (IT) Requirements.

A minimum of two academic references are also required, which the universities anticipate the candidates to supply to give their applications more weight. You can get in touch with our knowledgeable staff of experienced counselors for any additional information or questions on the

UK Information Technology (IT) Language Requirements

To follow the English medium of instruction in UK universities, international students must validate their English language competency in the application after meeting the academic English Language requirements for Information Technology (IT) in the UK.

The following exams and needed scores are preferred and recommended by the universities as meeting the English Language Requirements for the MSc in Information Technology (IT) in The UK.

They have a combined score of 6.0 on the IELTS, 79 on the TOEFL, and 53 on the PTE. Changes may be made to the English language requirements for master’s programs in information technology (IT) in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need IELTS for a master’s in information technology in the UK? 

IELTS is required for a UK masters in information technology. The prevalence of IELTS in UK academia has made it into the standard test that is preferred and recommended by both universities and the student body to validate the English language proficiency of international candidates by providing a clearer picture of their writing, reading, speaking, and listening abilities. But even though IELTS has established such a solid reputation in academia, it is still feasible to pursue a Master in Information Technology (IT) in the UK without taking the test, as certain universities only require specific requirements to be met to admit overseas students.

For these universities, a candidate’s success is in English. The language throughout senior secondary levels is given more weight than their IELTS results, hence the prerequisite is to receive at least a 60% on the 12th standard English language paper. It will also suffice to replace IELTS in the admissions process if you have a good conversation with the admissions personnel via a telephone interview.

In the UK, what is the cost of information technology (IT)?

For overseas students solely, the average cost of information technology (IT) in the UK is about £7,750. This cost does not include the extension for a one-year internship. Only a small portion of the UK’s information technology (IT) is covered by the tuition fee, which is approximately £13,750. Cost includes other outlays, including travel and lodging costs, food and medical insurance costs, final charges, and additional tuition. The study style—full-time or part-time—for a master’s degree in information technology (IT) in the UK also matters. The price of an MSc in Information Technology (IT) in the UK may vary depending on the university’s reputation, resources, and reach.

Why should I study master’s in information technology?

The MSc provides excellent employment and financial prospects in Information Technology. A career in major corporate organizations as an IT “solution” consultant, in-house IT support, or IT infrastructure design may be an option for you. Likewise, there is a rising need for experts in the strategic use of IT to seize cutting-edge business prospects by utilizing cloud computing and other related technologies.

Alternatively, you might conduct additional research leading to a PhD or find work in a research and development environment.


One of the most popular study-abroad locations worldwide is the UK. The United Kingdom is your best bet if you want to pursue a master’s degree in information technology. One of the most sought-after universities is the UK university.

The UK is a master’s in computer science, along with studies in information technology. The benefits of studying information technology and the best universities in the UK have been explained in this article!


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