Best Medical Universities In Cyprus 2023

At the meeting point of the East and West and the North and South of three continents, on an island in the Mediterranean, is the republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus, the third-most populous island in the Mediterranean, is a well-liked tourism destination, a thriving economic hub, and a hub for education. Despite being geographically part of Asia, Cyprus is regarded historically and culturally as being in Europe. Cyprus now has two private colleges, four private universities, and three public institutions.

Let’s now detail more on the best medical universities in Cyprus and why you should study there!

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Why Would You Study Medicine In Cyprus?

Choosing a medical university in Cyprus may have you wondering why you should. Some of the justifications for why this is among your greatest choices are listed below.

  • Cyprus is a great chance to study and live in an advanced nation that is also a part of the E.U.
  • Among the most developed economies in the world, the island comes in at number 31, where education entails more than just obtaining a diploma.
  • The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), used by all higher education institutions in Cyprus, will enable a simple transfer.
  • A diploma accepted to practice medicine in the nation of your choice will be given to you.
  • The higher education system in Cyprus is always evolving to provide the best possible education.
  • Most of its universities offer medical programs in English, particularly those in the nation’s capital, Nicosia.
  • You will have access to the finest clinics, hospitals, research facilities, and libraries, where the top experts will be delighted to impart their knowledge to you.
  • Compared to most European nations, the cost of living is lower.
  • You can study medicine in Cyprus and see how you practiced it back when.
  • Dormitories at universities resemble luxury resorts.

Criteria for Admission for International Students to Study Medicine in Cyprus

Although a few prerequisites are required of all students, local colleges determine their entrance standards. One of them is a diploma from a secondary school. For entrance, grades in biology, chemistry, physics, and math carry more weight than grades in other areas. A certificate of English proficiency is the other prerequisite.

In actuality, Nicosia’s Near East University does not demand anything more. If they so choose, students can even take the English competency test on campus.

Costs of Living and Tuition For Medical School in Cyprus

Cyprus’s tuition costs span the entire price range in Europe, from moderately priced to prohibitively. The cost of attendance is between €12600 and €18000. Cyprus’s cost of living is also average for Europe. However, Mediterranean island life is worthwhile.

Cyprus’s Medical Schools’ Tuition Charges

Depending on the university you apply to, the tuition for Cyprus’s many medical schools can range from €12600 to €18000. The availability of financial aid and fee waivers is dependent on family income.

Cost of Living in Nicosia

Without rent, a month in Nicosia costs about €750 in living expenditures. Depending on the location’s distance from the city center, a 1-bedroom apartment’s monthly rent ranges from €450 to €540. It can further reduce students’ costs by living in dorms.

Medical School in Cyprus

Be at ease knowing that Cyprus’ medical schools have a stellar reputation and are becoming more and more well-known if you consider enrolling in one of its medical programs. Medical students will participate in rotations at its healthcare facilities to get the knowledge and expertise needed to become effective future doctors.

The healthcare system in Cyprus is comparable to that of industrialized nations. Medical students will use these facilities to advance their careers as doctors because they are fully equipped with healthcare facilities and medical professionals.

The availability of English-language programs and the reasonable cost of tuition make receiving a medical education in Cyprus more alluring.

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Best Medical Universities In Cyprus

1. The University of Nicosia Medical School

The University of Nicosia Medical School
study at the University of Nicosia Medical School. Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £24,000

This is one of the medical schools in Cyprus where, according to employment statistics, 751 or 99.9% of the total 752 Medical School graduates (from 2015 to 2022) have received job offers for residency training and research posts at more than 300 medical centers throughout the world. The 2022 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings place them as the 36th top university worldwide for quality education.

Additionally, they were the first medical school in Cyprus to begin a medical program in 2011, and their medical school is the biggest in the nation.

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2. European University Cyprus

European University Cyprus
study at European University Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £21,000

This university is among the best medical schools in Cyprus, receiving a 5-star rating from the Q.S. Intelligence Unit. In 2022, they were ranked among the top 201+ universities worldwide for the third time.

Their medical school will assist you in fusing critical scientific theory with patient-centred clinical practice, enabling you to develop the proficiency required in modern medicine. They provide medical professionals and biomedical scientists with a 6-year Doctor of Medicine degree and specific postgraduate degrees.

You can work in private and governmental hospitals throughout Cyprus after completing practical training at the E.U.C. Additionally, there is a global network for practicums during the summer. This includes organizations like the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, Imperial College London in the U.K., and Shriners Hospitals for Children in the U.S.

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3. The University of Cyprus Medical School

The University of Cyprus Medical School
study at the University of Cyprus Medical School
  • Tuition fee: £13,000

One of Cyprus’s three missions, which this medical school carries out, is;

  • undergraduate and graduate students receiving a modern medical education
  • the provision of top-notch medical treatment to Cyprus’s residents and visitors,
  • outstanding research accomplishments in the vast field of medical sciences.

While they offer bachelor’s degrees in medicine in Greek and English, their master’s degree, which you can earn in three academic semesters (at most), is solely offered in English.

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4. University of Eastern Mediterranean’s School of Medicine

University of Eastern Mediterranean's School of Medicine
study at University of Eastern Mediterranean’s School of Medicine
  • Tuition fee: £15,700

Another prestigious medical school in Cyprus began awarding medical degrees at the start of the academic year 2012–2013. It is a collaborative degree program between the institution and UTEAK that offers a 6-year medical training program (National Medicine Education Accreditation Board).

Even though the curriculum is English, international students must complete Turkish classes to interact with hospital patients.

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5. St. George’s University of London and the University of Nicosia

St. George's University of London and the University of Nicosia
study at St. George’s University of London and the University of Nicosia. Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £9,250

This is one of the top medical schools in Cyprus, both the University of Nicosia (UNIC), the biggest university in Cyprus, and St. George’s, University of London, the only speciality medical and healthcare higher education institution in the United Kingdom, recognized.

In Nicosia, Cyprus, we have collaborated to provide the St George’s graduate-entry 4-year MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) curriculum since 2011.

One aspect of their program that sets it apart is the early exposure to clinical practice; you will start seeing patients in your first year, giving you the necessary clinical foundation.

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6. Medical School of Cyprus International University

Medical School of Cyprus International University
study at Medical School of Cyprus International University, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £12,955

One of Cyprus’s medical universities, this one was founded to change how we think about medical education. Their degree program lasts six years, with the first three years being devoted to introductory courses in clinical medicine and basic sciences.

You will sign up for internships in your fourth and fifth years, and in your sixth year, you will be in charge of caring for patients and completing your education while being supervised by teaching practitioners.

Additionally, you can complete your fourth-year degree at one of two respected universities in the United Kingdom.

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7. Faculty of Medicine at Girne American University

Faculty of Medicine at Girne American University
study at Faculty of Medicine at Girne American University.
  • Tuition fee: £7,525

One of the medical schools in Cyprus that accepts international students needs a rigorous six-year curriculum to earn a degree.

The first four semesters will concentrate on “Basic Medical Sciences,” similar to most other medical schools we have listed. You will spend the fifth and sixth semesters learning “Introduction to Clinical Sciences.” You will concentrate on “Clinical Sciences” from the seventh through tenth semesters; the courses will rotate at this point. Finally, in the eleventh and twelfth semesters, you will deal with “Family Medicine (Internship).”

They have three departments in its school of medicine, including the

  • Department of Internal Medical Sciences.
  • Surgery Medical Sciences Department
  • Basic Medical Sciences Department

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8. The University of Science in Cyprus

The University of Science in Cyprus
study at the University of Science in Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £21,000

One of the top medical schools in Cyprus that is rapidly expanding internationally presently enrolls students from 23 different nations in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

They offer a four-year nursing degree and offer overseas students who transfer to their school 70% scholarships.

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9. Near East University

Near East University
study at Near East University, Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: £12,600

Veterinary, pharmacy, medical, and other courses are available at private universities Near East University. Northern Cyprus’ biggest university is situated in North Nicosia. There were only 2 faculties when it was first founded in 1988. A total of 20 faculties and more than 220 departments make up the institution today.

This medical centre offers 5-year programs in dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine in addition to a 6-year program in medicine. For the M.D. program, annual tuition is €12600. Each year, the pharmacy and veterinary programs cost €8.600, while the D.M.D. program costs €11,600.

The beautiful dorm that houses rooms and apartments belongs to Near East University. The furniture, gadgets, and high-speed internet are all fully functional in each one.

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10. Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING)

Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING)
study at Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING),Cyprus
  • Tuition fee: 5,450

The mission of CING, a private, nonprofit, bicommunal medical, research, and academic centre founded in 1990, are to advance national health via patient care, scientific inquiry, and educational initiatives.

The institute’s 13 departments and associated facilities, which include clinics and labs where academic instruction and research in fields including neuropathology, forensic genetics, and neuroscience takes place, are organized into the institute.

Additionally, CING is home to the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM), which conducts and instructs postgraduate research. At CSMM, seven molecular medicine, medical genetics, neurology, and biomedical research programs are available, leading to MSc and PhD degrees.

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How to Enroll in Cyprus Medical Schools

Cyprus is no exception when it comes to the difficulty of getting into medical school, but if you use the right techniques and advice, as I previously suggested, it should be easy for you. Due to the competitiveness of medical school admissions and the demanding nature of the field, only the best candidates are chosen.

You must fulfil specific qualifications, including the grades you must obtain, to be considered for admission to medical schools in Cyprus. Let’s look at them:

  • Higher education diploma: You must have completed high school and obtained your high school leaving certificate with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 90%, G.C.E. A-levels with grades ABB, or I.B. with 32 overall and a combined score of 16 at Higher Level, or its equivalent, to include Biology in addition to chemistry, physics, or math. Additionally, you must submit high school transcripts.
  • Mastery of the English Language: For the computer-based versions of the IELTS and TOEFL, scores of 6.5 and 213 are required, respectively. Additionally, candidates must have a grade of 5 in English at GCSE, a score of 5 on the English component of the IB Standard Level (S.L.), or a score of 70% on the English component of the submitted.
  • Bachelor’s degree: To increase your chances, you should have earned a bachelor’s degree in the sciences or a field allied to medicine, or a higher degree such as an MSc, MPhil, or PhD in any discipline, with at least a second-class honours or its equivalent.
  • Power of experience: You need professional experience in the healthcare industry to boost your chances of acceptance. You might have worked in a hospital or been a volunteer group member.
  • Reference letters: Learn about scientific instructors so you can ask for excellent recommendations from them while applying to medical colleges in Cyprus. Additionally, you can obtain recommendation letters from your prior employment, particularly if you worked in a hospital or volunteered for a cause.
  • Statement of Purpose: To apply for the medical programs in Cyprus, you must submit a personal statement, among other things. The applicant’s motivation to become a doctor should be mentioned in the statement, along with any relevant work experience. It must be written in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of medical school in Cyprus?

Despite being less expensive in Cyprus than in many other English-speaking nations, medical school can still be quite expensive. For instance, the University of Nicosia charges tuition of €18,000 for the first three years and €22,000 for the following three, with an additional €6,000 per year for the final two years if clinical training is being completed in the U.K. 

It would help if you prepared to spend about €10,000 a year on living expenses.

What is the total number of medical schools in Cyprus?

Cyprus is home to 11 medical universities. Many of the medical programs offered by these universities are in English. Additionally, important medical fields like general medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacy are accessible to students from abroad.

What is the standard of medical care in Cyprus?

In every significant city in Cyprus, there are both public and private hospitals. The Ministry of Health oversees and funds public healthcare in Cyprus. Citizens of the E.U. have access to public healthcare for free or at a minimal cost. Most people can afford the costs of private healthcare.


Cyprus’ excellent healthcare system meets the requirements of many developed nations. The availability of English-language programs and the low cost of tuition make medical school in Cyprus more alluring.

I hope you know the best medical universities in Cyprus. You can choose from any of the universities listed in this article!


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