Highest Paying Jobs In Texas 2023

The highest paying jobs in Texas are a lot like the state itself: they’re diverse, exciting, and full of opportunities.

In the past few years, there has been significant growth in the number of high-paying jobs in Texas. The state’s economy is booming right now, with an influx of new businesses setting up shops and hiring people who want to work hard and impact their community.

The best part about these jobs is that they offer a wide range of benefits, including health insurance and retirement funds–which can help your family get ahead financially when you’re not working.

Keep reading to learn more about the highest-paying jobs in Texas.

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Why Work In Texas?

  • There is no state income tax: Texas has no income taxes, one of the largest draws for relocation. Property taxes in this state are higher than normal, like in other no-tax states. Despite the fact that the state’s sales tax is currently set at 6.25%, local governments can impose their own tax rates, bringing the overall sales tax rate up to a maximum of 8.25%.
  • There are affordable rents and electricity charges: The affordable housing in Texas, which enables one to live opulently despite having a low salary, is another alluring factor for relocation. According to Investopedia, housing costs in Texas are a staggering 59.1% cheaper than they are in California, so if you’re moving there, you should find that to be the case.
  • You have various opportunities: Moving to Texas will leave you with many options because of the state’s varied topography, which offers something for everyone. The vast and stunning state is home to a diverse environment, including ranches, mountains, forests, and deserts. Texas is a favored vacation spot for those who love the ocean because it has 360 miles of breathtaking coastline.
  • Texas has a standard higher institution: Texas is home to some of the best colleges in the country, including Texas A&M University and the University of Texas, Austin (UTA). Even publicly funded institutions like Texas State University and the University of Houston are highly regarded. Texas is becoming a center for education as a result of the large number of international students who are relocating there to attend some of these renowned universities.

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How To Locate Texas Employment That Pays the Most

One of the top motives for quitting work in the United States today is seeking better pay. So here are three suggestions to simplify things if you’re considering leaving your present position in search of employment opportunities with more prospects for advancement.

  • Ensure you explore job-search websites: It’s crucial to study job-search websites that target the Texas job market before you begin your job search. Texas employment search websites offer a current list of positions available in the state, along with specifics on the duties and qualifications of each position.
  • Network with coworkers in the employment sector: Finding a job in Texas can be a lot easier if you have the proper connections. Finding the ideal job in Texas for you can be accomplished by networking with coworkers, friends, or relatives who hold related positions already. You can also contact individuals who share your qualifications, experience level, and job objectives. They can explain how to apply for jobs and how they obtained theirs.
  • Speak with an expert: To aid in your job search, take into account working with a career counselor or recruitment firm. A specialist can offer specialized guidance on creating a standout resume and cover letter for a job that will improve your chances of obtaining an interview.

Different Jobs In Texas

The following groups serve as general divisions of jobs in Texas:

  • Employment in the sciences and the arts, including engineers, computer system analysts, medical managers, software developers, and computer programmers.
  • Construction laborers, welders, mechanics, electricians, carpenters, and electricians are examples of trades.
  • Social workers, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals
  • Travel agencies, restaurants, and tour organizers are all involved in hospitality and tourism.
  • Government and public sector jobs, such as those in law enforcement, police, the military, or state government
  • Jobs in retail, such as employees, cashiers, and salespeople
  • Driving trucks and other related jobs are part of transportation and warehousing operations.

Highest Paying Jobs In Texas

1. Pilots

  • Annual Average Salary: $54,909-$119,922

All across the world, pilots fly aircraft carrying passengers and goods. Depending on the industry they work in, their obligations change. They do pre-flight inspections to ensure the aircraft is in working order, work with air traffic control and evaluate and modify flight paths as necessary.

Commercial plots provide passengers with flight updates or product transportation on cargo planes. Some may even carry out specialized tasks, such as crop dusting in the agricultural sector. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

2. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum Engineer
  • Annual Average Salary: $127,502

The development, production, and management of oil and gas fields are the areas of expertise for a petroleum engineer. In order to tackle issues relating to petroleum extraction, they employ their technical knowledge. For example, they may conduct oil and gas well inspections, assess potential drilling sites, assess the productivity of existing wells, and create plans for the placement of new wells each day.

Additionally, they are in charge of monitoring activities to make sure that safety regulations are met and testing the effectiveness of equipment.

An engineering degree with a focus on petroleum is required for those who want to become petroleum engineers. Physics, chemistry, geology, and mathematics are also required for graduation. Professional engineers must also hold a current license from their state of employment, which is another requirement of many oil corporations. Petroleum engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

3. Project Construction Manager

Project Construction Manager
Project Construction Manager
  • Annual Average Salary: $116,614

An expert overseeing the planning, estimating, and completion of building projects is a construction project manager. They are skilled professionals that manage finances, manage teams, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and supervise every stage of the project from beginning to end.

They can examine plans with contractors and subcontractors on a daily basis, keep an eye on the situation at hand, guarantee the caliber of the work, and oversee staff.

A bachelor’s degree in construction management or a similar discipline is needed to become a project manager in the building industry. Most firms would also expect applicants to have appropriate work experience and software competence, including Microsoft Project and AutoCAD. Construction managers are one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

4. Family Medicine Doctor

Family Medicine Doctor
Family Medicine Doctor
  • Annual Average Salary: $215,310

Family doctors are experts in giving both individuals and families comprehensive treatment. They give patient’s preventive care, identify and treat acute illnesses, manage chronic ailments, do small procedures, write drug prescriptions, and, as necessary, refer patients to other medical professionals.

Family medicine doctors also adopt a more comprehensive approach to patient treatment that entails learning about the patient’s lifestyle, genetic make-up, and family history to develop a healthcare strategy suited to their requirements. Doctors are one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

5. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineer
  • Annual Average Salary:  $96,892

For the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, drinks, and other items, chemical engineers design and improve production methods. They might also concentrate on creating or enhancing new materials through research and development. Every day, chemical engineers design processes, evaluate prototypes, troubleshoot problems with current systems, organize environmental protection strategies, and create quality control methods.

It is necessary to earn an engineering college degree, such as a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering or something comparable, to pursue a career in chemical engineering. Depending on the organization and project, more qualifications can be needed. For example, some organizations demand that candidates have a relevant work history or expert-level familiarity with particular lab procedures and software. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

6. Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal Nurse
Neonatal Nurse
  • Annual Average Salary: $99,605

A practitioner with specialization in the care of newborns, babies, and children up to the age of two is called a neonatal nurse. They are skilled professionals who provide all aspects of care, including diagnosing and treating illnesses, promoting health through preventive care and education, observing growth and development, dispensing medication, and assistance to families with infants who have special needs.

Neonatologists and neonatal nurses might regularly examine and evaluate newborns for health issues, administer medical care, and help in delivery rooms with normal newborn care.

You must complete an approved nursing program and become licensed as a registered nurse to work as a professional neonatal nurse. After that, you’ll need to get a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit certification and accumulate at least two years of work experience. Neonatal nurses are one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

7. Psychiatrist

  • Annual Average Salary: $241,729

Doctors who concentrate on treating mental health conditions are known as psychiatrists. They take part in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses, using techniques like individual therapy, psychoanalysis, and even patient hospitalization and medication.

A psychiatrist works closely with patients to develop individualized treatment plans for their mental health issues. This frequently entails altering behavioral patterns, accepting unpleasant memories, and facilitating improved family dialogue.

Additionally, they have been taught to recommend the proper medication when chemical imbalances result in mental health problems. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

8. Purchase Manager

Purchase manager
Purchase manager
  • Annual Average Salary: $133,010

You can submit an application for the purchase manager job if you meet the requirements. One of the highest-paying professions in Texas is this one. The acquisition manager’s duties include organizing, supervising, and coordinating the buyers’ activities.

The purchasing manager, along with other company employees, is engaged in this process as they buy the product or material on behalf of the business. If you choose this career, you can make up to $133,010 a year, sufficient to live comfortably in Texas.

You can look up the interview processes for these positions on social media or by calling the employers directly. Purchase manager is one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

9. Sales Director

Sales Director
Sales Director
  • Annual Average Salary: $148,000

Sales managers can make up to $148,000 annually to live comfortably for the rest of one’s life. A sales manager is in charge of organizing and managing the delivery of commodities to customers.

Suppose you can generate sales representations, evaluate sales data, and perform various other tasks to keep the company’s profit and sound sales in sync. In that case, you should apply for this position. Sales manager is also one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

10. Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller
Air Traffic Controller
  • Annual Average Salary: $133,260

You can make an average of $133,260 per year as an air traffic manager, which is sufficient to live a happy life ahead. However, controlling air traffic in accordance with the company’s set policies is the duty of the air traffic controller.

You can become financially successful if you choose this job. You can look up this position on the internet and discover their phone numbers to contact them.

You can become a great air traffic controller if you pass all the interview stages and are chosen by their human resources. Air traffic controller is one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

11. Cardiologists

  • Annual Average Salary: $449,300

Cardiologists are health care specialists who work closely with other cardiovascular system members and have a concentration on the heart. Certain areas of cardiology, such as nuclear cardiology, ultrasound, electrophysiology, and interventional cardiology, have attracted some people to specialization.

Examples of general responsibilities include diagnosing and treating heart attacks, irregular heartbeats, coronary heart disease, or blocked arteries.

12. Ophthalmologists

  • Annual Average Salary: $309,902

Ophthalmologists and optometrists both perform similar duties, but optometrists are not allowed to perform surgical procedures and need more medical licensure to practice medicine. In addition, these doctors are competent to perform other corrective eye surgeries as well as cataract removal.

Ocular cosmetic surgery, corneal and external eye diseases and glaucoma treatment are among the subspecialties in this field of study. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

Requirements For Jobs In Texas

Depending on the sort of position, different jobs in Texas have different specific requirements.

People usually need a college degree from an accredited institution for professional and technical roles. In addition, people looking for jobs in the trades frequently need to finish vocational training programs.

In many businesses, a background check is also typically needed for employment. For example, people need to be licensed or certified professionals to work in social services or healthcare.

For positions like bartending or managing a travel agency, candidates in the hospitality and tourism industries may need to possess particular licenses. In addition, before an applicant is accepted, they must pass extensive background checks and receive specialized training for government and public sector jobs. For example, an individual with expertise in customer service or retail operations is frequently needed for retail sales and service positions.

People who want to work in transportation and warehousing should be prepared to work long hours and have a legitimate driver’s license.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do people enjoy working in Texas?

Texas offers favorable working conditions in some respects. The economy is robust, and living expenses are relatively cheap. Although the minimum wage is $7.25, which is the same as the federal minimum wage, entry-level workers should be informed of this fact.

Where in Texas can you find employment that pays the most?

In Texas, Dallas has the greatest average hourly wage. Texas cities Odessa and Austin come in second and third, respectively, after Dallas, according to ZipRecruiter. Dallas is a favorite city for residents due to its low cost of living, a wealth of employment possibilities, pleasant climate, diversity of cultures, and abundance of leisure activities.

What is the most lucrative position in Texas that doesn’t call for a degree?

A physical therapist assistant has one of Texas’ top salaries among non-degree positions. They are paid $56,435 on average. Consider getting a degree to work as a therapy or physical therapist. You’ll be able to earn more money annually as a result of this.

Constructor manager is another well-paying position available without a degree. Construction supervisors handle project management functions. They receive a wage of $74,903 annually on average.


The highest paying jobs in Texas are a lot like the state itself: they’re diverse, exciting, and full of opportunities.

In the past few years, there has been significant growth in the number of high-paying jobs in Texas. The state’s economy is booming right now, with an influx of new businesses setting up shops and hiring people who want to work hard and make an impact on their community.

The best part about these jobs is that they offer a wide range of benefits, including health insurance and retirement funds- which can help your family get ahead financially when you’re not working.


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