Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa 2023

South Africa is one of the best places you can get a high-paying job in Africa. However, getting jobs in this part of the world is challenging as many people are now rushing to work there.

Due to Africa’s lack of employment opportunities, South Africans tend to be extremely loyal to their employers and jobs. They frequently remain with the same company for the entirety of their working lives. Therefore, persons in positions of authority have frequently put in a lot of effort to obtain them.

Do you want to know more about the highest-paying jobs in South Africa? Read on!

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How Can I Find a Job In South Africa?

 1. See if you are eligible for a work visa.

Before submitting any job applications, you must ascertain your eligibility for a South African work visa.

The causes are twofold:

  • It is illegal to reside and work in South Africa without a work visa.
  • If South African employers know you are eligible for a work visa, they are more likely to evaluate your job application. This fact can be brought up in your cover letter.

2. List potential employers with whom you would like to work.

Start by deciding which South African businesses you’d like to collaborate with. Once you’ve compiled a list, keep an eye out for any openings. You can even post your resume on some employers’ websites.

  If you can discover their contact information, it’s also a good idea to contact HR managers. You will get recognized if you have the correct attitude.

3. Create a thorough LinkedIn profile.

According to research, 87% of recruiters frequently utilize LinkedIn. You must use LinkedIn! You still need to get a LinkedIn profile. Create one! What LinkedIn recommends for a stellar profile is as follows:

  • Select the perfect LinkedIn profile photo. That means presenting a recent photo of you that shows you to be both professional and approachable.
  • Include a backdrop image.
  • Make sure to limit your headline to a simple job title. Use it to explain your job, provide motivation for your actions, and reveal what makes you tick.
  •  Expand your network Connect with others on LinkedIn, in other words.
  • Emphasize the services you provide.
  • Acquire endorsements. Members of LinkedIn have the option to request recommendations from their network for their talents. Giving endorsements is a great method to receive them.
  • Take a skills evaluation. An online test called the LinkedIn skills assessment lets you show off the extent of your knowledge and abilities. After passing the test, you can display a Verified Skills badge on your profile.
  • Request suggestions. Consider LinkedIn recommendations as endorsements. Any connections you’ve had the opportunity to work with can provide a recommendation for your profile. These recommendations will give potential employers more information about your character as a person, employee, and worker.

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Work Visa In South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for granting work permits or short-term work visas. It would help if you waited to make travel plans until the Department of Home Affairs’ foreign offices have processed and approved your application for a temporary residence visa. The many visa categories include:

In cases where it has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that South African nationals and permanent residents with the necessary credentials, abilities, and experience are not available for employment, general work visas are granted to foreigners.

In a Government Gazette, the Minister of Home Affairs occasionally publishes a list of essential talents. It would help if you showed credentials to qualify for a critical skills visa.

Multinational corporations occasionally choose to move an existing employee in a crucial position from a foreign branch to a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of that company in South Africa. Such personnel is required to apply for work permits for intra-company transfers.

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Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa

1. Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers
Digital Marketers
  • Annual Average Salary:  $67,000

The need for digital marketing experts has increased dramatically as more companies use digital platforms to sell their goods and services. These professionals assist companies in making the most of social media and other internet marketing channels. Digital marketing experts typically develop and put into action digital marketing strategies.

They employ these techniques to increase brand recognition and generate leads. Digital marketing experts frequently use social media, websites, email marketing, business blogs, search engine rankings, and online displays.

Digital marketers acquire knowledge through internet platforms because digital marketing is still relatively new.

The majority, nevertheless, do it for the certificate. The majority of digital marketers are self-taught. Universities have recently started incorporating digital marketing into their curricula, although only some offer it as a standalone study.

2. Financial Managers

Financial Managers
Financial Managers
  • Annual Average Salary: $89,000

In South Africa, these professionals make an average annual salary of $89k ($49k when they first start). They are a business expert who performs financial management duties for the federal or state governments, banks, or insurance firms. Financial managers in South Africa maintain a record of an organization’s financial data, create budgets, and always consider the organization’s financial impact.

They also guarantee the corporate or business’s financial stability. Given all these considerations, individuals with strong accounting or financial education backgrounds must fill financial management jobs. Most employers need candidates to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in either accounting or finance from a reputable university, followed by some form of certification.

3. Oil and Gas Mining

Oil and Gas Mining
Oil and Gas Mining
  • Annual Average Salary: $64,000

According to a recent salary survey from South Africa, the management of mining and petroleum is another well-paying profession. Since 2008 and 2021, the positions in this profession have risen by six places.

The mining sector, which accounts for 2% of South Africa’s GDP, is vital (GDP). Additionally, it contributes to 27% of all mineral production and 11% of overall exports. Mining companies are finding it difficult to retain their staff, particularly those who have received little or no pay raises in recent years.

When hiring competent workers, the mining industry competes with legitimate and unofficial industries. It is one of the highest-paying jobs you can get in South Africa.

4. Criminal Attorney

Criminal Attorney
Criminal Attorney
  • Annual Average Salary: $56,000

There are no additional academic requirements to become an attorney due to the large number of students who earn degrees in law or closely related professions like journalism or languages. This implies that they must enroll in required training programs before practicing as independent criminal attorneys after completing their education.

Private practice attorneys frequently focus on particular legal fields. Advocates engaged by the government offer all residents of the municipality or district general legal services. These attorneys can handle both civil and criminal cases. However, they are paid less than private attorneys. Before starting your profession, you must obtain a practicing certificate from the South African Bar.

5. Architects


Annual Average Salary: $30,000

As an architect, let’s say you wish to have employment stability. If so, think about pursuing employment in the public sector, where there is a demand for your services (an improving housing market will also help). Finding a job at first can be difficult, which is a drawback. Due to the lower demand than if you were to engage in private practice, this is the case.

The diploma in entrepreneurial management is available to architects who desire to start their businesses. With the help of the diploma, people can launch and effectively operate their design or construction company. To register with the Council for the Built Environment, you must first fulfill a number of standards, which should be noticed.

6. Mechanical and Software Engineers

Mechanical and Software Engineers
Mechanical and Software Engineers

Annual Average Salary: $80,000

According to PayScale, there are plenty of career prospects for mechanical engineers. An individual with such a degree may earn up to $80,000 annually on average. This is dependent on experience and place within the organization. With salaries determined by various factors in South Africa’s open market economy, these professionals rank among the highest earners at this pay rate.

As the globe transitions to a more tech-centric approach, software engineers are now in higher demand than ever. All industries and sectors use software engineering, and the field offers some of the highest salaries. These technological talents will be more in demand as cryptocurrency adoption rises, and salaries will likely rise in tandem.

7. Oil and Gas Producers

Oil and Gas Producers
Oil and Gas Producers
  • Annual Average Salary: $160,000

An oil and gas producer makes an annual compensation of $160,000. Additionally, this differs based on background and residence. In this industry, petroleum engineers have highly specialized and lucrative positions. Any person who wishes to work in the oil industry will discover it to be financially profitable and enjoyable. To obtain the necessary abilities, you must pursue further advanced education and training.

Successful people get compensated well. Six-figure earnings are likely yours if you advance to higher managerial positions.

8. Actuaries

  • Annual Average Salary: $60,000

Actuaries are in charge of estimating and managing risk and uncertainty in enterprises. These experts use their analytical and mathematical skills to solve financial and business problems. This is a highly sought-after profession due to the need for actuaries in the nation. Being an actuary could take up to 9 years.

The assessment and management of risk and uncertainty are of interest to actuaries. Asset, liability, business, and analytical expertise are prerequisites for this career.

9. Sales Manager

Sales Manager
Sales Manager
  • Annual Average Salary: $40,000

To every current business, sales managers are essential. They are in charge of increasing sales inside a business and ensuring that goals are reached. For the sake of the business, they also manage sales teams, hire, and train them. You require a degree in business administration, statistics, or mathematics to become a sales manager. Some companies favor hiring sales managers with a master’s degree in business administration.

Sales managers’ salaries vary depending on the type of sales department they are in charge of, the businesses they work for, and their level of industry expertise.

10. Pharmacist

  • Annual Average Salary: $40,000

One of the rare occupations that don’t need a lot of physical labor but still require constant vigilance is a pharmacy. Pharmacists are one of the few professions in this category.

A job in pharmacy is in high demand globally. One needs a degree or master’s in pharmacy from a school recognized by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) in order to pursue a career in pharmacy in South Africa.

After that, there is a required period of service in a public hospital to complete the requirements, followed by an internship training program lasting one to two years in a community, hospital, or private pharmacy.

11. CyberSecurity

  • Annual Average Salary: $47,000

Cybersecurity’s significance has increased since most large enterprises in South Africa have gone digital. Additionally, the rise in the number of hackers in the digital world has caused many businesses to be on the lookout, leading to a high need for cybersecurity engineers.

Businesses are prepared to pay significant fees to anybody who can assist them in securing their technology.

The invention and implementation of safe network solutions that offer security against cyber-attacks, hackers, etc., are the responsibility of the field of cybersecurity.

A degree in computer science is primarily required to become a cybersecurity engineer.

12. Economist

  • Annual Average Salary: $150,000

The role of economists in business has been increasingly important throughout time. Their main responsibility is to support management in making decisions and long-term planning for a company.

Economists must evaluate a firm’s business environment to address internal and external elements that may impact the business’s ability to expand.

The business climate in a specific location may impact a company’s decision to invest, produce goods, and hire people. This could involve a company’s level of competitiveness as well as governmental economic policy.

Therefore, economists develop business plans that will enable the company to succeed in that setting. You would require a degree in Economics, Statistics, or Business management to be considered an economist.

13. Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control
Air Traffic Control
  • Annual Average Salary: $70,000

Air traffic control is one of the highest paying occupations in South Africa right now, even though it is not as tough to become professionally qualified as a pilot requires a sequence of training.

The air routes systems’ systems for controlling air traffic are kept safe, orderly, and smoothly operating. They carefully assist pilots in navigating the skies during severe weather and keeping a safe distance from other aircraft in the sky and on the ground.

You must receive training from the Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) via the Aviation Training Academy to become an air traffic controller in South Africa. To become an Air Traffic Controller, one must complete 4-6 years of training.

14. Educators

  • Annual Average Salary: $47,000

There is still a severe lack of instructors nationwide, 425 000 being the expected figure. South Africa wants to generate more teachers each year to raise the caliber of its educational systems.

If you enjoy teaching, starting a career in it would be an excellent idea.

In South Africa, one must hold an education-related degree or diploma to be eligible to become a teacher. It might take 3–4 years to finish this.

15. Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountant
Chartered Accountant
  • Annual Average Salary: $40,000

A certified accountant’s duties include offering clients reliable information regarding financial records, auditing accounts, and providing financial advice. Taxation, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery, and insolvency may fall under the purview of a chartered accountant.

To become a chartered accountant in South Africa, you must complete an undergraduate degree in accounting science, a bachelor’s degree in accounting, or any other undergraduate qualification recognized by SAICA. After that, you must take the CA(SA) board test.

Even though you must pass a qualifying exam after earning your undergraduate degree to become a chartered accountant, the career provides a high income and gratifies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best place to work is in South Africa.

Yes, it is unquestionably a fantastic place to work in South Africa. Here are some motivations for you: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many South African firms have switched to remote or hybrid work, where workers work from the office and their homes. Your employee rights are protected under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

What is the South African equivalent of a full-time job?

The maximum regular working time permitted is 45 hours per week, per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).

If the employee works a five-day week, this translates to nine hours per day (excluding lunch breaks), and if the employee works more than five days per week, it translates to eight hours per day (excluding lunch breaks).

Are foreigners allowed to work in South Africa?

In cases where it has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that South African nationals and permanent residents with the necessary credentials, abilities, and experience are not available for employment, general work visas are granted to foreigners.

Does South Africa pay more on Sundays?

You must be paid 1.5 times your regular salary if you typically work on Sundays. Instead of paying extra, there may be an agreement for paid time off.

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You now know the highest-paying jobs you can get in South Africa. Choose from any of the jobs listed in this article to start receiving high pay!


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