UK Universities That Don’t Require IELTS And List Of UK Scholarships

IELTS test has been one of the unavoidable tests required for students seeking to study in the United Kingdom either through scholarships or by guidance sponsorship. it will amaze you to know few list of UK universities that don’t require IELTS and list of UK scholarships.

IELTS have been a big barrier for so many individuals not been able to study in the UK. but in this article, we will highlight so many schools in the United Kingdom that do not require IELTS test for students admission into their universities and will will also list many numbers of UK scholarships that do not require IELTS.

But before we start lets know the meaning of IELTS.

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the abbreviation used in recognizing the test Globally.

The test consist of 4 sections

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking

The purpose of these tests is to make sure that people who come to English-speaking countries can be able to communicate with people around them because the first mission to a goal is good communication. even countries like the United State of America conducts IELTS tests to students who choose to study in their country.

How To Study In The United Kingdom (UK) Without IELTS

If the English Language is the main way for communication in the school of your choice then know that you must be well good in English proficiency.

But what about being very well in English but don’t have a good IELTS score?

Many schools will accept students with such but will consider your English school scores.

Apply with such conditions, many schools in the United Kingdom will consider such even without IELTS

But know that UK schools will always consider your X and XII English marks before accessing their admissions to desired applicants.

Many universities in the UK will only consider you when your exams scores are above 70%.

But it is also advised to attend classroom language skills in other to improve your language proficiency.

If you are having serious doubts about your English language proficiency, taking an alternative is the best.

What Is The Alternative To IELTS Test?

Have you heard of

  1. Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English
  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language
  3. PTE Academic
  4. Cambridge English (CPE)
  5. Duolingo English Test

IELTS is Just popular and overrated over other English language tests being organized by English countries.

Note: The major way of getting admission into a United Kingdom university is majorly by online interview. so that means you can be schooling in the United Kingdom without even sitting for the IELTS test, so the online interview is more important than the IELTS in some cases.

Benefits of Schooling in a United Kingdom (UK) Universities

  • The United Kingdom is a well developed and civilized country
  • The United Kingdom is a home for great inventions
  • The United Kingdom have great histories
  • Schools in the United Kingdoms are well recognized all over the world
  • The United Kingdom is a Rich country
  • The economy of the United Kingdom is a land of opportunities especially to foreigners
  • The United Kingdom accepts foreigner
  • it is a multi ethnic Nation

What You Need For United Kingdom (UK) Study Visa Without Having IELTS

For Candidates without IELTS, just know that you might need to present a Secure English Language Test (SELT) as an alternative for IELTS. This is mandated by the English government to know the level of your English language proficiency.

List Of United Kingdom Universities Without IELTS

There are several universities in the United Kingdom that offer scholarships and admissions to candidates without IELTS.

List Of Free Scholarships In The United Kingdom (UK)

  1. Kingston University
  2. Newcastle University
  3. The University of Sussex
  4. Bank of England Scholarship for African students
  5. Newcastle University Vice-chancellor excellence scholarship
  6. Coventry academy performance scholarship at Coventry University
  7. Leeds University international scholarships for undergraduate studies
  8. Swansea University international for undergraduate studies
  9. University of Edinburgh Master Card foundation scholarships
  10. University of Cambridge undergraduate and graduate scholarships for international students
  11. The Denys Holland Scholarships for financially challenged students
  12. Reach Oxford scholarships for undergraduate students from developing countries

Keep in mind that for foreign students to get scholarships into the United Kingdom, you must pass the IELTS tests or their equivalents, and also for local students, you must complete your high school.

Nevertheless, several schools in the United Kingdom accepts candidates with A-level, advanced placement, and international baccalaureate around the world.

Some Universities in the United Kingdom (UK) access candidates with pre-sessional courses without IELTS Which means that not all Universities in the United Kingdom mandate for the IELTS. but have it in mind that an equivalent will be asked from you even with an online interview.

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Studying in the United Kingdom has big advantages, especially for international students willing to study in their Universities.

Getting United Kingdom scholarships or academic admission will be very easy if candidates can adhere to the rules listed above.

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