10 Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria Universities

Top 10 Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria Universities

TAGLINE: Just because you’re not studying medicine and surgery or engineering doesn’t make you less likely to succeed in life. If you’ve believed this, I guess you’re contemplating which art course degree places you in a status similar to one who’s holding a Pharmacy degree.

No! All art courses aren’t about drawing and abstract graphitization. I bet you didn’t know Criminology was offered as a course degree in a country like Nigeria.



After the introduction of the educational system into the Nigerian society, the impact of class psychology and status quo was reflected in the way the parents saw particular courses or departments in general, agitating more pressure on the child to follow a conventional path to a corporate bliss from the kid’s first step.

All the grammar I gave in the previous paragraph simply sheds some light on the ancient and still active perception from the path of Nigerian parents towards life in general, and educational affiliation. Though this is not the main focus of this post, it needed to be mentioned.

Though most parents, teachers, students, and evil the general public view science courses to be naturally harder and more complexly satisfying/worth learning than art courses, for whatever their reason is, it must not be denied that the “easy” department harbors more essential and placid areas of studies.

Nigerian universities are also not lagging in offering a variety of courses for their art students which is evident in the intellectually diverse set of arts & humanities alumni we have in the country. We’re just too much. From Sociology to Arabic Studies to Human Resources Management, let’s explore the world of art courses offered in Nigerian universities.

Keep in Mind

I am neither a science student nor am I an arts & humanities student presently registered in a Nigerian university. Just for a little insight, I refer to myself as an all-around student. I dabble in science subjects once in a while, dine with art subjects often and have a tangle with commerce-related subjects now and then. My research and pulling together of information from the web would certify my biasedness and tone in this post whether I’m referring to the science department or art department.

We’re all just one big family of knowledge and information, aren’t we? Without wasting any more of your time, let’s skip into it.

The List

Best employable art degrees in Nigeria

Unemployment is something hunch backing Nigeria right now. Every parent wants their child to have a better life than they did and this is why they notion the child to study a course that its employability is exceedingly high so they can be sure of financial grounding once they graduate. Employers look for skill, potential, marketability, character, intelligence, creative richness, and of course your degree, at least in certain industries like Medicine, Marketing, and Education.

Hence, you are expected to be equipped to stand up to the occasion, but without the right knowledge of which degree is “valuable” to you, you really are clueless of what’s best for you, your parents would say.

I have come as your savior today to clear and simplify things out for you if you don’t mind.

10. Criminology and Security Studies

If you’ve been a fan of crime fic, and true crime stories and found yourself more interested in getting to know the facets of crime and the mind behind it, Criminology is the best course for you.

Studying crime helps the students discover and analyze its causes, thereby formulating solutions to its reduction in society. It takes you into the mind of criminals, shaping your understanding of their mindsets, the reasons for their criminal activities, and the factors that affect them. When you get a degree in Criminology and Security Studies, your market is mostly in the Nigeria Police, DSSS, Civil Defense, etc. It is a wise choice for art students who want to make a positive impact in the community and society and have certainty of landing jobs once they graduate

9. Theatre Arts

Theatre arts students are known to be the outdoor partiers and street dancers of campuses in Nigeria but that said would decrease the richness of the course. The course teaches its students to view the world from diverse perspectives, articulating their artistic skills in different capacities to collaborate and commutate. There is also room for critical thinking, creative problem solving, and a need for effective communication amongst peers and educationists in the department.

If you see yourself as the star of a blockbuster Nigerian Netflix original series, being accredited to the script of an exclusive show, or presenting music shows, to name a few, this course would do you the best. Although let down most times as “awfully easy and useless”, Theatre Arts is a nice pick for a student who wishes to be able to work in the industry even whilst studying.

8. Music

Students of this course go through extensive training and refinement covering organization, delivery and critical thinking. They learn many skills as they face challenging projects which brood in them creative thinking, teamwork, cataloguing and archiving, detailed analyzing, administration and multi-tasking amongst all. These skills are what attract employees in different professions of music.

Music teachers, musicians, composers, publishers, arts administrators, academics are all what you can be if you study Music at university. The professionality of the course and as skill-packed as it is. Success won’t be far in your career if you go with the rhythm. Music is undeniably one of the best art courses to study in Nigerian universities.

7. Linguistics

The study of Linguistics comprises of the study of the nature, grammar, features and history of human languages. Linguistics students are offered this course that is theoretical and can be applied in real life situations, making it a top fit for employable degrees. The main areas of linguistics cover phonology, syntax, semantics and morphology.

Undoubtedly, Linguistics is one of the best art courses to study in Nigeria. With experienced academics from different parts of the world and an enthusiastic learning environment, studying this course may be your dream choice. As for career wise, there are many fishes to choose from the sea as a variety if relatively vocational and generic jobs like speech therapy, Language teaching, public relations and management stem from learning Linguistics in the university.

6. International Relations

If you’re looking for a degree that would enable you to travel the world, this is the right one for you. Hugely underrated, International Relations is a stellar course that prepares future diplomats of the country for international public consultations and diplomacy.

Not only is there low competition during admission processes and job openings, studying this course opens a lot of gateways for its student, to experience not just political affairs but state and country relations with the outside world.

5. Political Science

As a Political Science graduate, you are 90% set for life. You can work for private or public organizations, the government or businesses.

Its students are trained and taught about political institutions, laws, policies and culture that exists in a political state. They are to be well-versed in organizational dynamics, human relations, communication, writing and statistical skills. This is why the career pool for Pol. Science students is filled with offers from law firms, campaign management, businesses, research programs and international organizations.

Most students refer to the course as hard and laughable but I promise they won’t be laughing when they see your paycheck after your first payout.

4. Fine & Applied Art

You mostly learn creative, organizational and abstract thinking skills when studying Fine and Applied Art in the university. With a degree in this course, you can become a fashion designer, interior designer, illustrator, costume designer and painter, depending on your major. These are all easy-to-find jobs in the market but hard to apply for, so know what you offer and offer it well.

As a student of Fine & Applied Art, you don’t just formulate and produce visually profound aesthetics for a given purpose or person, you also foster the spirit of resilience, dedication and hardwork in the midst of tough projects, thereby growing your strong passion for the arts that you’ll definitely need in the next stages of your career.

3. Mass Communication

This has to be one of the most employable and invoke skills in the entertainment industry nowadays. The course of study educates its students about technological, research, communication and journalistic skills. These are all skills that’ll be of help to you if you may be unemployed at a time.

Mass communication refers to the inputting and exchanging of information on a large scale and to a wide range of people efficiently and timely.

If you bag a degree in Mass communication, you might be all to set to get a job in journalism, digital communication, broadcasting, media management and sales. Anyone which attracts your attention should be your major if you decide to get a Masters as this boosts your chance of getting quicker job opportunities after graduate school.

2. Law

The pinnacle of the art department; the course we can finally compare to the all-great Med Lab. It’s no news Law is the most “feared”, demanding, expensive and high-paying art course, at least in Nigerian universities. Tens of thousands of Nigerians apply to the course each year for a chance to make their parents investment in their education not be in vain.

It is the best art course offered in Nigerian universities in respect to the trained professionals, research materials and study resources and prestige attached to the name of even the newest fresher. The department’s schedule is very jam-packed and is a hectic environment.

Notwithstanding, job opportunities for fresh lawyers are innumerable in the country, from company law firms to property law cases. The more the population increases in the country, there’s no how the population of lawyers won’t increase with it. Would you want to be part of this white-collar population

1. English Language.

This is undoubtedly the most employable degree in Nigeria now. English Language students literally work everywhere because of its lack of obvious career paths, which is actually a cool thing in this experimental age of ours. Being proficient in English already increases your chances of getting a nice job in a multinational company within or outside your homeland.

With over 60% of the world’s population speaking English, it is no surprise prospects for good job are high for a major of the course. Socialization and Entertainment are both successfully done with the aid of English, you can already see what you can get from that.

Your study as its student will consist of learning modern and ancient literature, film, theatre and writing. You can work as an English Teacher, journalist, librarian, marketer, author, presenter just to name a few. If you’re having difficulty deciding what you want your major is, you should consider English Language.

Combined List

These Are Top Art Courses For Art Students To Consider In Secondary School

  • Music
  • Theatre Arts
  • Political Science
  • Chinese
  • Mass Communication
  • Linguistics
  • Psychology
  • Public Relations
  • Law
  • English Language


There are over 93 art courses offered in Nigerian universities. With these much options to choose from, you might get overwhelmed and confused as to which is more recommended and realistic for your future career while also putting your passion and interests at the forefront of your mind.

This is why I have taken my time to scavenger through the internet to present you with a more simplified list that’ll aide your important decision making. I do not believe there is a thing as a “hard course” or an “easy course”. Every A ‘level subject carries its weight so it is for you as its learner to adjust to the problems faced during your academic journey while having the best time of your life also.

If you thought before your preferred choice course isn’t available in any Nigerian university, you should check again as the brochure grows every year, and your preferred choice might actually be there.

Moreover, any choice you make should be made keeping the financial and personal effects it will have to you in mind so your parents won’t swallow you. You know Nigerian parents. I wish you the bests of luck in your academic journey and I know you’ll make the right decision!

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