DAAD Scholarship 2023

International students can apply for the completely funded DAAD Scholarship 2023–2024. This scholarship is open to study for a master’s or a doctorate at the best universities in Germany. 

Read this article if you want to receive financial aid to study in Germany. DAAD Scholarship 2023: What It Is, Benefits and Step-by-Step Application Process will be explained in depth in this article.

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What Does the DAAD Scholarship Entails?

Scholarships are being received for 2023–2024. The DAAD fellowship is a completely funded scholarship available to international students worldwide who wish to study for master’s and doctoral degrees in Germany. The German government will also pay for all costs associated with the grant. Additionally, this is the DAAD’s biggest scholarship offer ever.

These DAAD grants are open to applicants wishing to pursue dual-language studies in German and English. The DAAD stipend, in comparison, does not provide funding to undergraduate students.

International students seeking a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in various academic fields and majors may also qualify for DAAD Scholarships for Foreign Students at Designated Universities. As a result, the DAAD offers financial assistance to about 100,000 German and international students. Additionally, we have details on 2,000 bursaries offered in Germany in 2022. 

The Master’s Degree will take 12–24 months (depending on the institution) for the DAAD Scholarship 2022–2023, and the Ph.D. will take 36 months. The scholarships, which are offered in various disciplines, are also open to foreign graduates from wealthy and developing economies.

Application deadline: July 15, 2023 

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Objectives Of the DAAD Scholarship

The DAAD Scholarship seeks to strengthen Southeast Asia higher education systems and give them a global perspective so they can support sustainable development. 

To achieve this, scholarships are provided for Master’s degree programs in development for people who want to work in teaching and research at a higher education school in Southeast Asia.

The scholarship program will develop potential academic and professional leaders, which will have the following long-term effects:

  • Participation of qualified professionals in Southeast Asia’s development-related issues’ resolution
  • graduates advancing study and education in Southeast Asia
  • Regional networking and structural strengthening of partner colleges and partner institutions

The following results have been developed as program objectives to accomplish these long-term impacts:

  • Scholarship Goal 1: Graduates can lead in development and sustainability within and outside their home area.
  • Scholarship Goal 2: The involvement of women and underrepresented groups is strengthened
  • Scholarship Goal 3: Partner schools’ organizational, financial, and personal capabilities are enhanced

The scholarship program prioritizes university employees while considering the need for highly qualified workers in the public sector.

What Makes the DAAD Scholarship 2023 the Best?

The DAAD Scholarship is the biggest financial aid program in the world for international students from underdeveloped countries. Over two million researchers in Germany and other countries have received funding from this group since its founding in 1925. 

The German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD, helps international students looking to continue their education abroad.

Winners will receive a monthly stipend to help with living costs while attending school. The requirements for DAAD scholarship qualifying are as follows. 

A recipient must also have two years of professional experience to qualify for the DAAD award. Courses lasting more than a year but less than three years are eligible for the DAAD grant.

Eligibility Requirements For The DAAD Scholarship

  • The candidate’s educational vitae must be signed (Ensure using the Europa specimen form).
  • So, under “Application Process,” you can locate the DAAD application form. Thus A two-page, hand-signed endorsement letter (regarding your current occupation).
  • Moreover, notes of support from professors (the letters should have a letterhead, a signature, and an official stamp and must be of recent date).
  • Additionally, the employer’s technical letter(s) of reference (the letter must have a letterhead, a signature, and an official stamp and must be of recent date).
  • A confirmation of your current position from your employer back home, along with a guarantee of future work.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying For the DAAD Scholarship? 

DAAD Grants offer many study options, a concentration of prestigious institutions, and affordable living expenses. Additionally, this nation is a superb option for studying abroad because it attracts international students from all over the globe.

German degrees are also highly regarded internationally, and studying there benefits the individual and the professional world. 

The DAAD Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships, meanwhile, are fully funded bursaries for international students attending German universities.

Additionally, it would cover all the costs associated with learning in Germany.

Depending on academic standing, 850 euros are offered monthly incentives to graduates and 1,200 euros to Ph.D. students.

Insurance premiums for health, accident, and personal responsibility.

You will receive a travel allowance unless your home nation or another source of income will pay your tuition.

The following extra benefits may be available to scholarship winners in certain circumstances:

  • Supplies weekly rent.
  • A weekly allowance for any accompanying family members. 

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Step-by-step Instructions For Applying For and Being Selected For a DAAD Scholarship

  • Pick courses that fit your interests. (You may only register for three courses.)
  • Apply to colleges that offer those classes.
  • You submit the universities to your application(s) and the documents above.
  • A DAAD scholarship selection committee makes recommendations for prospective applicants.
  • The DAAD will contact the recommended candidates to request they submit their applications to the DAAD Portal.
  • The selection procedure will be completed, and the suggested candidates will be informed of the results (DAAD will email the link to the DAAD Portal).

Make sure you have a copy of each application document on hand because, if you are recommended for a DAAD grant, you must submit those documents (as PDF files) to the DAAD portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a DAAD fellowship?

Applying must be done online. You must join the DAAD portal to do this. Choose your preferred grant program in the scholarship database before clicking the “Apply” tab. Remember that this tab is only displayed while an application time is still open.

Is receiving a DAAD grant difficult?

The criteria for DAAD scholarships in Germany are relatively low. Applicants must have finished their undergraduate education or be in their final year to qualify for DAAD funding.

Is the DAAD scholarship paid in full?

The German government fully funds DAAD scholarships, and the government takes care of all costs.

The DAAD Scholarship will pay for all the costs of general study in Germany.


We have discussed what you need to know about the DAAD Scholarship. So, hurry up and start your application now by clicking on the application link provided in this article.


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