Best Universities In The UK For International Students

The United Kingdom of Great Britain commonly referred to as the UK or Britain, is thought to be the second most well-liked location for overseas students.

Nearly 460,000 international students from all over the world enrol in courses in the UK each year. Higher education in the UK is a global model for many nations since it has created a system of education of the highest calibre.

If you wish to study in the UK but need clarification on where to go, then read on, as this article details more on the best universities in the UK for international students!

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Why Should International Students Study In the UK?

International students have a lot to gain from studying in the UK, from the top-notch academic institutions to the dynamic multicultural environment. The top reasons for international students to attend university in the UK are listed below:

  • There is assistance for international students: In the UK, a lot of assistance is available. You might do this online, through your university, or with the help of your local government. For instance, each university has a department dedicated to serving the needs of overseas students and providing information on costs, housing options, academic help, etc. Before applying to a university, get in touch with this office. There is a wealth of useful information on the UK Council for International Student Affairs website for international students, which is an advisory body for international students, including resources on mental health support, accommodation, employment, and immigration.
  • Your English will get better if you go to school in the UK: When you study in the UK, you will have the opportunity to hear a variety of British accents, such as that of the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh people, all of which may sound different depending on where you are. Because of how diverse it is, you will hear various English accents from all over the world in the UK, providing you with a listening experience outside of the native country that you might not otherwise have.
  • It’s quite diversified: In the UK, 9.5 million people, or 14% of the population, were born overseas. International students who relocate to the UK may have the chance to experience various cultural learning opportunities and form friendships with people from different countries. This is especially valid if you’re relocating to London, where 35% of people were born outside of the UK.

Tips For Studying In The UK

It can be intimidating to study abroad in the UK, but with this quick guide and this straightforward advice, you’ll have the time of your life:

  • Visas and documentation: To study in the UK, you must have the necessary visas and other documentation. The UK welcomes overseas students to study there, and obtaining it is easy, but you must follow the procedures and ensure you have it. Ask them for assistance if you have a certain university in mind because they frequently have a dedicated staff member assisting overseas students with their applications.
  • Students can travel on a budget: Once you’ve registered as a student in the UK, you’ll have access to some really awesome student travel deals. You can take advantage of exclusive student traveller savings when you purchase your flights through a specialized student supplier like StudentUniverse. Also, if you want to tour some of the UK while you’re there, you may purchase young person railcards, which guarantee a 1/3 discount on all rail travel.
  • Housing for students: When you’re coming to the UK as an international student, housing is one of the most crucial things to consider. You will spend most of your time here, make your first friends at university, and sleep. Researching the advantages and disadvantages of the various accommodations is the first step in selecting your lodging. Some halls may be less expensive, but wouldn’t you rather spend a little extra money and have your own bathroom? There are frequently dedicated international student halls as well, where staff members are more adept at assisting international students in adjusting to UK student life.

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Best Universities In the UK For International Students

1. Aston University

Aston University
study at Aston University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £19,800

One of the greatest institutions in the UK for international students is Aston University, which offers top-notch counselling and mental health services with the assistance of committed counsellors and psychotherapy professionals to address any problems or worries the student may have.

If you enjoy reading, the university has a prestigious library with a wealth of print and digital materials. You can uncover the greatest library resources and online publications for any subject if you need assistance with your research. As a result, you receive individualized support for learning and research.

The school is situated in the centre of Birmingham, a dynamic city with thriving nightlife, vibrant culture, and a wide variety of retail possibilities.

International students have access to an award-winning residence with first-rate amenities and a welcoming learning atmosphere.

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2. Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University
study at Heriot-Watt University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £9250

One of the UK’s most cutting-edge and well-known universities is Heriot-Watt. During their time in the program, international students have the chance to succeed both academically and personally. Within six months of graduating, approximately 95% of students had secured jobs in prestigious companies.

While attending Heriot-Watt, you can hone your leadership abilities to meet challenges at work. This university is one of the best to study in the UK because many major corporations actively seek its graduates.

International students can access support services around-the-clock with a welcoming and approachable staff.

Students receive excellent training to acclimate to university life swiftly. Students are therefore urged to approach the committed support personnel to address any problems or challenges.

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3. Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University
study at Bath Spa University, UK
  • Tuition fee:  £19,390

Bath Spa is one of the best universities in the UK that values the environment. By the year 2030, they intend to be a carbon-neutral organization. Students are urged to raise awareness of the climate change issue and set the stage for implementing the required reforms to achieve sustainability.

The student union collaborates with the university’s equity and diversity committee to address issues of racism and inequality.

Such efforts from other UK universities to foster a welcoming learning environment for overseas students are highly anticipated.

It is one of the top universities in the UK for overseas students since, within 15 months of graduation, about 95% of the graduates are employed or enrolled in more education.

A variety of career support programs are offered to help students become employable as soon as they graduate.

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4. Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University
study at Birmingham City University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £9,250

Because many of its programmes receive certification from organizations worldwide, Birmingham City University is among the finest universities in the UK for international students. Additionally, a specific student employment organization may assist you in finding student jobs on campus, so you can make money while you learn.

The institution has lavishly invested £340 million to construct campus infrastructure and upgrade student facilities. A significant expansion was completed on the city campus, and an additional £41 million was given to City South Campus to build specialized laboratories for new sports and life sciences courses.

If they accept an offer while submitting their applications for their programs, international students who live more than 10 miles from campus are guaranteed university housing.

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5. Lancaster University

Lancaster University
study at Lancaster University, UK
  • Tuition fee: 15,750

International students have access to a top-notch research centre, and Lancaster University has a strong concentration on research. As a result, the “Research Excellence Framework” of the UK government classifies 35% of the research as a global leadership and 45% as international excellence.

According to a report by the National Student Survey, 83% of Lancaster University students are satisfied with the quality of their education, which is higher than the national average of 75% and makes Lancaster one of the best universities in the UK for international students.

The university faculty is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and friendly.

The institution provides students in all programs with an outstanding housing option with about 7,000 bed spaces. You would have access to high-speed Wi-Fi around the campus, whether in a library, room, theatre, or coffee at one of the hip Costa outlets.

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6. University of Cardiff Metropolitan

University of Cardiff Metropolitan
study at University of Cardiff Metropolitan, UK
  • Tuition fee: £15,00

Cardiff University is ranked 7th in the UK and first in Wales by Uni Compare Top 100 University Rankings, making it one of the finest universities in the UK for international students.

This university has a proven track record in applied research, backed by a solid foundation of scholarships and knowledge. International students can pursue research degrees if their main goal is to better grasp a subject through independent research.

Cardiff University is among the best in the UK for your studies since it provides unbiased, cost-free, and private student support services. You can get counselling, financial advice, health advice, disability advice, and assistance for students who are having financial troubles from them.

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7. Coventry University

Coventry University
study at Coventry University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £19,850

In the “Times Higher Education Young University Rankings,” Coventry University is regarded as the best young UK university for international outlook and number one for overseas student experiences based on student excursions abroad, making it one of the top universities in the UK.

International students have access to a specialized centre for student involvement and are encouraged to express inquiries to address any problems or concerns. Academic advisors at this university assist students in finding internships by drawing on their extensive industry knowledge.

Given its long record of honours and recognition for exceptional teaching, learning and a great study atmosphere, it is one of the top institutions in the UK for international students.

Additionally, international students have a very favourable opinion of the university.

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8. Middlesex University

Middlesex University
study at Middlesex University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £12,006

 According to Times Higher Education, Middlesex is one of the top 15 universities in the world, making it one of the best universities in the UK for international students. The academic staff also urges students to improve their excellent research foundation.

International students can join around 85 clubs, societies, and student organizations on campus. To meet others who share your interests and form sincere connections, you can join a gospel chair, play basketball, or promote student rights.

The university assists international students in finding housing on campus or privately rented apartments in London.

The lodging amenities are of the highest calibre, offering a great environment for studying and communal areas where guests can study, watch TV, eat, and engage in sports.

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9. Cranfield University

Cranfield University
study at Cranfield University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £16,887

According to the QS World Rankings for Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Manufacturing Engineering, Cranfield is one of the best institutions in the UK, coming in at number five. They also received the renowned Queen’s Anniversary Prize for the sixth time.

The research being conducted at the institution is relevant to the industry, and 81% of it is ranked among the best in the world. They are the top-ranked PhDs in manufacturing and production engineering as a result.

The Cranfield Campus will accept applications for housing from international students enrolled in full-time courses. 

For students to secure the residence of their choice, they are urged to apply as soon as they receive their EVE login information due to the strong demand for on-campus housing.

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10. De Montfort University

De Montfort University
study at De Montfort University, UK
  • Tuition fee: £15,250

One of the best universities in the UK, De Montfort helps international students find employment as soon as they graduate by providing an award-winning career and employability service. As a result, students receive tailored and adaptable career counselling based on their needs, and all students are given access to possibilities with guaranteed employment.

International students have access to a variety of housing alternatives, and every room is fully furnished. I tell you what. International students are given bedding bags upon arrival, which is really convenient. In addition, for a full ten years, they have been among the top universities in the UK for environmental sustainability.

International students have access to a comprehensive range of student support services, and a committed student support team is on duty 24/7.

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11. University Of Bristol

University Of Bristol
study at University Of Bristol, UK
  • Tuition fee: £15,500

According to QS World University Rankings, the University of Bristol is among the top 10 universities in the UK for accepting international students. In addition, it is one of the top 5 institutions in the UK for research and one of the top 5 for firms looking to hire graduates.

For achieving your academic objectives, the University of Bristol is among the best universities in the UK. In addition to attending workshops for small groups, drop-in tutoring sessions, and one-on-one tutoring sessions, you can access the resources online.

International students are thus given access to a flexible learning environment and a perfect learning setting.

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UK Universities Bursary

International students can apply for bursaries that help pay for some or all of their living expenses while studying in the UK. These scholarships are given out depending on various factors. Still, they mostly fall into three categories: promoting academic performance, broadening the diversity of the university’s student body, and fostering international linkages.

Each university will likely have its bursary program, providing considerably more information regarding prerequisites and the application process. Researching your selected college to see whether they can assist with the occasionally hefty charges is time well spent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students frequently work part-time jobs while attending school in the UK?

Yes. Most UK university students work part-time jobs, usually in the service industry, as academic tutors or for their student union.

There can be limitations on how many hours you can work in a day if you are an overseas employee. It would help if you had a sticker on your passport with the precise number (usually 10 or 20 hours).

To guarantee you have enough time to devote to studying, your university may also set recommendations concerning the maximum amount of hours you should work.

What are the costs of living when attending a UK university?

According to Numbeo, the cost of living is, on average, 5.44% less expensive in the UK than in the US, and rent is 20.97% less expensive.

The exact sum will change depending on where you study in the UK. The National Union of Students estimates that the average cost of living while studying in the UK in London is around £13,400 (almost US$21,800), as opposed to £12,100 for the rest of England (around US$15,200).


The UK has long been and will continue to be, a popular destination for international students seeking higher education. The combination of education, exposure, and experience provided by an English college or university is exceptional.

The benefits mentioned above are information offered to help you make your own decisions, which should primarily be based on your unique preferences. As a general guideline, always choose what is best for you.


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