5 Secrets Of Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The graduate record examination (GRE) test is designed and administered by a company called Education Testing Services (ETS) to test the ability of an individual’s abstract thinking, vocabulary, mathematics, and analytical writing. The ETS designed the test to measure the skills of students seeking admission to any of the targeted graduate schools around the world. in this article, we will explain the 5 secrets of graduate record examination (GRE) which are not common to everyone in getting the required scores for GRE.

What Is A Graduate School

A graduate school is an advanced school that graduates attend to achieve higher academic awards related to or in line with their undergraduate course of study. the existence of graduate schools is why the use of the GRE is essential.

Graduate schools require the new applicant to have a certain score from the Graduate Record Examination test before they can be considered for any admission into the graduate school. These graduate schools run many graduate programs which are master’s programs, and doctorate programs.

Uses Of GRE Test

The GRE test is an application package for many graduate programs and these programs are studied in graduate schools.

GRE has so many functions that it does not only limits it for only a requirement for graduate programs but more accessibility requirement for other opportunities. over the years, many organizations have set many tests for people associated with their organization to test their ability in vocabulary, mathematics, and analytical writing. also, many organizations will require a GRE test score for teaching assistance-ship or even funding.

Preparing For The GRE Test

Before considering taking the graduate record test (GRE), there are things an applicant must consider before applying and that thing is called RESEARCH.

Make a lot of research before diving into the test preparation. check your admission representative to tell you about their admission requirements. several program schools may not accept the GRE test despite its popularity and wide use but may prefer another test. so it is very important to make research about your admission targets before thinking of applying for the GRE test.

Some schools make the GRE test optional. but it is important to have the GRE test because it is well recognized and considered for scholarships, and funding and it helps in course switching for those who might change their course of study during their graduate programs. by having the GRE test, it will make your application stand out and prove you are a serious student. so if you are thinking of not taking the GRE test, better consider taking it.

What Does The GRE Test Consist Of?

The graduate record examination test (GRE) is not as complex as people usually exaggerate it. The GRE test is so simple because it contains reasoning questions that will test the individual ability of good vocabulary, mathematics, and analytical writing skills. the GRE test consist of 6 sections which are

#1. Two (2) Verbal Reasoning: this section of the GRE consists of verbal reasoning questions and this section is also sub-divided into reading comprehension and vocabulary.

#2. Two (2) Quantitative Reasoning: this section of the GRE test consist of quantitative reasoning question which will have to do a lot with mathematics. this section is also divided into 2 which are problem-solving and data interpretation.

#3. Analytical Writing Assessment: this part of the GRE test involves the question of knowing your analytical writing skills. applicants will be asked to create an argument in the essay giving.

#4. Experimental Section: this part will be seen as one of the easiest parts of the GRE test because it will have to do with practical where an applicant needs to experiment with what they are being asked. it could be an oral test to know the level of their English language proficiency or other oral interviews.

The GRE test is all about reasoning and logic test questions that are built around certain concepts of skills and in essay form of question types. most importantly it is good to know that the GRE test is not hard it is a test of how well you know the GRE, which means if you give time to practice, you will surely pass the GRE test.

How GRE Is Scored

Once an applicant completes the test, the applicant will receive three separate test scores which are

  1. Verbal scores
  2. Quantitative scores
  3. AWA scores

The highest possible test scores in the graduate record examination is 170 and the lowest possible score required is 130

How Much Does GRE Test Cost?

Preparing for the GRE test is way more money-consuming apart from the fixed price. we said so because, in the process of preparing, money is expected for many things in other to register and sit for the test. But the actual fixed price for the GRE test is $205, this registration cost covers two free complete test practices, PDF materials for preparation, and other helpful resources.

$205 is the fixed price for the registration for the GRE test and an applicant can only register once every 21 days and it might take some time for an applicant’s scores to be sent to the target program institute.

How TO Apply GRE Test

Applying for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test is not difficult but applicants must carefully fill up the registration details when applying and also take very important note of the exam date and venue. it is very advisable to select an exam center that is close to where they live and set an alarm for their exam day, to apply for the GRE test, CLICK HERE

Secrets To Pass GRE Test

These key points that are listed below have helped so many students to pass the GRE test and these are things many neglects. but applying these details will help you to pass any type of exam, we consider it the secret to passing the GRE test.

  1. Put more practice to study and prepare
  2. Always have a good night sleep
  3. Do not cram
  4. Always check your exam date and venue
  5. Have a positive feelings that you will pass the GRE test.

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When going for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test, it is advisable not to eat heavy food or food that will cause stomach ache. take snacks because the test will take more than 4 hours. do not border bring a calculator or rough sheet, the will be provided to you on your test day.

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