Importance Of MBA At Harvard Business School And Others

Many people always wonder why some specific set of people attends business schools, is a business school essential to be successful in life? Harvard Business school is the most mentioned business school worldwide followed by London business school, which is why we will focus to write about the importance of MBA at Harvard Business School and others.

Before we go further we will like you to know that MBA is the award given to students after attending a business school and the abbreviation for MBA simply means Master of Business Administration.

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What is a Business School?

A business school is a bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate school that teaches business administration and also helps students to develop the skills and knowledge to prosper as a business top individual. these educative ideas thought at business schools teach how to quickly and accurately analyze business information that will help to build a great business and higher earnings.

The business school also educate students on how to win people’s choices in business investments, this aspect is very important because most business entrepreneur always need investors who will invest in their businesses, so as a business school student, you are required to know how to present yourself to clinch business opportunities. also, business school is instituted to teach everything you need to know about your business.

A business school teaches several courses which are mostly related to businesses such as accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, management, and business ethics.

Business school is more like a business laboratory where business world is being thought, and it is not only thought theoretically but also experimentally for more insights.

The business school presents its 2 years degree award as Master in Business Administration (MBA). several business schools run their MBA program in a year. but the majority of business school completes theirs in 2 years.

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Best Business Schools in the World

There are several business schools all over the world. but we will be writing the few we have made several research on and how popular the are.

These business schools listed above are our choice of top business schools in the world according to popularity and academic influences. students who are interested in conducting higher business research can choose to acquire a doctorate in business management, with such a student who choose that will acquire a Doctor of Business Administration Ph.D or DBA.

But questions are flying around among students which is “will business school shoot me up to my career success?

An MBA degree is more like a quality qualification that enhances your knowledge in the business world, most top CEO’s around the world have an MBA qualification. These CEOs did not just acquire such knowledge just for fancy, they acquired MBAs for business success. However, big organizations see MBA qualification as a great asset every board member should have for the growth of the organizations.

Not only CEOs or boards of organizations are meant to have MBA, but every fresh graduate or an undergraduate should also have an MBA as a stepping stone and a great way to organize your credentials.

MBA Duration

You could ask how long it takes to get an MBA? the answer is if its either a full-time MBA program or a part-time MBA program.

A full-time MBA program is normally set to run for only 2 years. but several business schools run theirs in a year. but the majority or 98% of business schools set their MBA program as a 2 years course. rushing to finish an MBA program is not the best because while rushing, you might not acquire all knowledge needed.

But for the part-time MBA program usually takes a long time to compare to the normal full-time MBA program. A part-time MBA program is usually meant for those working and also schooling at the same time. with a part-time MBA program, you will take everything gradually and achieve a lot, especially for those working.

MBA Requirements

Generally, MBA schools will require fresh applicants to present a test score set by the school, transcripts, resume, recommendation letter, and an essay.

But Business schools differ in their requirements. these days, some business schools will require a video live interview after the applicant must have presented the necessary documents needed.

Most especially, Business schools pay attention to applicant resumes, because they want to know how your career in life is. which means the applicant will look more professional and responsible in the content of their resumes, how they engage in business, what progress they have made, and why they want to acquire a master’s in business administration.

But have it in mind that some business schools will accept a GRE or GMAT test results, but test could be waived off to some specific applicants with great and rich resumes or life work experiences.

Cost of MBA

The cost to acquire an MBA differs, but getting an MBA qualification will be Between $20,000 to $50,000 depending on your preferred choice of institution.

institution tuition fees may change each year. but it is good to know that the most talked-about business school tuition fees will not be the same as a less popular business school.

Having to pay for an MBA certificate is worth it. because the knowledge that is being acquired is not free and it is a seed planted in students to go out to the world and grow the economy.

However, there are online business schools that students can also pay for especially students who want to acquire MBA knowledge from a distance, the online business school will be cheaper compare to the normal physical teaching.

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Getting a master’s degree in business administration is very vital in growing every business. so it is advisable to acquire such knowledge even if you are an employee or an employer because change is always constant.

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