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If you’re about to start school either high school or college, schooling presently or in the rigorous last semesters of your school years, no professor has to tell you owning a personal computer is invaluable in your academic journey and staying in the university. but many students end up buying a computer that is not student-friendly and very expensive. that is why in this research article, we will tell you the ideas about the best computer for students. please read carefully to get our points.

Even though its price overweighs its importance most times, laptops can come in budget-friendly prices sometimes, if you look well, and are priced well. Well, I have done the looking for you, and you’re welcome. No need to longer share your time and space with other people in cyber cafés; if you need a laptop quickly for that essay of yours since no one would lend you one and you don’t have sufficient money to get that MacBook Pro, you should read on.

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Computers and smart gadgets, in general, have become inseparable from humans over the past decade, playing vital roles in all areas and aspects of human civilization to date. The educational scene is one area the electronic realm has infiltrated, aiding more efficient learning processes with tools to initiate faster information sharing and resources at our disposal. We get our essays done, manage our class schedules, write and submit our assignments online, and take classes on LCD and LED screens, much owing to technology.

Because of the high-rise demand for electronic gadgets in the past decade, most have become exceedingly too costly to purchase, but this doesn’t leave us who don’t have the required price tag with anything. Thanks to the busy tech market, manufacturers have improved efficiency and quality in gadgets production, making a variable list of options to pick from, considering our pocket size, in the gadgets store.

Budget-conscious students still don’t want to pour all their money on the latest laptops in the market as it may seem excessive, nor do they want to buy an inefficient laptop only for them to regret later on bout their choice.

This is the same reason many cheap and efficient computers are available in today’s tech market. In this post, we’ll compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of some of the cheap computers on the market today.


I am not a tech expert; neither am I a finance expert.

I’ve researched according to my field and my grounding on this subject.

 I also am a student and I have spent hours of my nights searching for that one laptop I know I would use for the next 4 years of my life, bearing the price tag in my mind and budget closer to my heart.

You should compare and contrast with me along this post and then decide which appeals to you, your taste, and your pocket.

Also, a lot of students tend to ask…

Laptop or Desktop?

Since the nature of university life is on the go, most students if not all prefer laptops over desktop systems. Laptops are lightweight and portable facilitating easy movement by the user, just like your mobile phone, as opposed to desktops which are heavy and immobile.

This is why only laptop computers would be examined on this list, and they’re generally best suited for student use. You need to also put in mind your need as a student as applied to what you want to use the laptop for. If you are a literary or social sciences major, document editing and web browsing laptops should be your search prospect, as media arts students work with applicate software in applicable laptops. I hope that is understood.

Shall we carry on?


  • HP EliteBook
  • ASUS VivoBook
  • Microsoft Surface Go
  • Acer Chromebook R 11
  • Dell Latitude Series

HP EliteBook

The company refers to this series as one designed for the “modern mobile professionals”; this they have lived up to and given users aesthetically-pleasing laptops with capable performance while holding a considerable balance between the models being compact and durable.

The HP team has seen the fallings of the previous models in the EliteBook series which were notably heavy, had bulky builds and were inconvenient for users. They’ve incorporated their redesign and redemption if we could say in today’s models which are noticeably sleek and lightweight for the user to carry around freely, making them ideal for students on campuses.

The portable design of the laptops allows easy integration of laptops into any workflow system. Their internal competence is also commendable with a generous amount of RAM and sizeable hard drives, ensuring they are fast and efficient even in the straining conditions of student life the models have been manifested military-like to survive.

Although the performance of most EliteBooks may be rugged due to the inclusion of underpowered GPUs, these laptops seem to strive amidst their sequential buffetings given their business-class design which would distract most students from their setbacks.

In summary, the EliteBook series have impressive models with rugged capabilities, making them well-suited for the role of cheap but nice picks for university students.

ASUS VivoBook

These laptops have grown in popularity with university students and I see no reason why. The company has done impeccably well in delivering great-performing models and making them available at a low-to-mid price range, which is a green sign for college students.

The aesthetics of the VivoBook models which are closely similar to that of Apple’s MacBook Air series will attract the eyes of students who appeal to visuals. The streamlined minimalistic designs devoid of CD/DVD drives or excess ports maintains the model’s visual appeal.

The laptops come in different shades of red, yellow, sea green, and gold, available at cheap prices in the VivoBook series. If you’re looking for the cheaper model in the series, you should consider the less colorful X and F series since the price tag of the S15 s530 has gone close to $700.

Picking any of ASUS’s mid-to-high range Vivo Books should prove to be reliable allies during your academic journey as they deliver a great performance and maintain their value while maintaining sophisticated looks.

Microsoft Surface Go

Over the years, Windows laptops have evolved in shape and value invested in their products; the Surface Go has accomplished the feat of fully incorporating portability and high performance. It is very obvious and praiseworthy the Microsoft company has seen the demand and preference for sleek and lightweight computers, mostly in the students’ market, so, the compact design and attractive bargain price placed on this model is something right for students looking for cheap computers.                                        

Its features include a 10-inch high-resolution display weighing less than 2 pounds, runs on Windows 10 Home out-of-the-box making writing assignments, web browsing, and video playback easy and convenient, and high resolution 1080p webcam suitable for video calls and meetings to name a few.

However, the Surface Go, despite its ideal nature for students has its hitches.

For one, the battery life promised by Microsoft turns out to be half of that in reality, 5 hours instead of the supposed 10, which students have attested to. Also, the ultra-thin design reduces the quality of its in-built speakers making it less lovable for the students who respect a quality sound system (I am one myself).

The Surface Go’s hardware properties do not save it the stress of surviving through intensive tasks. This is due to its fanless design which encourages overhearing easily; students may find these unbearable as unexpected shutdowns may frustrate them.

Nonetheless, the Surface Go is generally a comfortable fit for a budget-friendly student, getting it in the market for no more than $500.

Acer Chromebook R 11

Google offers this 2-in-1 device for a more comfortable price than the Surface Go, maintaining a similar user experience and features.

The lightweight design of the Acer Chromebook R 11 has been its statement since its release in 2011 which particularly increases its speed and efficiency during document editing and web browsing. The Chromebook runs on Google’s Chrome OS.

The Chromebook grants the user access to thousands of apps through the Google Play store but doesn’t support many major applications on Windows systems or Mac OS X. Some users find this unappealing while others may still see the laptop as an ideal fit for their student life.

Its hardware capability is praiseworthy, serving hot visuals in an 11.6-inch HD IPS touch display, considerably bigger than the Surface Go but dimmer and lower in resolution. The in-built HDR webcam isn’t also a catch with less than 1080p quality. The internal storage comprises 4GB of DDR3 RAM and is fit to support expansion up to 8G. You would also get an adequate 32GB of onboard storage to store as many files as you want.

In an overall sense, the Acer Chromebook R 11 is a cost-friendly and competent assailant to Microsoft’s Surface Go, worthy for students who are looking for cheap and quality computers. For less than $500, you can get this model free of the bargain and excess cash.

Dell Latitude Series

The models of Dell’s series of Latitude series mostly fit under the business and general productivity box. This series is also built to be highly efficient, durable, and high-performing for the users, in this case, students looking for the right laptop.

Through the years of its creation and optimization, the Latitude series have experiences upgrades in features while still keeping its notable sufficient storage spaces feature and smooth-running capability. The new Latitude 7490 model consists of an 11-hour battery power ensuring that its users do worry not about their laptop during meetings, important activities, and the like.

As expected, there are some slight short backs to purchasing a laptop from this series. The nature of this model to be business-oriented may disappoint the user expecting graphical excellence, with its meager GPUs. Also, the company’s reliance on plastic construction means most of its models are susceptible to damage from the slightest fall.

Yet, the Dell Latitude series is one hell of a bargain and with its overall value, it is a viable option for college students looking for pocket-friendly laptops.


HP EliteBook$600
ASUS VivoBook$700
Microsoft Surface Go$500
Acer Chromebook R 11$480
Dell Latitude Series$500
Cheap Laptop Budget

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If you’re looking for cost-effective and cost-friendly laptops as a student, you don’t need to worry about not seeing the quality model you’re looking for. The tech market has expanded and revolutionized since its era began, so more competitive companies are offering consumers more high-performing computers priced low-to-mid.

No electronic gadget is without small hicks here and there (that is why technological advancement is crucial), so as you’ll or have seen that each computer listed here as it’s minor setbacks. This doesn’t underplay its value when purchased and the costs saved on your side as a surviving student.

The HP EliteBook, ASUS VivoBook, Microsoft Surface Go, Acer Chromebook R 11 and Dell Latitude Series are the top 5 picks right now for smart choices while going to the market with a minimum of $400 in your pocket in search for that laptop that’d partner you in your academic journey.

Still, do more research on your side and come to a calculation and conclusion on your own terms. These are just my findings.

I hope this short article was of much help to you and I sincerely wish you benefitted from the information given here. Goodluck on your laptop hunt and farewell, till next time.

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