Computer Engineering Final Year Project Topics

List of computer engineering final year project topics for graduating students or advanced program students willing to do their final year projects.

Note: Computer engineer projects strike-related resemblance with electrical engineering projects or can be very close to mechatronics projects.

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List of Computer Engineering Final Year Project Topics

Design and Construction of An Amplifier:

An amplifier is simply known as an electronic device that increases an audio signal. these devices are used in our day-to-day life ranging from mobile phones to home appliances like radio, television, and an alarm system. we need amplification for better communication.

Students who are willing to do an amplifier as a final year project can start with a prototype that will help them know the dos and don’t of the design and construction. these prototyping will help reduce damages and reduce cost.

Students can use this integrated circuit (IC) for their prototype construction, this IC is known as TDA2030, the TDA2030 is a monolithic IC and can be only used for low frequency amplification with maximum of 14 watts.

Design and Construction of a Voltage Regulator:

Voltage regulators are mainly known as electrical devices that control and stabilize the flow of electricity to a required or desired value or can be explained as a device that automatically controls the voltage level which can steps down the voltage to a required level and keep that same needed voltage even when the load is being applied.

Voltage regulator are known for two things

  1. To regulate the voltage coming out from the output
  2. To stabilize the output voltage to the required value even when its on Load cuurent

Voltage regulators are very essential in every electrical device, these devices have saved so much damage from occurring in our gadgets. voltage regulators can be designed and constructed in any of the three forms.

  1. Zener Diode and Transistor Voltage Regulator: A Zener diode regulator is used when the efficiency of a regulated power supply becomes very low due to high current, this involves breakdown from its peak
  2. Discrete Transistor Voltage Regulator: This kind of voltage regulator is capable to produce a regulated DC voltage that is regulated or guided at a certain level even if the input voltage varies from the output.
  3. Electromechanical Regulator: As it is called, electromechanical device. this device uses a magnet to regulate voltages. this kind of voltage regulator can be only used in heavy-duty plants.

Design and Construction of a Toxic Gas Detector:

A toxic Gas detector system is a device that detects and identifies dangerous gases that are harmful to humans. this toxic gas detector system has been helping in saving lives in our homes, offices, and plants. constructing a gas detector system does not require heavy and many components the major important components needed in construction of such are

  1. MQ-6 module which can detect (LPG, Butane, Propane, and Carbon monoxide)
  2. Microcontroller (ATmega 168 microcontroller) this microcontroller stores the programmed instructions embedded in it to do an action where it is required
  3. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is just used as a communication medium for the user. it is used to alert when there is a leakage of dangerous gas. another communication system can also be applied such as RF signals or known as high distance radiofrequency. but for academic final year projects, it is advisable to use Bluetooth.
  4. Others (wires, capacitors, crystal, LED, resistors, power supply and android phone)

Building and Assembling of a Computer System:

Assembling a computer system might look like an easy project but it is very difficult from what others see. writing a project on how to mount or set a work station for plants or how to set up a new generation supersonic computer system that will make work easy and efficient for users.

Companies like marvel studio that renders bulky animation will always need fast and reliable computers. but these computers can only be put into reality by experts who know much about computer designs. so having a final project as the assembling of a computer system is also a very difficult task because it entails in design and thinking.

These range from thinking about how to provide a very fast processing unit, the cooling system, best operating system, others software’s.

Getting a job with Google as a computer assembler is a very lucrative job because it comes with a big pay and advance computing devices.

Construction and Design of Surveillance System:

Surveillance is much known for a virtual recording of security environs. security is very important today due to the kind of society we find ourselves in. many years ago, the military are the ones with gadgets or devices that can be used for surveillance system. but today education and researches have made it easy for anybody to have surveillance system.

As a student who chooses to use surveillance system design for a final year project, it will be a very nice project topic.

There are types of surveillance systems

  1. CCTV (close circuit television)
  2. Motion detector
  3. Drone system
  4. Moving robotic surveillance


Final projects for students are somehow stressful especially when you are to choose the topic of your choice. as a student, you need to consider choosing a topic that will only end in school after graduation, choose topics that could earn you a living after leaving school.

You can also apply for a change of project topics whenever you feel that the topic given to you by the school will not be helpful to you in anyways.

Our website will keep bringing good and best project topics in all courses in life.

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