Highest Paying Jobs In California 2023

California is a powerhouse for creativity and technology and is home to numerous huge enterprises and small businesses. As a result, a vast range of industries and occupations are represented in the labor market.

In California, high-paying work is necessary to maintain a high standard of living and cover living expenses. There are other sectors to look into for high compensation, but many of the highest-paying careers in California are in the medical or scientific fields. People should consider their education, experience, and skills to earn good pay.

Read on to learn more about the highest-paying jobs in California.

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Why Work In California

  • Everywhere in the State, There Are Jobs: Every county in California has opportunities to work for the government. Although Sacramento has the highest concentration, many thousands of occupations are located elsewhere. It should be easy for you to locate a job close to your residence. Find local employment by using a geographic job search. There are jobs in your area, from rural California State Parks to urban Los Angeles.
  • Pension Benefits: Whether you are just starting in your profession or are towards the conclusion, you have fantasized about the wonderful day when you can stop working and do whatever you want. You will begin contributing to one of the world’s biggest and best pension systems as soon as you start working for the State of California.
  • Paid Time-off: It’s fantastic to get paid for not working. Some of the best leave benefits are offered by the State. Employees of the State are entitled to paid sick days, vacation days, and other holidays. For further information, see the post Vacation and Paid Time Off on the California Job Blog.
  • Outstanding Health Insurance: The expense of healthcare is high and is expected to rise in the upcoming years. A position with the State of California comes with amazing health benefits. Nearly all of the monthly premiums are covered by the State, and all plans have reasonable co-pays. There are affordable and free dental insurance choices, and vision insurance is also accessible.

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How To locate Jobs That Pay Well In California

To find the highest-paying jobs in California, one needs to do homework, network, and have the qualifications to stand out in a crowded employment market. Here are some strategies to help you land your ideal job in California.

  • Diligent research: Low job satisfaction is one of the key causes of leaving a job. Research the state of the sector, the available opportunities, and whether those jobs correspond with your interests, qualifications, and career goals before looking to transition into a new function or, perhaps, a new industry. By doing this, you may have selected the ideal career and sector.
  • Amass the required knowledge and expertise: Add the abilities and experience you need to your CV. In California, numerous career colleges provide job training programs focusing on certain roles in various industries. Additionally, you can find out if you are qualified for Job Corps, which offers free instruction and training to assist you in gaining essential job-related skills.
  • Network: A good strategy to find your dream career may be through networking. Speak to loved ones, close friends, and acquaintances to see if they know of any job openings in California. Networking may be done well on LinkedIn as well. Using the site, you may apply for employment, look for job ads in particular areas, and interact with individuals in your sector.

Highest Paying Jobs In California

1. Pediatricians

  • Annual Average Salary: $241,971

Pediatricians are specialized medical professionals who treat newborns, kids, and teenagers. They are experts in identifying and treating medical, behavioral, and developmental problems affecting children.

Many pediatricians address common ailments, minor diseases, or infections; however, to provide more specialized care, pediatricians may further focus on subspecialties like gastrointestinal or cardiology. It is one of the highest paying jobs in California

2. Nuclear Engineers

Nuclear Engineers
Nuclear Engineers
  • Annual Average Salary: $154,040

Work environments for nuclear engineers include manufacturing plants, research facilities, and nuclear power plants. In addition to designing the machinery, they oversee maintenance tasks, produce operational manuals, and guarantee employee and public safety. Nuclear engineering bachelor’s degrees are often required for entry-level work, but many engineers go on to get master’s and doctoral degrees. The government places a cap on the number of new power plants that corporations can erect in the highly regulated nuclear power industry. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be 900 positions nationally each year to replace retiring workers.

3. Pharmacist

  • Annual Average Salary: $152,780

Pharmacists produce drugs by doctor’s prescriptions. They might work in healthcare organizations, hospitals, or retail pharmacies. For patients with particular needs, compounding pharmacists make personalized drugs.

A doctorate in pharmacy is required of pharmacists, as are state licensure requirements. Beyond a bachelor’s degree, this degree normally needs four years of study. Applicants for certain employment in specialty fields must finish residency programs. Although the BLS predicts a -2% rise in pharmacy positions worldwide between 2020 and 2030, this occupation is expected to grow by 6% in California between 2018 and 2028.

4. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Practitioner
  • Annual Average Salary: $138,230

In addition to preventative care, diagnosis of illnesses or injuries, and management of chronic ailments, nurse practitioners can give direct patient care. The ability to work without a doctor will be available to California nurse practitioners starting in 2023 who have completed the necessary training and certification processes.

Pediatric, maternal, geriatric, and other medical specialties are all available to nurse practitioners. A master’s degree in nursing must be obtained after obtaining a registered nurse license if you want to work as a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are sought after by places like California to overcome significant gaps in their healthcare systems. They frequently offer care for less money than doctors do. Nurse practitioners are one of the highest paying jobs in California

5. Healthcare Sales Expert

Healthcare Sales Expert
Healthcare Sales Expert
  • Annual Average Salary: $75,593

A medical sales professional is someone who markets different medical goods and services. The fact that most of these individuals work for medical practices is not surprising. Medical sales can be a very lucrative industry.

You should be aware that salaries are frequently determined by how many patients you have, implying that you will be in direct competition with other medical sales experts for profitable clients.

6. Software Developers

Software Developers
Software Developers
  • Annual Average Salary: $138,754

A person who develops computer software is a software developer. As a result, the main responsibility of a software developer is to write code that the machine can process quickly and easily.

Software developers are in high demand due to how quickly business-running technology is developing and changing. The necessity for software engineers to produce fresh, dynamic software that can effectively operate enterprises stems from this.

7. Accounting Expert

Accounting Expert
Accounting Expert
  • Annual Average Salary:$117,700

A person who manages and records business financial transactions is an accounting professional. In the State of California, one of the top-paying professions is accounting.

The accounting industry can be difficult. Because of this, it is frequently one of the jobs that folks who are incredibly confident in their talents select. Professionals in accounting come in a variety of forms. Having stated that, the one we are talking about addresses taxes.

8. Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Manager
  • Annual Average Salary: $141,760.

A company’s supply chain is maintained by purchasing managers to ensure fast delivery of goods or services. They supervise purchase agreements and quality requirements while collaborating closely with commercial vendors.

The ability to negotiate, analyze facts, and communicate are all necessary. Positions as purchasing managers may be attained by candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in logistics or supply chain management. While buying managers’ employment is expected to fall nationally between 2020 and 2030, it is anticipated to increase in California between 2018 and 2028, according to the BLS.

9. Managers of Benefits and Compensation

Managers of Benefits and Compensation
Managers of Benefits and Compensation
  • Annual Average Salary: $151,150

These human resources professionals go at job descriptions and assist businesses in maintaining competitive wages and perks to draw in top talent. Human resources bachelor’s degrees are frequently required for compensation and benefits managers.

They should also be familiar with the rules and legislation governing the workplace. To suggest leadership changes, benefits managers frequently investigate pay structures and examine pay and benefits trends. For instance, they advise on time off or paid parental leave policies or help the business build employee wellness initiatives to lower healthcare costs.

10. Air Traffic Control Personnel

Air Traffic Control Personnel
Air Traffic Control Personnel
  • Annual Average Salary: 156,920

In ensuring that air travel is safe, air traffic controllers are essential. Airports need more of these specialists as air travel increases. By giving instructions for takeoff and landing and guiding pilots around inclement weather or airport closures, they keep an eye on aircraft both on the ground and in the air. In the Federal Aviation Administration, m1ost people are employed by the federal government.

A bachelor’s degree or three years of professional experience, as well as passing a physical examination and a behavioral consistency exam, are prerequisites for this vocation. Seek out aeronautics courses that have been certified by the ATCTI.

11. Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Annual Average Salary: $151,830

An advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) with specialized training in mental health care services for people of all ages is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP). By reviewing the patient’s medical history, conducting psychiatric tests, and identifying risk factors, they establish the patient’s mental health condition. PMHNPs develop diagnoses and care plans based on that assessment in conjunction with doctors and other experts.

PMHNPs must have sophisticated analytical and problem-solving abilities, an understanding of psychopharmacology and psychotherapy techniques, and the capacity to function in high-stress situations. They must have exceptional stress- and workload-management abilities while maintaining a high level of care and professionalism because their work is mentally and emotionally taxing.

12. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Annual Average Salary: $169,170

A computer hardware engineer performs research, designs, develops, and testing on circuit boards, memory devices, processors, routers, and networks, among other computer hardware systems and components.

They frequently develop new hardware and schematics, test them, examine the findings, and adjust the design as necessary. This process can also necessitate replacing older machinery. Because they must ensure that the newest software is compatible with the new hardware, they frequently collaborate with software developers. Computer hardware experts can also manage the manufacturing process.

Computer hardware engineers may work on automobiles, cell phones, home appliances, or medical equipment, to mention a few real-world applications, as computer hardware continues to find new uses across several industries.

13. Aircraft Pilot

Aircraft Pilot
Aircraft Pilot
  • Annual Average Salary: $227,870

The safe and effective operation of an aircraft during flights is the duty of airline pilots. This includes preparing for the flight, navigating, interacting with traffic control, and keeping an eye on the aircraft systems. Additionally, they are in charge of flight planning, creating and submitting flight plans to traffic control, ensuring the aircraft is balanced and not overloaded, and ensuring enough fuel on board.

Pilots for airlines operate aircraft that transport people or goods according to predetermined schedules. The principal person in charge of the flight is the captain or pilot in command, who is also tasked with supervising other crew members, including the co-pilot.

The capacity to maintain composure under pressure and act rapidly in response to changing circumstances, such as emergencies or weather disasters, is necessary for airline pilots.

14. Doctor Of Internal Medicine

Doctor Of Internal Medicine
Doctor Of Internal Medicine
  • Annual Average Salary: $242,260

Adult medicine is a specialty of internal medicine professionals, also known as internists or doctors of internal medicine. They have received training in managing severe and protracted illnesses and complex, chronic ailments. Internists are often referred to as “the doctor’s doctor” because of their expertise in all organ systems and the human body. They are frequently consulted on situations because of their capacity to see linkages where others would not.

Doctors of internal medicine frequently work in several places, such as clinics, hospitals, and private practices. Additionally, they could work in specific fields like sports medicine or geriatric medicine.

To become a doctor, you need to complete medical school and an internal medicine residency.

Qualifications For a Job In California

Depending on the position, each job in California has different specifications. A bachelor’s or master’s degree from a college or university that has been accredited is typically required for professional and technical positions. Some may also require a certain level of work experience or industry-specific certificates or licenses.

If you’re interested in a position with the government, you must pass a job exam unique to that position administered by the State of California. To ensure that the state employs and promotes people based on their skills and job performance, hiring for state positions is merit-based.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For California, what is a reasonable wage?

In contrast to the average national income of $34,103 per person, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the average yearly income for a single person living in California in 2019 was $36,960. In contrast, the state’s wealthiest 5% of households made roughly $425,000 in 2015.

A solid pay permits you to enjoy yourself with any extra cash after covering your necessary living expenses and allowing you to save for the future. Living expenses in California are around 50% higher than those in the rest of the country. According to MIT economists, the state’s basic expenses for a single adult in 2019 will cost $39,000.

How much does it cost to live in California?

An index of 149.9 is reported for California’s cost of living. The difference between those two is roughly 50%. Much of this higher cost of living is caused by rising housing expenses. Compared to the national average of $1,280, a two-bedroom apartment in the state runs roughly $1,960 per month.

The state’s residents pay more for groceries and transportation than the rest of the nation. The expense of healthcare is lower in California, though.

In California, is $100,000 a respectable wage?

A $100,000 wage may support you well in many areas of the state. However, it would help if you made a wise site decision. PayScale estimates that Los Angeles has a 43% higher cost of living than the country as a whole. The average rent in the city is $2,470 per month.

According to PayScale, living expenses in Sacramento, the state’s capital city, are 17% higher than the national average. There, the average monthly rent for tenants is $1,487.

What is the minimum age to work in California?

In California, 14 is the bare minimum age for job applicants. Nevertheless, there are limitations on where and how many hours minors between the ages of 14 and 17 are allowed to work.

Where can I find the highest-paying cities in California?

Most of California’s best salaries are offered in major cities like Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and the state capital. The BLS reports that San Francisco had a higher hourly wage average than the rest of the country ($41.63 vs. $28.01) at $41.63.

Is it simple to find work in California?

In California, where there are 1.38 million unemployed people, there were 83 jobs available for every 100 unemployed people, a national low. Because of this, the state is the most difficult place to find employment. There were 132 opportunities nationwide for every 100 unemployed people.


These high-paying jobs in California might assist you in reaching your financial objectives, regardless of whether you seek a high-paying career or desire more money.

It is significant to remember that having a comfortable lifestyle involves more than just your income. Finding a work that you enjoy is also crucial. You are more likely to be effective and satisfied with your work if you enjoy your job. These are some of the highest-paying jobs in California.


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