Highest Paying Jobs In Sweden 2023

Sweden has some of the best perks in the world, including top-notch healthcare, top-notch education systems, and generous vacation policies that account for some of the highest-paying employment in Sweden. It is a refuge for social welfare and excellent standards of living. Despite the nation having one of the highest tax rates in the world, its excellent job prospects stand out from the competition.

You can look for work in Sweden if you want to explore a different culture or search for job chances that aren’t available where you now reside. It’s crucial to know that working in Sweden demands different credentials than working locally. Finding a job overseas and opening up new doors can be motivated by learning about working in Sweden.

In this article, we will consider the highest-paying jobs in Sweden, so let’s get started!

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Why Work In Sweden?

  • Innovation is regarded highly: Innovation is promoted in Sweden. Companies in industries ranging from ICT to energy are at the forefront of technological advancement and sustainable development. IKEA, Ericsson, and Spotify are just a few Swedish enterprises that have radically altered their industries and are still doing so. International comparisons like the European Innovation Scoreboard and innovation polls like the Legatum Prosperity Index consistently place Sweden as a global innovation leader. Working in Sweden may allow you to contribute to the advancement of your industry.
  • Globalization as an influential factor: Sweden depends heavily on exports due to its small home market. A dynamic corporate climate with a high demand for international talent is created by the need to keep ahead of the competition on a global scale.
  • Exceptional productivity: A top-down approach is ensured by empowering the workforce and transferring supervisory authority, and each crisis is managed with the help of every employee. This has astonishing effects on productivity and outstanding results from every task. Even though there are no restrictions on breaks, holidays, parental leave, or other forms of leave, Sweden has a long history of having exceptionally high production levels.
  • Sweden has long been regarded as one of the most economically advantageous places in Europe for corporate excise. This has long been proven through proportional study and review by international tax experts. More specifically, Sweden provides an attractive package and a well-established company tax system that is transparent and enables easy access to information. The national excise power is efficient and well-maintained.
  • Workforce quality of life: Earning a salary and working in Sweden entails participating in a fully functional civilization with a supportive environment. The quality of the lodging, culture, and medical care is exceptional. Sweden offers a high-quality selection for balancing professional aspirations with family obligations and work and leisure time.
  • Employment-based retirement fund: In Sweden, all employees receive post-income payments, also known as annuities or “pensions,” during their employment. Many businesses also contribute additional money monthly to a purported retirement plan for employees. Continually shown as a pyramid with an important returns pension, the Swedish retirement fund system. Additionally, since some retire as early as age 55, you can choose when you want to stop working. However, income from retirement funds and premium pensions can only be withdrawn after turning 61.

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Highest Paying Jobs In Sweden

1. Director of Finance

Director of Finance
Director of Finance
  • Annual Average Salary: 94,000 SEK.

You will be paid well for your work when you are in charge of a company’s financial decisions. Chief financial officers (CFOs) get among the highest salaries in Sweden, earning up to 143,000 Swedish Krona per month.

A company’s performance depends heavily on the CFO because they are in charge of controlling and planning the organization’s budgets, expenditures, costs, taxation, and income. You may require a master’s degree in accounting, finance, or business administration and a CPA certification to embark on this very profitable professional path.

2. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
  • Annual Average Salary: 101,000 SEK.

Due to the rigorous nature of the position, chief executive Officer (CEO) jobs in Sweden have tremendous earning potential. This career entails great risk, stress, personal sacrifice, and long working hours because it is accountable for the overall performance of a corporation.

As a company’s highest-ranking executive, the CEO oversees the company’s strategy and goals, makes important corporate decisions, and serves as the organization’s public face. For this difficult position, you must have significant experience and a valid degree in your chosen subject. To become a CEO, you must also possess exceptional managerial, decision-making, and leadership abilities.

3. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
  • Annual Average Salary: 60,400 SEK.

If you’ve taken marketing courses or are now employed in the marketing division of your organization, try hard to get promoted—becoming a marketing director might bring in a sizable salary! Of course, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing or business studies is necessary, as well as the necessary experience.

For the organizations they work for, marketing directors boost sales and attract new business. Their regular duties include developing methods to improve the company’s branding and image, which may involve creating marketing plans, campaigns, events, budgets, and competitor and market analyses.

4. Pilot

  • Annual  Average Salary: 67,100 SEK 

It should be no surprise that Sweden’s highest-flying professionals also earn the highest wages. A pilot’s salary might reach 102,000 Swedish Krona, which is a very good wage. Pilots must undergo comprehensive training and obtain licenses, just like in any other nation, as their jobs entail regularly conveying passengers and bearing responsibility for their safety.

Flight schools, college degree programs in aviation, airline cadet pilot programs, and the Swedish Air Force are all options for training pilots. A student pilot license (SPL) and a private pilot license (PPL) are also needed to start this vocation.

5. Professor of Education

Professor of Education
Professor of Education
  • Annual Average Salary: 80,600 SEK 

College professors can be those who are drawn to education and have a passion for teaching. In addition to doing research and producing academic works in the field in which they specialize, these experts also instruct students and give presentations at academic conferences.

Although it’s difficult, teaching in the post-secondary sector can pay well. A bachelor’s, master’s, and, frequently, a Ph.D. are required for employment as a professor. Additionally, college lecturers need to have at least ten years of experience.

6. Orthodontist

  • Annual Average Salary: 90,600 SEK

Orthodontists treat dental and jaw irregularities to help patients’ oral health. Although they may also clean, remove, and repair teeth, orthodontists help their patients by realigning their jaws, correcting their bites, and straightening their teeth.

It would be best if you enrolled in dental school, completed your professional degree in dentistry, and received a license from the National Board of Health and Welfare to practice dentistry in Sweden (Socialstyrelsen).

7. Bank Manager

Bank Manager
Bank Manager
  • Annual Average Salary: 107,500 SEK

The top employers in Sweden include several significant financial organizations, making this particular job role deserving of its high pay. With a monthly salary of up to 163,000 Swedish Krona, bank managers are among the highest-paid occupations in Sweden.

Bank managers have a position with a lot of responsibility and risk, and they are responsible for the branch’s operations, including customer service, financial goals, distribution, sales, and staff training. Bank managers need to have shown management experience and the necessary credentials, such as a bachelor’s degree in business administration, due to the amount of supervising tasks they have.

8. Lawyer

  • Annual Average Salary: 114,000 SEK

Lawyers in Sweden earn the third-highest salary of all occupations. These licensed professionals provide legal advice, act as clients’ advocates in criminal and civil cases, conduct research, and create court papers. A lawyer’s employment is well-paying since it requires years of study, hard hours of effort, giving up personal time, and—most importantly—protecting the lives of individuals and organizations who are dealing with legal challenges.

Being a lawyer in Sweden necessitates a high degree of Swedish fluency and good judgment, and outstanding communication abilities. A Bachelor of Laws or Master of Laws degree and several years of professional legal experience are requirements for practicing law in Sweden.

9. Surgeons

  • Annual Average Salary: 168,000 SEK.

Surgery is the highest-paying profession in Sweden, and for a good reason. Surgeons take on a lot of danger and responsibility for the lives of their patients. To be a successful surgeon in Sweden or anywhere else on the globe requires extensive training, experience, and comprehensive education.

These medical professionals deal every day with circumstances of life and death while working long hours and always being on call. Despite the difficulty of the position, this in-demand position offers a competitive compensation of up to 255,000 Swedish Krona.

10. Engineers

  • Annual Average Salary: 80,600 SEK

There is a great need for engineers in Sweden, and for those with the necessary credentials, there are numerous attractive career options. The typical yearly income for engineers in Sweden is $100,000. The national average pay is $46,000, thus this is more than twice as much. Engineering managers in the industrial sector, project managers, and software developers all have the highest salaries in Sweden.

The highest-paying profession in Sweden is engineering. Given Sweden’s robust economy and recognition as having some of the top engineering universities in Europe, engineers are in high demand. This facilitates the ability to acquire employment and command high pay.

11. Sales and Purchasing

Sales and Purchasing
Sales and Purchasing
  • Annual Average Salary: 71,200 SEK

Sweden is renowned for its powerful social welfare system and its high standard of living. However, the nation also serves as a significant market for goods and services. As a result, the Swedish economy has a high employment rate and many jobs that pay above-average incomes. Sweden has one of the highest levels of purchasing power worldwide. This implies that many products and services are available to Swedes at extremely low costs. This is especially true for expensive luxury goods that are often found elsewhere.

Regarding internet shopping, Swedish purchasing power is among the highest in the world because Swedes often feel fairly at ease making purchases online and rarely need to visit real establishments.

12. Software and System Developers

Software and System Developers
Software and System Developers
  • Annual Average Salary: 450,000 SEk

In Sweden, there is a great need for software and system developers, and wages can approach £45,000. Sweden is home to several top software development firms, and the market is expanding quickly. Depending on your business, different organizations have different requirements for becoming software or system developer. Still, it would help if you had a solid grasp of computer programming languages and expertise in creating and testing software.

Strong analytical abilities and familiarity with a variety of systems are also required. There are numerous paths to becoming a software or system developer in Sweden. You may major in computer science in college and progress through the ranks of a software development company, or you could launch your own company.

13. Nursing and Midwifery

Nursing and Midwifery
Nursing and Midwifery
  • Annual Average Salary: 480,960 SEK

The longest duration of any other developed nation is the three centuries that midwifery has been a component of the maternal health system in Sweden. Through political wrangling and nurse education, the practice has survived to become a standard part of childbirth in contemporary hospitals.

They work together with obstetricians to give women the finest treatment possible, which is why it is successful today. Midwives make $4,543 per month on average, with the lowest paid making $2,316 and the highest $6,989.

14. Tourism/Hospitality

  • Annual Average Salary: 300,00 SEK

The Swedish tourism sector is another one that is expanding quickly, making Sweden one of the most sought-after travel destinations worldwide. Sweden’s tourist and lodging sectors are booming, with over 30 national parks, large hotels nearby, and picturesque vistas of the surrounding landscape.

Salary ranges for those employed in Sweden’s tourist and hospitality industries range from $1,702 to $3,362 a month. Bonuses are included in the salary and can differ based on employment positions.

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Where To Get Jobs In Sweden?

When you search for careers in big cities, you can uncover more employment options. Start by seeking work in places like Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. Depending on the sector of the economy where you work, you might extend your search to smaller cities. Starting your job hunt with specific Swedish companies that provide internships is a good idea.

Internship opportunities are advertised, for instance, through the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE). The International Federation of Medical Students Associations allows medical students to explore internship possibilities (IFMSA).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How challenging is it to find employment in Sweden?

For those with the necessary qualifications and skills, many jobs are available in Sweden’s highly competitive employment market. You will need to have a current passport and a current residence permit to find employment there. Additionally, you’ll need to speak Swedish and have a driver’s license.

Does Sweden allow foreigners to work there?

Most of the time, a work permit is required if you are a citizen of a non-EU nation and want to work in Sweden.

Online applications are the quickest and most convenient way to obtain a work permit. Applications submitted online are prioritized and sent directly to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Is employment in Sweden valuable?

With a focus on first names and a lack of formal titles, Sweden is known for its steadfast commitment to gender and class equality, which extends to its workforce. Furthermore, Sweden emphasizes the importance of having flexible work schedules and days of the week.

What is Sweden’s starting wage?

In Sweden, a monthly wage of SEK 40,100 is the norm. In Sweden, there is no set minimum salary. Is it possible to hire qualified workers who make close to the Swedish minimum wage? The absence of a minimum wage in Sweden makes it impossible to hire workers making close to the minimum wage.

Do Swedes put in a lot of hours?

In Sweden, employees are permitted to work a 40-hour workweek. In addition, they must be compensated for overtime.


Sweden’s high standard of living and first-rate government services are well known. For both life expectancy and happiness, the nation comes in first place globally. Sweden is a desirable place to live and work because of its stable government, robust economy, and extensive social welfare program. With a population of more than 10 million, Sweden is an extremely diversified nation. Swedish citizens make up the majority of the population, although immigrants from all over the world also make up a large minority.



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