Hill City Foundation Scholarship

Hill City foundation scholarship

Your educational dreams should not remain in the dream world. Even if you’re in Nigeria now, hope is here because Hill City is here. More educational fund programs are being created by philanthropic individuals who wish to make aspiring students like you and I get what we want- quality education. Want to know more about this foundation? Scroll on.


The welfare of youths in Nigeria is increasingly decline, with them taking other routes except academic upheaval, since they’re mostly not given the shot at education, crime rate in the country is the most it has ever been in the history of the country since its independence. The overall well-being youths is a worry not only to their families, friends, communities but nation at large as foreign diplomacies are affected due to tainted images inflicted on the country by their own youths.

The future of Nigeria is undoubtedly the youths which account for over 65% of the 200 million+ population and are the potential machinery for a better tomorrow in the development and change of the nation but unfortunately, with an unbothered and corrupt government, they are left to rot away in devastating conditions and a criminal culture.

The founder of the HillCity Foundation saw all this and proceeded to play a part in stopping any further depression in the youth’s economic, social and moral life by investing in creating a 4- Development Aspect-based programs which would facilitate the increase in the general welfare of the youths who partake in it.

If you’re living in Nigeria now, and you feel all hope is left for you, or you don’t have what it takes to make anything out of your life, don’t you be discouraged my friend. Nigerians have come with another one and it’s applicable to your situation now, so, it’s advisable you read on.

Let’s first see when this foundation found their roots.

History Of Hill city Foundation

The HillCity Foundation was inaugurated on March 2004 and registered in 2006 as a non-profit organization with an international goal to add value to the lives of Nigerians.

After realizing the reasons young people showed antisocial behaviors are attributed to their lack of education, frustration, lack of quality environment for their childhood and confusion deep-rooted amidst their growth from a confused surrounding, this then compelled him to play a part in impacting young Nigerian’s lives by providing love, care, a chance to learn, direction, motivation and support so as to open the young one’s mind to discover his own true self, develop in various aspects of his life and live up to his full potential.

The foundation became an international organization on May 2019 while the inauguration of the Foundation based in Uganda was held on May 4th 2019.


About Hill city Foundation

HillCity Foundation is a non-profit organization established with the main purpose of adding value to Nigerian youths in a sustainable manner.

Founded on solid principles in the year 2004, the foundation seeks to help the young ones in the country discover, develop and deploy their potentials to enable them make their life the best they can.  The Executive Administer of HCF, Mr. Oladamola, said that the foundation mainly aims to guide and empower the youths in Nigeria despite the harsh realities which challenge them in their lives. This is made possible through constructively designed programs underlining the 4 axes of impact according to them which are: Education, Mentorship, Self-Discovery & Empowerment

 HCF aspires to support young university graduates through an annual scholarship program scheme through the Educational Support Program. The Educational support program is awarded to students who successfully pass through the evaluation process conducted by the ESP committee.

The mentorship program aims to discover and maximize the skills and potentials of young Nigerian lives. Same as the self-discovery and personal development programs which offers to assist the youths in discovering and fully realizing the excerpts of what each person has to offer to the world. The empowerment program focuses more on empowering and encouraging young people to start businesses with start-up capital and learned information on their business.

  • Vision Inspired
  • Personal Mentorship
  •  Principle centered approach
  •  Target young lives
  •  Bring your heart to the table


4 axes of impact


To promote the acquisition of quality education by supporting the young, needy people to achieve their dreams.


We believe every young life needs guidance to harness their potentials and bring out the best in them. Each award recipient is assigned a mentor to guide them through this journey.


We support young people looking to become entrepreneurs, by providing start-up capital for viable business ideas.


By holding several seminars and workshops for educated youths in all levels, we are able to help them discover their purpose in life.

Credits to HillCity Foundation.org

Key Features

There are 110 mentors working under this foundation ——- The foundation is accredited with 1219 ESP awards and 24 EEP Awards.

Branches of Hill City

Hillcity Foundation currently has two branches in Africa, one in in Nigeria and Uganda.

Hill City Nigeria

The HillCity Foundation vision was conceived in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and is now based there.

HillCity Uganda

HillCity Foundation in May 2019 went international.


These are the procedures to apply for the programs offered by this foundation


Visit the Hillcity ESP Application Form Portal at Hillcityfoundation.org
• You are then to create an account using a valid email and password
• Proceed to fill in all required information in the online form which must come with the correct details
• You will then be redirected to where you are to upload all required documents including passport photograph
• Confirm application reference number
• Lastly, click “Summit”
• And wait for SMS or call to continue your application


  • Applicant must not be more than 25years of age at the time of application.
  • Applicant must have acquired SSCE certificate and other higher degrees
  • Applicant must have a valid admission with a Nigerian Federal / State Tertiary Institution
  • Applicant must have genuine and valid financial need for Educational Funding
  • Be referred by a Core team member, Selected person, groups or organization as approved by the executive committee or may have genuine need for the award.
  • Applicant must be willing to subscribe to Hillcity Foundation Scholarship Mentorship Program

keep in Mind

No one will take action for you. This is the opportunity for you to stand up for your future.

Just because you’ve done bad things in the past, committed unwarranted mistakes and all doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be given the chance to make a better shot at your life. There are forgotten costly incidences in the past of this country done to the youth of this country which have been ignored by international and intercontinental states which HIllCity Foundation saw and decided to attend to by providing all the necessary aide they could in terms of financial, educational, emotional and mental support to the youths.

Isn’t it about time you took control of your life and future?


“Overall, it seems that younger generations indeed face several systematic issues more than previous generations, but adequate individual, family and state support are still largely lacking. Hopefully the society and the government do not realize it when it is late that in order to maintain a well-functioning economy and society, younger generations need a firm footing in the job market and all other areas of the economy with ample stability” stated Mr. Oladamola

Mr. Soares Oladamola, affirmed the achievements of HCF, that the foundation has been able to award over 500 University Scholarships through the educational support program, over 600 mentees have gone through the HCF Mentorship Program, the foundation has also been able to organize several self-discovery seminars on the platform of the Self Discovery program and the foundation also organized several self-discovery seminars on the platform of the Self Discovery Program which has received lots commendations from the declared testimonies.

 With the amazing things this organization is doing to increase the self-awareness and self-value of Nigerian youths who may have been displaced, impoverished and denied basic rights and comfortable living earlier on in their childhood, this would raise the hopes of those who believe in a truly autonomous African nation that is equipped with capable minds and innovative entrepreneurs who are impacting the economy and society in multiple ways.

Join the mission, Join the family. You can sign up for a program right now by visiting hillcityfoundation.org. if you believe this is the right decision for you, you shouldn’t waste time. Farewell and Goodluck in your self-development journey.

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