Australia Work Visa Application Open To Nigerian in 2023

Nigerians have many options for employment in Australia thanks to the variety of work permit categories available. The goal of Australia’s immigration policy is to fill the labor market with qualified workers, so it actively promotes skilled workers to migrate.

You must first submit an “Expression Of Interest” (EOI) via talent selection to participate in the Australian Work Permit race. The EOI, which is free to use and serves only to express interest in working in Australia, is not an application.

Read on to learn more about the Australia work visa application open to Nigerian.

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Types Of Australian Work Visa Application Open To Nigerian

1. Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa

Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa
Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa

In 2018, this visa, which falls under subclass 482, took the position of the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457). Therefore, it would help if you were nominated for the position by an authorized sponsor (typically an employer), qualified, and satisfied with the English language standards to be eligible for this permit (TOEFL AND IELTS).

As its name suggests, the temporary skill shortage visa enables a Nigerian employer to sponsor a Nigerian to fill a position that an Australian still needs to complete. It is split into:

  • Short-term visa
  • Medium-term visa
  • Labor agreement stream visa
  • Subsequent entrant

Employers in Nigeria can now hire qualified Nigerians in positions where an Australian cannot complete them thanks to the Short-term stream. Verifying that the job seeker is on the list of short-term skilled occupations is essential. If an International Trade Obligation (ITO) is applicable, you may remain for a maximum of 4 years with this visa. The processing time is 38–61 days, and it costs AUD1,265.

An Australian visa under the medium-term stream is valid for four years. Employers can hire competent Nigerians using this sort of as well. However, the job being sought must be listed on either the Regional Occupational List or the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) (ROL). AUD 2,645 is the price of the Medium-Term stream sub-type. It takes 29 to 49 days to execute this permit.

Qualified employees with employers who have valid labor agreements with the Australian Government are eligible for the labor agreement stream. This passport enables temporary residence and employment in Australia. The agreement between your employer and the Government would decide the duration of your stay, typically up to 4 years. The processing period ranges from 15 to 38 days and costs AUD2,645.

Family members of the employees are eligible to participate as subsequent entrants. It costs AUD 1,265 and is good for as long as their work permit is in force.

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2. Temporary Graduate Visa

Temporary Graduate Visa
Temporary Graduate Visa

Foreign nationals who have recently graduated from an Australian institution are permitted to reside and work in Australia under Subclass 485 temporarily, also referred to as the graduate work stream.

To fulfill the job description requirements, the graduate must have the necessary abilities and credentials.

Those with this visa can spend a maximum of 18 months in Australia when they can approach and exit the country multiple times.

Family members are also welcome to attend. Family members must be in excellent health and have their information included in your application if you are traveling with them.

It is only possible to add a family member after completing the application if they are listed on it.

Once you have received your visa, your family may request to travel with you as a subsequent entry.

3. Regional (Provisional) Talent Visa

Regional (Provisional) Talent Visa
Regional (Provisional) Talent Visa

You have to follow the invited route:

  • Be asked to apply by submitting an expression of interest, nominated by an Australian state or territory government body, or sponsored by an eligible relative (EOI).
  • Be younger than 45 years old.
  • Possess an appropriate abilities evaluation.
  • Pass a points test with 65 or more points (more information on Australia’s immigration point system is provided below).
  • At least have proficient English.
  • Be included in the appropriate list of qualified professionals.
  • Fulfill the requirements for character and health.
  • The Australian Values Statement must be signed, and the Life in Australia booklet must be reviewed or explained.

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Australian Workplace Freedom

Australian law guarantees the rights and protections of all employees, including foreign workers. Likewise, both nationals and visitors must abide by working regulations. Legal papers, including employment contracts, define workers’ rights.

The Commonwealth Workplace rules still allow you to receive minimum wage and benefit from protections even if you don’t have a formal work agreement.

No worker over 21 in the country’s workplace relations system will receive a salary less than the minimum wage, thanks to the Commonwealth workplace rules.

The Fair Work Commission’s Minimum Wages Panel largely decides the national minimum pay. 

Requirements For Australia Visa

Nigerian nationals must apply for a visa to journey to Australia. Your intended reason for travel and the length of your anticipated stay in Australia will determine the type of visa you require.

The Visiting visa and the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) are the two visa categories Nigerian citizens use most frequently to enter Australia (subclass 601). Depending on your unique situation, you can remain in Australia for three, six, or twelve months with a visitor visa.

With the ETA, a more streamlined visa, you can enter Australia for brief business or tourist trips lasting up to three months.

You must submit an online application and supporting documents, including a current passport, evidence of adequate funds to cover your stay, and proof of your intended activities while in Australia, to be considered for either of these visas. A clean criminal record and proof of ties to your home nation may also be required.

It is crucial to remember that applying for a visa to visit Australia is a different procedure from applying for a job or a place to live permanently in Australia. Therefore, if you are interested in working or residing in Australia, you must learn about the requirements and procedures for those tasks.

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Documents For Australia Work Visa

Australian immigration applications require the following documents:

  • As a citizen of Nigeria, you must submit several papers with your application to be granted a visa to visit Australia. Included in these records could be the following:
  • A duplicate of your current passport, including the page with your personal information and any visa or stamp pages, must be presented. Your passport must be valid until at least six months after the date you plan to travel to Nigeria.
  • A filled-out online visa application form: You must submit the necessary data when filling out the online application form.
  • Supporting documentation: You might need to submit extra paperwork, such as proof of enough money to cover your stay, proof of your planned activities in Australia, and proof of your connections to your home country, depending on the type of visa you’re applying for and your unique situation.
  • Photos in the style of a passport: You must submit two recent photos in the manner of a passport with your application.
  • Visa costs must be paid: To finish your application, you must pay the necessary visa fees.

It is crucial to thoroughly read the instructions and requirements for your visa application to ensure you submit all required paperwork. Your travel plans might be delayed if your application is denied for being incomplete.

Leaving Nigeria and Moving To Australia.

The first visas to consider are the 189, 190, and 491 Australian Visa subclasses because most clients considering migration from Nigeria to Australia have a more permanent transfer in mind. Therefore, the holders of visa classes 189 and 190 (and their close relatives) are permitted to:

  • Live and work in Australia.
  • Without additional visas, individuals may enter and depart the country as they, please.
  • Utilize Medicare, Australia’s top-notch healthcare system.
  • The 189 and 190 visa class holders migrating to Australia from Nigeria have the greatest option: convert their visas for permanent residency to full Australian citizenship.

There are 14,000 spots allotted annually for the Skilled Work Area Visa (491). This skilled migration (points tested) visa has a five-year initial validity period and has the option of converting to complete permanent residency status.

The 491 needs a regionally designated state government nomination or sponsorship by an eligible family member. In addition, a 491 candidate must be under 45 and have a favorable abilities evaluation.

Regional regions are accessible to those with visas. Any territory, not including Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, is referred to as a regional area.

Australia Work Visa Application Open To Nigerian  Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple for a Nigerian to move to Australia?

The great point about Australian immigration and those seeking to immigrate from Nigeria to Australia is that Australia doesn’t differentiate between nationalities.

This indicates that foreigners and Nigerian citizens are handled equally when moving to Australia from Nigeria.

How can I submit a passport application for Australia?

You must complete an online application and submit it along with the necessary supporting paperwork through the proper channels to apply for a visa to Australia.

Depending on the kind of visa you need, you can apply immediately through the Australian Government’s online system for visa applications, or you may need to follow a different procedure.

When will my registration for an Australian visa be processed?

According to several variables, including the visa type you’re asking for and the season, the processing time for a visa application can change. To help you prepare, looking up the current processing times for visas from your nation is a good idea.

Can I travel to Australia with my family on a tourist visa?

You can sometimes travel to Australia with your family on a tourist visa. Your family members must, however, be listed on your immigration application and must fulfill the same criteria as you. To find out if this is feasible, it is advised that you study the particular requirements for bringing family members with you to Australia.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when applying for an Australian work visa. If you’re planning on moving to Australia, you must do your research and ensure you’re doing everything possible to get your application approved.

If you have any questions about the process or how to apply for an Australia work visa, feel free to reach out!


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