Top 8 Best Driving Schools in New York City NYC Review

Top 8 Best Driving Schools in New York City NYC Review : Have you ever considered the restrictions and stress people encounter when using public transportation? It’s possible that you dealt with the same difficulty. But the moment you choose to enroll in one of the driving schools in New York City, all these restrictions disappear.

If your fear and the reason you haven’t enrolled in any of the best diving schools has been the extensive requirements, you will find that many driving schools in New York are accommodating in their requirements, which makes it very simple for you.

You shouldn’t worry, I assure you. After searching the web, I discovered that many people give up on their aspirations of becoming expert drivers due to the expense of enrollment, eligibility requirements, and other restrictions.

8 Best Driving Schools in New York City

  • Safety Zone Driving School
  • Drive Rite Academy – Queens
  • Gold Success Driving School
  • Safety First Driving School
  • A-1 Peck Driving School
  • Webster Auto Driving School
  • Bath Beach Driving School
  • Fourth Dimension Driving School

Top 6 Best Driving Schools in New York City

#1. Safety Zone Driving School

Two brothers with a dream founded Safety Zone Driving School/ Transport Services. Spearheaded by Tehran Jones, he and brother Sean Jones are transportation professionals with 20+ years of experience. Both hold various certifications and are on a quest to become NYC’s premier training/transportation company. Expect Safety Zone to be a mainstay in the NYC metro area.


  1. Age requirement: Age 18 with a driver permit 
  2. under the age of 18 must have a driving permit and driver Ed course completed.
  3.  For CDL lessons must have a CDL BPS permit must be 21.   


Their driving school offers all courses for a driver needs

a. 5 hr. Pre-License course

b. 6 hr. Defensive driver course

c. Car lessons & packages

d. CDL BPS lessons & packages

e. CDL study courses

f. CDL driving training

e. CDL road test

f. E.L.D.T course

g. First Aid-C.P. R certification 

h. DMV services

Individual fees

  • 5 HR Pre-license class $50.00
  • 6 HR Defensive driver class P.I.R.P class $50
  • Single car lesson $45 (45 minutes)
  • Road test appointment $20.00
  • Early Road test appointment $25.00
  • Use of car for road test $ 70.00
  • 90-minute highway lesson $100.00
  • First Aid- CPR certification $150

Car lessons packages

Practice road test package $190

(1 lesson, 5 hr class,  road test app, car for road test

Brush-up package $280

3 lessons, 5 hr class, road test app, car for road test

Needs Work package $320

5 lessons, 5 hr class, road test app, car for road test

Basic Package $560

10 lessons. 5 hr class, road test app, car for road test

Beginner package $800

16 lessons, 5 hr class, road test app, car for road test

C.D.L (B.P.S)

Schedule a road test for $25

Permit study class $ 160

2 hr bus lesson $180

Bus for road test $300

E.L.D.T  class $295 (for new permit qualifications)

5 lessons package (2 hr lesson) $1220 

practice road test

bus for road test

8 lessons package (2 hr each lesson)  $1850  (Highly Recommended)

Road test  appointment, bus for a road test, plus one lesson free, bus for 2nd road test if needed free

12 lessons package( 2 hr each lesson) $2700

ELDT class, bus for a road test, 2 hr classroom lesson, bus for 2nd road test  if needed free, 1 lesson free, 

Click here to apply

#2. Drive Rite Academy – Queens

Drive Rite Academy offers an innovative approach to driving that focuses on a wide range of knowledge and skills that fully prepare our students for independent driving.

They have proven methods are up-to-date and focus on relevant issues and risk factors that drivers face today. No two students are the same and they understand that. So, in addition to developing the standard skills of vehicle operation, they also customize each lesson to fit each individual student’s personality, issues, and lifestyle.

Drive Rite Academy caters to drivers of all backgrounds, skills, and experience levels. Whether you are a new driver or someone who needs a little bit of refreshing, they can cater the lessons to fit your needs. Our goal is to equip you with the skills, confidence, and self-awareness you need to continue on the road to safe driving.

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#3. Gold Success Driving School

Gold Success Driving School is located at 83-21 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373, USA.

The offer the best prices on all inclusive driving packages.

Packages include the following:

•5HR Pre-License Course

•90 Minute Driving Classes

•DMV Road Test with Scheduling and Car Rental included

For more details, call this number for more details 1-718-595-1999

#4. Safety First Driving School

At Safety First Driving School, The employ only the best! All of our teachers are required to have an extensive background check which includes fingerprinting and a FBI check. In addition to being state certified, each instructor must complete extensive Safety First certification. This includes a specific course that has been developed for all instructors. This universal system for instruction guarantees that all our students are learning properly. Instructors are also required to pass our own written exam and defensive driving courses, as well as crash avoidance training.

No other driving school in the state offers such an extensive training program for their instructors. The training does not stop there. Instructors are required to recertify every year and are also given the opportunity to advance by taking other courses and getting certified in different subjects.

Our instructors are given career positions with good salaries and benefits. They are not doing some part-time job that they don’t care about. This is one of the reasons you’re getting the best. We care about our teachers; they are the highest paid instructors in the state. They care about their jobs and the people they teach.

Call this number for more details: 800-237-1095

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